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Hello, My Friends!

Welcome to my blog. I have been posting on FB for some time. Some of my posts were very long….too long for FB, so I started this blog in order to share my research, my opinions and some insight from others concerning the political, economic, and governmental health of our country.
I am no one in particular, I am not famous, I’m not important, just an American that has experienced many things in life….however I have worked for wages, worked for a salary, and owned a business. I have seen life from the bottom, from the middle, and from the top. One thing I have done that few others have, is pay attention and do research. I have researched many things. I spent 13 years researching only scripture….no…not the Bible, but all scripture. I studied the founding and the constitution, developed new economic theories, and for years looked into the corruption in government. I have no special talent or ability…..just common sense, logic and a very skeptical mind set…..I question everything.
I don’t know if this will lead anywhere, but at least for the next few months I will be posting my research on our corrupt political process. Be sure to follow me on Facebook: here

Anatomy of an Opinion

How one American formed an opinion on the corona virus “pandemic” 

There are a lot of ways to form an opinion. You can think about how you “feel” about a certain issue, you can certainly base it on your own self-interests, you can use your past experiences, or you can listen to what other people are saying. Those are just a few of the ways people can use to form an opinion. But there is one way to form a “useful” opinion. That way is to gather the facts surrounding the issue. This is, obviously, in the context of issues. Because some opinions are formed without facts, because no facts exist……like if your wife asks you if you like the red dress or the blue dress.

You’ve all heard the old quip: “you’re entitled to your opinion”. That’s true, but as I argued with a pastor, once, when he said that our opinions should all be given the same weight, I told him that it wasn’t true, some opinions are worth more than others. When someone uses facts and information, along with a sound set of values added to a plethora of experience, all, mixed with common sense, that opinion should be given far more weight than one that was formed by a feeling.

In this time of political divisiveness, we all are listening to mostly opinions everyday. News and opinions have drastically been mixed and blended so we can barely tell the difference anymore. I don’t know how it is for you, but in the age of Trump, I am having more and more trouble garnering facts to know what is actually true and what is bullshit. With the recent addition of widespread censorship and media manipulation…..it is easy to understand how forming an educated opinion can be difficult. So, with all that said, I wanted to take you through how, exactly, I formed my opinion on the so-called pandemic……ITS ALL A LIE!

At first, very early, I was shocked by what I had heard and read. I thought this could be bad….a highly communicable disease without a cure. What do I need to do? So I started reading. Good grief! There were so many odd stories, that at this point (early to mid January) it still wasn’t possible to form an opinion based of anything but feelings. That said, I was cognizant of one fact that I had wondered about for two years. Donald Trump would be unbeatable in 2020 if the economy kept going the way it was. I knew that the only chance the dems had to win was if the economy took a dive. But in 2018 through 2019 the economy showed no signs of faltering. In fact, it was getting stronger everyday. And there was nothing the dems could do about it. Policies were finally in place that would grow the economy for years. I never believed that they would find a way.

That last line is an opinion based on nothing more than feelings. The facts about how politics works, would change that opinion. The following, will elaborate on that opinion. Early on I heard that the virus originated in China. Of course, there were plenty of contrary stories, but there was one story that stood out to me. Italy seemed to be a hot spot, Travel was banned from Europe and China. But I learned that as the US has a large influx of Mexicans that come for work, Italy has a similar arrangement with China. Every week, thousands of Chinese migrants travel to Italy to work. It gave me further evidence that the virus originated in China. And in case you don’t know by now, many elites that support the democrat party are very close to China and take exception with the assertion that the virus originated in China.

The next bit of information I found while trying to ascertain the virus’ origin was a story about a former NIH virologist named Dr. Judy Mikovits. In listening to her I learned about “gain of function” research. In very simplistic terms, this is when animal viruses are added to existing human viruses to see how they change, hoping to create a less deadly virus to use in vaccine creation. I also learned that this research can be very dangerous because it can also create very deadly viruses. This practice of gain of function research was banned in the US in 2014 because of the danger it presented. What I found out was that the NIH provided a grant of $3.7 million to a lab to continue the research. The lab was in Wuhan, China. Then in 2017, that ban was lifted. The reason given by the NIH was typical bureaucracy mumbo jumbo: From the NIH website: “The funding pause was lifted in response to today’s release of the Department of Health and Human Services Framework for Guiding Funding Decisions about Proposed Research Involving Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens This not only reinforced what I was learning about the Wuhan lab, but began the origin of my opinion. I now had two components: The need to destroy the economy and a created virus without a known cure.

This was in March and I still didn’t know how to think about it. Whether created or not, it was still a very deadly disease. We were told that thousands were dying in Europe so Trump decided with apprehension that we had to “bend the curve”. We needed two weeks to a month to stay home and away from people so as not to risk spreading this virus and overwhelming the hospitals. Trump said we’d be past the worst of it by Easter. Then hospitalizations and deaths skyrocketed in New York. I initially thought uh oh…..but strangely, I learned other news that added another piece to my thought process. This is when we found out that hundreds were dying in nursing homes. Governor Cuomo was returning infected hospital patients, to nursing homes. So were other democrat governors. Why did they do that? I don’t think I ever got an adequate answer. At the same time I was learning that this virus affected old folks at a massively greater rate than young people….especially children. This puzzled me greatly. Children by their nature, have less immunity to new things than older folks so why were children virtually immune, yet working folks and older folks were not?

The fear began to spread twice as fast as the virus. Governors, mostly in blue states continued the lock down past Easter and into April. Egregious rules and restrictions on business began to kill jobs. 40 million became unemployed, yet every other day, I went to Home Depot or Walmart to pick up supplies without any problem. I began to ignore what was happening……but that wouldn’t last.

The next piece of information I garnered from the news was the use of Hydroxychloroquine. I did my research on this drug. There were plenty of studies, doctors, scientists, and patients that testified that this drug could help a lot to stem the tide. I tried to understand how it worked. The virus attached itself to red blood cells eliminating their ability to carry oxygen to the organs. Somehow this caused inflammation in the lungs bringing more ineffective blood. The lack of oxygen soon caused respiratory distress….difficulty to breath. Hydroxychloroquine could prevent the virus from attaching to blood cells if taken in the early stages of the disease or as a prophylactic. In April, I posted several articles to my Facebook feed providing all the information I had found. The last one was on April 10th. No one ever saw any of those posts. That’s when I learned I had been shadow banned by Facebook. This told me a lot. Why did hydroxychloroquine violate some standard? After all, this drug had been used successfully for 60 years to treat malaria and lupus, with almost no side affects, why did the media fight so hard to discredit it and censor information about it? This question affected the way I thought about the virus. Added to the other pieces, I began to think something wasn’t right with the whole story.

I now began to see that the democrats in general, big tech social media, and the main stream media had a different agenda than the American people. They were each using the fear they created to further destroy the economy. All summer, here in Ohio, I was blocked to attending my grandkids’ events, I had to where a mask in stores and restaurants. My friends were divided into groups….those like me that thought it was all crap, and those that were scared to death. Once again, we found ourselves being divided. About this time negotiations were going on in congress for a third stimulus bill to help Americans who were out of a job and especially small businesses that were dropping like flies. Toward the end of summer and into the fall, lock downs got worse. Bars were made to close at 10, masks were mandatory everywhere I went, but yet Home Depot and Walmart still remained “essential”. None of it made any sense to me. The rules seemed so arbitrary……enhancing big business, while crushing small business. Then in looking at the congressional negotiations, every bill that Nancy Pelosi offered included billions and billions for state and city governments. Knowing what I know, before any of this stuff started many blue states were in financial trouble. They were poorly run and had major public pension shortfalls…they needed money. The republicans didn’t want to bail them out. An impasse occurred and continues.

Another influence of forming my opinion was the testing. The testing took awhile to ramp up. Here in Ohio, through the summer we were seeing 300-700 cases per day. As we approached the election, sometime in early October, the “cases” shot up to record levels….doubling in a day to 1000, then 3000, 10,000. But I also learned that testing had tripled and that the false poitive rate was above 50%. A lot of tests came into the market….a lot were worthless. But everyday they kept telling us how many new cases there were. And most of those “cases” had no symptoms or affects from the disease. I know unbelievable is an overused description of an event, but this was truly unbelievable. You see, cases mean nothing. I’m beginning to wonder what it is they are really testing for, and I sure would like to know specifically and truly, what causes the death of a person with a positive covid test that dies. And then there’s masks…..I’m not sure what wearing masks is all about. In fact, recently, as this testing ramped up, like I reported cases doubled. So why are we wearing masks? I can almost hear the argument now: it would be even worse without the masks….you can’t win that argument. Not only that, but we now are divided into mask wearers and mask deniers. In fact I don’t think I’ve seen any subject on social media talked about more than masks.

Now I have to talk about the schools. The summer was ending and we all wondered if schools would open as usual. They didn’t. Because I’m a political junky, I know the players and how they play. There was lots of evidence that children were barely, if at all, affected by the virus. In fact they were not a spreader of the virus either. Yet the schools were closed or opened in some silly 2 day/3 day hybrid. What I know is the teachers union are one of the most rabid supporters of the democratic party and Nancy Pelosi. It is their pensions and benefits that are threatened if those blue states don’t get more money. They are a major funder of the DNC. It is not parents demanding schools be closed, its not even the teachers, its the union. This closing is causing disruption in families, harm to children, and is destroying a generation. Again I have to say, the safety argument makes no sense….there has to be another reason.

social distancing, outside, during school

drive in testing

Let me jump to the deaths caused by covid. First and foremost, the survival “rate” for contracting covid 19, although it varies by age group, is somewhere between 99.5 and 99.9 if you are under 70 and 94.5 if you are over 70. I think we heard from the beginning that older people are more likely to die from Covid. Well, I recently looked up some data. From all causes (before Covid) at 70 years old your odds of staying alive one more year are 97.4%, but if you are over 80, your odds of living 1 more year drops to 93.5%, and if you make it to 85, your odds of living 1 more year drop below 90%. Is it any big surprise that older folks die at a higher rate than younger people? And if that isn’t convincing enough, every year for the last ten, about 2,750,000 Americans die from all causes. Through November of 2020, 2,450,000 Americans have died. Wouldn’t you expect that number to be up since 270,000 Americans are now dead from covid? I would. In fact the universal top three causes of death in America, heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory illness are all dramatically down in 2020. And another thing I wondered about was what happened to the flu in 2020. 2020 had the lowest number of deaths from the flu in the last ten years. How does that happen? We even learned that a report from CDC revealed that some 94% of reported covid deaths were reported as died “with”covid and only 6% died “from” covid. Now add in the trivial detail that the government will pay an extra $13,000/patient that dies with covid “complications” and $39,000 if a patient dies of covid.

These numbers affected my opinion greatly. You add up all the things I learned about this disease and I hope you see how my opinion was formed. That its all a terrible, terrible scam, foisted onto the American people, not only to oust Trump, but to destroy our country and usher in a new kind of governance: globalist socialism. So there it is my opinion and how I came to it. You see, if you don’t have information, of course you will be afraid. Worse yet, is if you have the wrong information. The fear mongering of the media and the elite in this country is no accident. Most of us know it….but there are millions that suck that crap up and conform to what they are told. Don’t be afraid, eat right, get healthy, and if you get it, don’t worry, you won’t die from it.

Corruption in Ukraine Part 2

How the Money Flows and Who Gets It

Mass Protest in Kiev
KIEV, UKRAINE – FEBRUARY 20: Anti-governent protesters clash with police at Independence Square on February 20, 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine. Mass protest actions started after the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych refused the association agreement with the European Union. (Photo by Roman Pilipey/Kommersant Photo via Getty Images)

As you might imagine, my frustration, like yours is off the charts. Even though, like you I continue to “hope” for justice, I pretty much have resigned myself to the fact that no one in the ruling class will ever be held accountable. As of this writing, all we hear, and have heard for 3 years, is, its “coming”! Don’t hold your breath! The ruling class is truly the ruling class, the elites, the powerful politicos that are above all of us and play by a different set of rules, where jail, or punishment are not on the list of consequences. We’re led to believe that losing a job or a career is punishment enough. Even when the next day they have a job paying twice as much. My friends, this has got to stop. For 5 years I have done everything I know how to do, to expose the corruption of this ruling class. As slow as it goes, the information is getting out. People get it, they’re mad as hell and they crave justice…..but its only a percentage of a percentage. Half this country wants to destroy the country. Whether they know it or not, those people are really angry with the same corruption we are. They just have a different solution: Blow it up! I can even agree that there are times I’d like to do the same thing. But before I step off that cliff, I think its worth one more try to stop what they are doing, but we need help. Somebody in that ruling class has got to stand up and expose what is going on. I don’t care if its Bill Barr, John Durham, Donald Trump, a low level FBI agent, or a disgruntled CIA agent. The truth needs to be exposed and somebody has to pay for what they’ve done.

OK….now that I got that off my chest let me tell you what I found. In part 1 of this report I talked about a document I found on a government website, that has now been taken down. I must tell you it was very enlightening.

Ukraine expenditures page 2 of 2

Ukraine expenditures page 1 of 2

As I said in part 1, this document is huge…..over 18,000 rows and 39 columns on a spread sheet. Its impossible to post or even share. So…..I spent hours searching it. Below is a photo of just one participant in the Ukraine corruption. It has taken four weeks to research this one organization…the National Democratic Institute (NDI). But this document has hundreds  of “grantees” getting millions and millions of tax payer dollars to do what? At this stage, I just don’t know, but when I do, I will report it. This document shows that since 2013, we have donated  over 4 billion, 3 hundred, ninety-two million dollars to organizations and groups doing something in Ukraine….we need to know what.

Below is a compilation I pulled from the larger document. It shows all the allocations made to NDI. From 2013 through 2019, they were given $15,504,000 to do their “work”. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m not willing to give Ukraine any money to learn how to do government, especially from people that have no idea how a government should operate. Below this photo is a link to the file on all the payouts to NDI. You should be able to click on the link and open the file in Excel and not only see it, but read the details.  But I want you to see is what I uncovered when I put it all together. I believe I have stumbled onto the method these rich elites are legally stealing our money. Let’s start with where the money comes from

Ukraine expenditures NDI Ukraine expenditures, NDI 2013-2019   

The vast majority of foreign aid money is filtered through a government agency called United States Agency for International Development (USAID). I first ran across USAID while researching the Clinton Foundation. They were the money source for the relief that went to Haiti. Millions and millions was poured into Haiti……stolen by the Clintons and their cronies. It was all documented in a book by Peter Schweitzer called Clinton Cash. The book was made into an hour and a half movie which can be accessed at the link above.  I have promised to research USAID, but it is so huge and vast, dealing with billions upon billions of US tax dollars, that it is a daunting task…..I’ll get too it someday.

In the document, there are four levels of management of our money. The first level is the “Funding Agency”. Although there are a few, USAID and the State Department fund most of the programs. The USAID is funded by appropriations from congress from the annual budget. In everything I looked at, the money that goes to USAID cannot be separated from what goes to the State Department. They operate together. Their budget for 2020 was to be cut, but wasn’t, do to the lack of a budget and the passage of yet another continuing resolution by congress. That number is $53 billion.  Trump’s 2021 budget, once again, calls for a massive cut to $39 billion. Before I go on, keep in mind how much money that is: 53 thousand millions. What we’re talking about going to Ukraine is less than 1% of the total. I don’t say that to minimize it, but to point out that what is being stolen there is chump change to them. But Imagine that chump change being stolen in all 170 countries we provide foreign aid to.

The second level of  management is the “Managing Agency”. Although USAID manages the bulk of the funds, there are others that manage our money. The Commerce Department, The Treasury, The Peace Corps, The State Department, and the Defense Department….they all get a piece of the funding. These managing agencies then choose the third level of management: The “Implementing Partner”. This partner can be one of thousands of organizations, some private companies, some governmental, and many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). These partners then decide the fourth level of management….just how the money will be spent….This is where it all goes wrong! Oh sure, I can imagine there are tons of forms and papers to fill out, maybe even audits, but do you really believe there is any real accountability? This money is so easily stolen, that I was thinking of starting an NGO so I could get some. (kidding)

In my first analysis of this document, NDI appears 48 times, representing over $15 million of the 4-1/2 billion spent in Ukraine over the last 6 years. They are part of the “Implementing Partner”, Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening, along with the International Republican Institute (IRI), and the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES). Don’t they all sound so noble? I want you to read something. Lucky for us, some conscientious clerk expanded on the Award Description in cell L-27. He/She wrote this:

(Ukraine): The Strengthening of Political Processes in Ukraine (SPPU) program is implemented through the Consortium for Elections and Political Processes Strengthening (CEPPS) and its partners: the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), the International Republican Institute (IRI), and the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES). The implementing mechanism advances the Operating Unit goal of a democratic Ukraine meeting Euro-Atlantic standards of good governance, rule of law, and civil society participation by improving the capacity of political parties to better reflect the will and ambitions of the population. SPPU prioritizes long-term development needs of a democratic political party system; targets the local and regional levels; and focuses on building linkages among political parties, civil society and institutions of governance to address the demands of party accountability and strengthen the participation of citizens and emerging leaders in the political process. The end results of the mechanism include (1) enhanced development of the democratic political system in Ukraine; (2) Increased demand for more effective representation of the public interest by political parties and elected officials through improved advocacy and monitoring of political parties and elected officials by civic groups, and improved linkages between civic groups and political parties; and (3) enhanced transparency and integrity of Ukraine’s electoral process through the use of international and domestic non-partisan election observers.

Please….tell me what that all means and just how will that be accomplished in a country as corrupt as Ukraine is. Are we to be so naïve and arrogant that we think we can teach Ukrainians to be honest and fair, just like we are here? /SARC. Seems to me this would be as effective as trying to get college students to not have sex. (I think we try to do that to. )

So, here’s the meat of it, and just how the money disappears legally! I found on line a 2011 annual report from NDI.

ndi annual report

Notice the circled item. $18 million for “management”. That seems like a lot of money to me, for management in a single year. But then I looked at just who the managers are. It reads like a who’s who of elites. Now I certainly don’t know all these people or who they are, but I sure do recognize many of them. NDI has 35 directors, and 15 folks on an “advisory committee”. All paid! That’s a lot of management! Here’s the directors I know: (click on the pictures to see names)


And here’s 6 members of the advisory committee that I know:

If you are a political junky like I am, you will notice they all have something in common. They’re all democrats……isn’t that odd? 50 managers and not a republican or conservative among them. So what kind of government do you think they might create in Ukraine? But folks, its not just Ukraine. They do this all over the world. From their website:ndi regions

So what’s the point? Have you got it yet? Our government pours money into foreign aid, the aid is distributed to noble organizations that purport to shape third world countries into democracies all over the world, and fat cats are drawing at least 6 figure salaries for almost no work….for years! Do you get it? Who’s to say how many directors they can have or how much they can pay them? One more document from 2016:


If you look at the far right column, you can see a four year period from 2013 to 2016, they paid, just directors, $7.1 million, if you calculate that out for three more years through 2019, to match the spending document, they would have paid their 35 directors, right around $12 million. Hey, but its all legal.

And finally, help me out….those links just below the financial data, labeled donors. Aren’t those all unions? I can’t figure out why they would be donating to this quasi-government funded noble organization….But I would bet it can’t be because they have strong feelings about democracy in Ukraine…..what say you?

Well…there you are friends. I don’t know, maybe I’m just imagining the whole thing, but if I had a vote, I don’t think I’d spend $4 billion in Ukraine to encourage good government….would you? And remember, this is just my first pass…their are another thousand recipients of our money.    I think I’ll do a couple of more and see what’s under the rug, maybe it will get better. Talk to you soon.

Corruption in Ukraine Part 1

A hopeless money pit that exemplifies America’s arrogance in its continued attempt to fix other countries

joe biden

It is not  hard at all to find corruption in Ukraine. As I searched the web, I found it everywhere, and at all levels of life. In the life of everyday citizens it is pervasive and accepted as normal. This is a different culture, that Americans simply cannot understand. What would any American do or say if when making an appointment at the doctor, they had to pay the nurse a bribe in order to get that appointment? Or how about if you wanted to ride the bus, and the driver demanded a bribe before you could board? Its everywhere. In business its even worse. Want to get a building permit? Pay a series of bribes. Want to ship products to another city? Bribe the driver and hope your goods arrive and are not stolen. Ukrainians cannot escape corruption. In fact, they have become extremely complacent when it comes to corruption.  They simply accept it as a way of life. So when it comes to corruption at the upper levels of government, they are simply cynical and feel helpless to do anything about it. It goes on and on, all, with impunity.  I might add, that this level of corruption develops slowly over many, many years. If what is happening in America right now, is allowed to continue unpunished, we will wind up just like Ukraine.

ukraine map

To say the government of Ukraine is corrupt is a gross understatement. Let me start with some basic history, just in case you are unfamiliar with Ukraine. Ukraine sits almost in the middle of Europe. Its longest border is with Russia, and it sits on the Black Sea directly across from Turkey. Its capital is Kiev. Prior to 1991, Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union and still has many former Russian patriots living there. Prior to 1991, a great deal of the Soviet Union’s nuclear arsenal was located in Ukraine.  In 1994. Russia, Ukraine, and the United States reached an agreement where Ukraine would return all warheads to Russia for eliminating, while the US and Britain would provide certain security assurances. Since then we have conducted a foreign policy to briviktor yuschenkong Ukraine closer to Europe and out from Russian influence. A series of Soviet style presidents have been “elected” to Ukraine’s highest office since Ukraine became an independent nation in 1991, each one being more corrupt than the previous. In 2004 a man named Viktor Yushchenko was president of Ukraine. His policies like all previous Ukrainian presidents was to cozy up to Europe and move away from Russia. In 2004  a presidential election was held and Yushchenko’s opponent was  Viktor Yanukovych….yeah, I know, who can keep these names straight? Viktor YanukovychIn a close election, Yanukovych, a Russian puppet, won, but huge protests broke out in what became to be called the orange revolution. Under claims of voter fraud and vote rigging, the election results were annulled by the courts, and another election was held. Yushchenko maintained the presidency.



ukrine orange revolutuin
Protesters confront security forces in Ukraine’s 2004 bloodless orange revolution

The next election was in 2010, and this time, Yanukovych won outright.  You got to know that this truly was Russian interference.  During this time Europe was courting Ukraine and talk of entering NATO was prevalent. Yanukovich was ready to sign a deal with Europe for a large aid package in the billions, when, at the last minute, made the decision to accept a loan from Russia instead. You see, it was all a lie, Yanukovych was a Russian stooge. His move sparked an actual revolution in 2014, where he was ousted, then fled to Moscow. There is no doubt that the CIA and what we call the deep state were   behind the revolution. The CIA and deep state are singularly laser focused on Russia and doing as much damage as possible to them….they just can’t get out of the cold war.

Mass Protest in Kiev
The CIA inspired 2014 violent revolution in Ukraine where hundreds died

Before I leave the presidency of Yanukovych, let me give you a great example of the kind of corruption we’re talking about. In order to woo Ukraine under the European/NATO umbrella, Britain, Germany and others made a big deal of helping Ukraine to recover billions of dollars in offshore accounts, thought stolen from Ukraine. In March of 2014, the BNP bank in London received a request from Yanukovych’s lawyers to close an account and transfer the money to the bank of Cyprus. In the scheme of billions, it was a paltry $23 million. Still, a lot of cash. When the transfer was reported to Britain’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO) the transfer was placed on hold, pending investigation. Theresa May, the then Home Secretary, decided to make a big statement by holding the money. Yanukovych sued the bank. Investigators in Ukraine informed Britain that the money belonged to Ukraine and should not be released, but after a year, the case came before a British judge and Ukraine changed its story. Higher ups in the Ukranian prosecutor’s office, whose names were not disclosed, sent a letter stating “no crimes have been committed” to warrant the hold. As we will see, this happens a lot in Ukraine, honest investigators and journalists uncover criminal activity only to be ignored or disposed of by others in the government.

Understand that our history with Ukraine is complicated. What I just gave you was a very broad overview. Russia has always thought of Ukraine as part of Russia and so in 2014, when the CIA ousted Yanukovych, they moved on Crimea. Crimea is part of Ukraine and is a strategic Black Sea asset. They soon after, moved on to Eastern Ukraine, where a hot war has been going on since 2014. We are told over and over that Russia is evil and the aggressor, but as in so many instances, it is our CIA that prompts these aggressions by meddling in other countries. But let’s get back to corruption.

viktor poroschenko


Poroschenko became the next president of Ukraine when elected in 2014. He became the face of corruption. Poroschenko was an oligarch in Ukraine, who made his fortune in the candy industry, known as the “chocolate king”.  But his fortune was bigger than that. He was in many other industries and agriculture, and had created bank accounts and shell companies all over the world, as he pillaged the national treasury. His candy company was registered in Cyprus, a perennial tax haven.  After the voters ousted Yanukovych, Poroschenko picked up where he left off.

Corruption is a strange evil. Like it or not, it is rampant in our society and across the world. Most people, everywhere, seem to take it in stride, and feel helpless to do anything about it. I must say, as a little guy focused on this evil, it is certainly frustrating to know what I know, and yet, nothing is ever done to end it, at least here. If I may wane philosophical, it is human nature to be corrupt, to seek power over others through acquiring wealth…..corrupt behavior is always easier than the hard work it takes to actually build something through effort or to gain power and respect by doing what is right. Especially if those that are to post guard over corruption….law enforcement, are also corrupt.

The story of Ukraine is the pinnacle of what happens to a society that becomes incessantly corrupt. The people are oppressed, poor, and without work. Foreign investment is almost non-existent, and the country is drained of its resources and wealth. every year, an estimated $12 billion dollars exits Ukraine, money that has illicit or unknown origins. To add to that sad story, America has invested tens of billions of dollars in Ukraine since they broke away from Russia. A lot of that money simply disappeared. In one reported instance, $7.2 billion found its way into The US investment fund, Franklin Templeton and another $600 million into the American hedge fund operated by Blackrock Capital. The money reportedly came from the Ukraine Sovereign Fund…..state money…..appropriated by Poroschenko.

There is so much corruption in Ukraine I could write a lengthy book about all the avenues it takes…..I’m not going to do that. But before I get into the Bidens and the corruption people are interested in today as it applies to the current impeachment fiasco, allow me to tell you about a document I found, that I will discuss in part 2 of this post.  I had really planned to provide a link to it, so you could see the whole thing, but three days after I downloaded it, it was removed by “foreignassistance.gov”. So I have included two screen shots of the document. I can’t post the whole document because…..get ready….. its a spread sheet with 18,067 rows and 12 columns. Its a somewhat detailed accounting of all the money spent in Ukraine and who it went to. You see, when we think of foreign aid, we believe that the US government is giving tax money to other governments. But that’s not how foreign aid generally works. The money is appropriated by congress, given to USAID, (United States Agency for International Development) the State Department, or other agencies, through budgeting, then USAID or State assigns it to an organization or company to “manage”, who then determines who will get it and how it will be used. Now, I’m speculating, but I can only imagine the vast number of opportunities for this money to be misused or simply stolen.                                                 I’ll talk about that in Part 2


Ukraine expenditures page 1 of 2Ukraine expenditures page 2 of 2
If you would like to have that document to analyze ,I’m on messenger and Facebook, or you can e-mail me at Kgeorge152@aol.com, or ask me in the comments below. I will e-mail it to you.


Are the Biden’s corrupt? As much as we’d all like it to be true, after extensive research, I cannot find a shred of evidence that JOE Biden is corrupt. Yes….there is the usual pay for play and access that most powerful senators are all guilty of because of our disgusting campaign financing rules. To be honest, I can’t believe I just said that. It seems I have become complacent, like everybody else, about the everyday corruption in Washington that we all accept. Joe has indulged in this over the years to garner support from unions, banks and the usual villains. But to say he is corrupt would be unfair. His bank records indicate he never really benefitted from his position. However, as much as I don’t want to paint Joe as a victim, he is extremely loyal to his family and its his family that really stinks of illegality. I would say Joe Biden has been protecting Hunter his whole life.

james biden
James Biden


Joe’s brother JAMES Biden was described in one article as a “serial entrepreneur”. That’s a kind way to describe a crook. He has started and closed a dozen companies, mostly in finance. Each one shadier than the previous and HUNTER, his son, was partner to James in many of them. James and Hunter, for years, have used the Biden name and Joe’s position to leverage loans, deals, and contracts. Just how much involvement Joe had is not known. In one venture, Paradigm Global Advisors, a hedge fund accumulator, was acquired by James and Hunter using an $8.1 million promissory note. that in the end, was never paid.  According to Politico:

“One former executive said Hunter and James used the assets as a personal account drawing out as much as a million dollars in a single year. At one point, the executive said, Hunter called him and asked him to hand over $21,000 in company funds for a personal mortgage payment. When the executive refused, saying the funds were needed to cover operating expenses, he recalled that Hunter — who recently told The New Yorker he has spent most of his life living paycheck to paycheck — responded that he might lose his house. “Hunter did take substantial dollars out of the company,” said a second former Paradigm executive, describing the withdrawals as a “semi-regular” subject of discussion and concern within the firm.”

hunter biden
Hunter Biden



Its only speculation, but this also corresponds in a timeline with the severe alcohol and drug habit that Hunter Biden had. It seems like having access to millions of dollars and a drug habit don’t bode well for success. But that’s just me. Politico wrote a very well researched piece on the Bidens and there seedy business ventures. Its rather long, but goes into great detail….you can read it here. Joe is one of the few Washington lifers that never became a millionaire until after becoming VP. For many years he lived a pretty mundane financial life, never amassing a fortune, starting a foundation,  or writing a book….oh wait…..he did amass a fortune, but not until after becoming the VP. He did start a foundation in 2017. And it was one of those foundations that purported to solve the world’s problems…not unlike another foundation we all know…..the difference with it, is that he shut it down last year, when he decided to run for president.

devon archer
devon archer

You see, being president provides power…..a lot more power than running a foundation. And…. that power provides access to the money. He also did write a couple of books that earned him 7 figures. He now claims $100,000 to speak and has cashed in big after leaving office.




Just to be clear, you’ve all seen the video of Joe bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor general, Viktor Shokin, fired.

The democrat line is that there is evidence that this particular prosecutor was partial to his friends and often slow walked or declined prosecutions of certain “connected” Ukranians. He was considered corrupt by the EU and many other countries. Joe seemed to just be following the crowd as he did most of his career. Putting Joe Biden in charge of cleaning up corruption in Ukraine was like putting Pee Wee Herman in as the starting quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs…..he was out of his league.  Joe Biden was made “point person” in Ukraine right after Russia invaded and annexed the Crimea, a sovereign part of Ukraine, in February of 2014. He was to evaluate the situation, coordinate US foreign policy there, and oversee US aid. Two months after that appointment, in April of 2014, a company you will hear a lot about, Burisma, placed Hunter Biden and Devon Archer onto its board.  They were  each paid a million dollars a year.

Burisma Holdings  is an oil and gas company, one of the largest in Ukraine. It is a conglomerate with many subsidiaries, and even though its a Ukrainian company, it is registered in Cyprus. Its sales are undisclosed, but estimated to be in the $4-500 million/year range. As an aside, it does most of its business in Ukraine, but also has holdings and sales in Kazakhstan. This made me think about the 5 part series I did on corruption in Kazakhstan, second only to Ukraine in the levels of corruption. Burisma operates very much like the companies in that country. You can read that series here. Burisma is owned by a Ukrainian Oligarch named  Mykola Zlochevsky.

Mykola Zlochevsky

Zlochevsky formed Burisma in 2002. While owning Burisma he became Minister of ecology and natural resources in 2010. Unlike in our political process, there is no divesting of personal holdings while working in the government. So it is alleged that while serving as the minister of natural resources and running Burisma, he illegally transferred exploration licenses to Burisma. When Yanukovych was ousted in 2014, Zlochevsky also fled the country, believed to be living in Monaco. Since that time, investigations into Zlochevsky and Burisma have been on again off again, depending on who was investigating the disappearance of Ukrainian money. In Ukraine, money can buy a lot of silence. This was the backdrop to the 2014 Hunter Biden position.

Enter Rudy Giuliani.

Rudy Giuliani has made a big deal of this firing and the video below is of Giuliani interviewing the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin. This clip I cut from the longer pod cast, is the beginning salvo from Giuliani to reveal the truth. I have to admit that I’m not a Giuliani fan and he’s a little over the top on some of his assertions. But you can at least judge for yourself Shokin’s credibility by watching the 25 minute video. For those of you that don’t here are the highlights. Giuliani asserts that Shokin is not corrupt, that he has never been accused or convicted of anything illegal….hasn’t even ever been in court charged with anything….squeaky clean! I could just shut up know, but I doubt very seriously that there are any individuals in Ukraine that are squeaky clean. However, for me the highlight of the video is a document he obtained that came from Latvia. The document alerts Ukrainian prosecutors of a suspected money laundering scheme taking place. Burisma had diverted $14 million from a Latvian bank to several shell companies, eventually finding its way to Cyprus, then distributed as “board member expenses”. The document names at least 5 board members, including Biden and Archer. the document also lays out individual payments to those board members, ranging from $300,000 to $1.2 million…..all except Biden and Archer. Giuliani asserts that when he asked why, he was told that the US embassy instructed the Latvian government to leave those amounts out.  Its to yet to be seen if any of it is true……but any sane individual can only conclude that whatever is going on there with the Bidens is worth further investigation by somebody that’s honest.



Hunter Biden is another whole story…..his whole career was about lying, cheating, stealing,  addiction, womanizing and conning anyone that could be conned. He used his father’s position to leverage others to give him money, money he soon spent or lost. A poor, unredeemed, lost sole. James and Hunter are the people they make movies about. Always looking for the next score…the next big deal….another get rich quick scheme, that in the end, never comes. I think looking at the Bidens, however, is looking in the wrong direction for corruption. The corruption in Ukraine is systemic and lots of Americans are involved. In part 2 of this story I will cover how I think the money is moving from your wallet to wealthy elite bank accounts and how the corruption in Ukraine affected the 2016 election.

After spending weeks learning about Ukraine and writing the blog above, new information came out today. (February 7th, 2020) Glenn Beck reported, in his fourth installment on Ukraine, what he thinks is really going on. Its earth shattering. WAR! All these dweebs in our government are funding and conducting an actual hot war with Russia, using Ukraine as a proxy. All without any knowledge of the Congress….at least none that we’re told of. Seems like war with Russia would be something they might want to mention…..just another example of our CIA and State Deparment conducting their own foreign policy. Trump actually wants to stop this crap….so he’s gotta go. So watch Glenn’s video…its crammed with information. I’ll still be reporting on the document I found at a later date….when I have digested it.




Details of the Russian Collusion Hoax, Part 1

When it started, who started it, and who were the players

trump traps

Its been awhile since I’ve posted on my blog, but I have been watching, reading, and thinking about what to say next. So far, since I last posted, nothing much has changed, but I do have much new information to add to the intrigue.  I want to start by cleaning up some of the details that pertain to the Russia hoax. After I do that I will further begin my work connecting the Russia hoax to the new Ukraine debacle. Make no mistake…the new Ukraine story is absolutely, inextricably connected to the Russia hoax. The CIA, from even before the results of the election, were ready to take out Trump. If we even overlook what the DNC, the Hillary campaign, Fusion GPS, and all the other players did before the election, we will see how the “insurance policy” talked about by Strozk and Page in text messages, was what we are seeing today….an all out effort by the intelligence apparatus to have Trump removed from office.

In the 9 posts I have published concerning the Russia collusion story. This link takes you to the summary. At the bottom of that summary are links to the previous research. Nothing I have written has proven to be inaccurate. In fact, several things have become confirmed. Take for example Carter Page. He has now been shown to have been working for the FBI and the CIA, during his time on the Trump Campaign. But still, we don’t know to what extent. It is also confirmed that there was spying taking place on the Trump campaign. What’s new is that I have now identified several new players to the spy cabal. These and other things, are now known, and so, my tin foil hat fits a little better.

I want to start with a man that I identified earlier that is connected to the spying done on the Trump campaign. His name is Richard Burt. His early involvement says that the spying was being done much earlier than we are led to believe from the establishment. Here’s what I’ve written about Burt from a previous post:


richard burt

Richard Burt…… Almost none of you have heard of this guy, but he entered the campaign through Jeff Sessions. He was involved in writing Trump’s first foreign policy speech. In that speech, Trump put forth his desire to have better relations with Russia, which, inconceivably to many of us was roundly criticized by the main stream media. So who is Richard Burt? He’s been around government for a long time. You might want to refer back to the interview of Prouty above…..at least keep it mind as I talk about Burt. Burt graduated from Tufts University in 1971. That would make him right around 70. In 1977, he was selected as a fellow at the Naval War College. During his fellowship, he was assigned to the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Upon that appointment, he received a letter congratulating him on that “new assignment”.

stansfield turner letter

The letter was from Stansfield Turner, the then director of the CIA. Three years later he’s working at the state department, and by 1985, he’s ambassador to Germany. Right at the end of Reagan’s administration, he was made chief negotiator for the START talks with Russia, and remained under GHWB. This guys been in and around government his whole life…..I have been studying government my whole life and I had never heard of him until now. Do you realize how many people just like this are in government? Quietly working behind the scenes on life changing policy? Anyway, somehow, its not known how, he hooks up with the campaign through Jeff Sessions. This is important because Sessions is accused of recruiting Carter Page and Richard Burt. You see the stories you’ll read about Burt always….only…..mention he is a lobbyist for Alfa Bank….one of the biggest financial institutions in Russia. They never mention the bio stuff I’ve put down here. But just like Page…he’s worked in government for a long time and ends up in Russia…..with not a smidgeon of experience in banking on his resume. Then the fact that Burt knew Carter Page is evidence that Burt might have been the guy that had Page put on a list of policy advisors for Trump.

In those paragraphs I mentioned the information about Fletcher Prouty. Prouty was a colonel in the Air Force that was the liason between the military and the CIA. Under orders he set up a project called “Focal Point”. Focal Point was designed to place CIA operatives into all government agencies and the Pentagon. The purpose was to have people that actually worked for the CIA in key places in the civilian bureaucracy. These people then, would take orders from the CIA. No one in the agencies and departments they worked, knew they were CIA, other than the secretary or head of that agency. In time, as administrations changed, it was believed that these CIA operatives would melt into their positions and no one but the CIA would know who they were working for. I believe Richard Burt was one such person.  He left the government in 2000 and joined the McCain campaign as a national security advisor. At the same time he and others invested in an intelligence and risk-assessment business called Diligence. Information on Diligence has been scrubbed from the internet, but I did mange to find one tiny entry on a search return from “Wikispooks”, a site that follows the CIA.

Diligence, Llc or Diligence Global Business Intelligence SA is a CIA front company or “spin-off”, operating an industrial espionage network.Top staff include members of UK and US intelligence agencies, originally created by former George H. W. Bush administration members to obtain private contracts from Enron.

In 2007, Burt leaves Diligence to go to Kissinger-McLarty Associates, another spy for hire private intelligence and geo-political advisory company. The McLarty in Kissinger-McLarty is Mack McLarty, President Clinton’s chief of staff and 30 year close friend of Bill Clinton. Mack McLarty split off of Kissinger and created McLarty Associates, of which Richard Burt is a managing partner. Now after reading all that, can any other conclusion be made other than Burt works for the CIA? But there’s more. Burt while at McLarty joined the advisory board at Alfa Capital, the investment management firm to Alfa Bank, Russia’s largest international bank. Just as Carter Page went to work at Merrill Lynch in Moscow without a background or experience in banking, Burt winds up at Alfa Bank without a background or experience in banking. I’m sure this is what we want our CIA doing and in any other context, no one would question what they do. But it is curious that Burt worked for Alfa Bank, and this was the bank that was doing the “pinging” on servers within the Trump Tower and discovered in the summer of 2016. Those pings, led to a FISA application being made on four Trump officials, in June of 2016….that application was rejected. Remember the name McLarty….it will play prominently, later in this presentation.

I want to switch gears, and talk about the involvement of the United Kingdom in the Russian Collusion conspiracy. The UK played a prominent role in getting it all started. How and why is a difficult story to tell. I’ll start with this: In another post, I talked about “Five Eyes” This was a treaty made in 1946 that was created to allow 5 close allies from WWII to share signal intelligence (communications). Its purpose in 1947 was to spy om the Soviet Union but is still in force today. It has manifested into a means to spy on anyone in the world….including any American, totally circumventing the US 4th amendment. When I first talked about five eyes, I never made an important connection to this Russian collusion story. All the meetings held by Trump officials and purported Russians were in Europe or other foreign nations. Here, these Americans, could be surveilled, recorded or spied on without any consideration to our 4th amendment. Even if they called home, those communications could be intercepted by our allies, then shared with the CIA or FBI without a warrant or probable cause. This is exactly how the Brits played their part. What’s most important, is that this surveillance started in 2015, long before the first FISA warrant on Carter Page and the opening of a counter-intelligence investigation on July 31, 2016.  I found an on line book written by a guy named Bill Carr. His book is excellent and covers all the aspects I have written about. He writes this about British involvement: My comments in black inserted for clarification


The Origin of the Russian Hoax in 2015

In late 2015 both Britain’s GCHQ (their version of our NSA) and Dearlove (Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6)  sent info to Brennan. This info suggested Trump had Russian obligations and contained other suspect intelligence from other nations in Europe. (This link to a “Guardian article, outlines what the Brits did. If you read it, you will find no names given. It is clearly a piece to strengthen the case against Trump without any specifics) Dearlove was the first to speculate that Trump was colluding with Russia. Did this all come from his angst over the Trump Golf Links in Scotland? Dearlove was the glue that linked all of the earliest connections to RussiaGate. Dearlove and Brennan were the probable genesis of RussiaGate. In an article (this link is an excellent read as to British involvement) in Britains’s The Markets Work””, Jeff Carlson exposes Sir Dick’s connections. Were they just spying or were they running an op?

Dearlove along with Robert Hannigan (head of GCHQ) offered intelligence to Brennan in 2015. RussiaGate started with these contacts. Did Brennan ask for them?

Brennan Bit. But he was CIA. Legally he could not operate in the US. Lending money to build a golf course in Scotland was not enough. (This is a reference to a golf course Trump built in Scotland where some of the money to build it came from Russian investors) Brennans hands were tied. Brennan was onboard but he needed more. Sir Dick was no longer in power at MI6. GCHQ and MI6 had to report what they were doing. There is oversight, audits and reporting requirements. So the obvious solution was to turn to some fixers in the private sector to do oppo research and gather intelligence. It could be kept secret.

Devin Nunes (R-CA) is the former head and since 2018 the Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee. Nunes revealed repeatedly, many private intelligence firms were brought into the picture in the first stages of RussiaGate. He has numerous youtube videos.

These private firms did not have the same reporting and disclosure requirements of our government agencies. They are not required to tell the truth. They don’t even have to answer questions. They can collect intelligence without restriction or veracity. They are often used to win just an argument, a legal case or a political campaign. The whole world is now familiar with one of the thousands. Fusion GPS.

There a few more involved.

I want to start with what I have predicted that almost everybody disagrees with. I said on several occasions that nothing much will come of all these investigations. I even believe that a deal will be struck to end the impeachment talk and other further investigations by the House. I could be wrong about such a deal, because of something I believe about the players. Not everybody is in the loop. Some in congress truly have been convinced that Trump is a criminal and needs to go. People like Waters, AOC, and Swalwell are acting purely politically…..they don’t know what’s been going on behind the scenes. Others like Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi know all too well what’s been going on and understand the consequences if they continue to pursue this much longer. The republicans, now, want to drag out the counter investigations up until 2020. Unlike you, they don’t give a shit about getting justice, they just want to raise money and get re-elected. Both sides are pandering to their base voters. Surely…… you would say…oh! that’s just your opinion…..well, yes, it is, but I’ve seen this stuff more times than I can count and I know how it ends.

I found a video that might provide some proof of what I say. Almost all of you that read my work, believe strongly that people will get indicted and go to jail. But the defense has already started. On May 9th, James Baker, chief council for the FBI, felt the urge to give the Brookings institute an hour and a half interview to answer the coming charges. I have cut out an 8 minute section that highlights what their defense will be: We did it by the book, within law and guidelines, and according to the constitution. The title of the full length video says it all: “Its always been about Russia”. Watch my 8 minute cut then I will offer reasons for why it is crap.

In the clip, the interviewer asks about the “predicate” that allowed the counterintelligence investigation to get started. Baker, emphatically provides the FBI establishment story: the information that came in from Downer (Australia) about Papadopolous, this was the beginning of the investigation. So let’s look at that.

The meeting between Downer and Papadopolous was in May of 2016. The information wasn’t immediately handed over to the FBI. There were international obstacles to overcome, and as of May, 2016, knowledge of the DNC server hack was not yet public, but may have been known as early as mid May of 2016. That’s when the DNC hired a private cyber security company, Crowdstrike, to look into some suspicious activity on their servers. On June 15th, 2016 Crowdstrike announces the DNC server hack. and immediately reports that the hack was performed by the Russian government. I have been careful to include the dates as they have been reported. These dates will be very important to understand what the real truth is about when and how the Russian collusion story started. Downer says when he heard about the DNC hack, he had to make known the events of the May meeting with Papadopolous. In July of 2016 he met secretly with two FBI agents in London. The meeting was very secret as Australia feared angering candidate Trump. The DNC hack was publically announced on June 15th, but Downer doesn’t meet with the FBI until mid July. As curious as that all is, there is one fact that I have yet to include. The information Papadopolous shared with Downer was attained from Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor that was initially reported to be a Russian agent. We now know that Joseph Mifsud was a Western Intelligence asset. This may be one of the most important pieces of information. If he indeed was a western asset, then who was he working for exactly, who gave him his orders, and why did he offer Papadopolous damaging information on Hillary? And….if its true that he was working for a western intelligence agency, doesn’t this say that the spying had already begun? That the information given to Papadopolous was provided by western intelligence.

Before I go on, I want to include what may not yet be perfectly clear. The CIA has operatives all throughout government. You can read why I know this here. I uncovered this in the person of Fletcher Prouty and actually confirmed it for myself. I ran into a man that is 84 years old. He started his career at the CIA in the 60s and guess what? His “cover” was as a Russian interpreter at the US State Department. He shared with me exactly what he did at the State Department. No one at the State Department knew he was CIA. In other words, he confirmed to the letter, what Fletcher Prouty had revealed. CIA operatives are scattered all through our government, answering to the CIA. I can only speculate, but the State Department has been the most infiltrated. In that capacity, as representatives of the state department, they would have access to every country in the world, access to world leaders, NGOs, and lots and lots of money. It begs the question, who actually runs our state department and who is conducting our foreign policy. If, as I believe it is the CIA, then the last thing the CIA would want would be an “outsider” come in as president and change that foreign policy. Understanding this makes what is happening to Trump seem all the more likely that removing him is a CIA operation.

But just what is the breadth and reach of the CIA? How does the DNC play into this? Does our DOJ and FBI have direct involvement in this coup? These are very hard questions to answer and as I have told you before, I have no access to anything other than the countless stories I find on the internet….I’m just good at connecting the dots. In my next installment, I will try to answer these questions

Russia Collusion-The Summary

Why it all happened

russia collusion

For well over two years, I, and many others, have been investigating, researching, and reporting on just what was going on with the piling on of Trump, his campaign, and his presidency by the deep state, the democrats, the NeverTrumpers and the Media. As I did my work, I kept asking myself, why? Why was this all happening, when Trump was proposing some of the most basic, common sense approaches to solving our nation’s most pressing problems? Who could oppose fairer trade with our partners? Who could oppose stabilizing relations with NK to reduce the threat of a nuclear holocaust? Who can oppose controlling our border and drastically reducing illegal immigration, along with the other bad things that happen at the border? I asked myself, who doesn’t want better healthcare at a more affordable cost, or more manufacturing jobs? And who doesn’t want America to adhere to our constitution, the greatest of documents ever written. These are just a few of the policy positions Trump took during the campaign, yet he was attacked viciously


on every one of them and more. Every action he took, to solve these persistent problems, was met with egregious resistance and criticism…..but why?

deep state 1

It’s not difficult to recognize the reasons, but it is difficult to understand why. Before the reasons can be explained, I must once again make it perfectly clear why Trump was opposed from the very beginning. What exists in Washington is a collection of long-term “protectors”.  For over 6 decades, our government has meticulously built a system, they believe vehemently, protects America while keeping it the most successful nation in history. Folks, this is not hyperbole. People enter Washington, serve their country, and move on to be replaced by the next one in line that will protect the system. The crux of the whole system is who, exactly, is in control of our government? We learn at a very young age (at least we used to) that the government consists of Three branches: the executive, the legislative, and judicial…..the president, the congress, and the courts. Never was it taught or explained to us that there was a fourth branch. Bureaucracy, deep state, shadow government…..call it what you will…. but this is the obscure entity that actually runs our government. Yes, congress makes the laws…but they are told what laws to make. Yes, the president conducts our foreign policy, but he is told what that policy will be. and yes, there are courts that work on behalf of this fourth branch. Is this a bad thing? Well, it’s not the way our system was designed, but it’s what the government has mutated into. I believe it did so for two main reasons. First, the world and the economies of the world are very, very complex. Policies can not be created that stem from a simplistic, knee-jerk reaction to current events. Secondly, newly elected representatives, cannot and should not be trusted to understand this complexity. They either need to get on board with the right policies or be ignored or removed.

maxine waters 2

Can you imagine America being run by 535 AOCs, Hank Johnsons, or Maxine Waters’? This is the premise the bureaucracy works on. To this end, they have created a system that creates policies and one that implements those policies. Interference will not be allowed.

Before I fully understood this, I had already concluded that nothing happened in congress that wasn’t preplanned by the leadership. It had seemed that the congress was controlled by that leadership. Now, it has become clear that, that leadership is “on-board” with the demands of the bureaucracy. New presidents, from well before the time they took office, were briefed and counselled by the bureaucracy as to what their policies would be. And the entire judicial system has been commandeered by a few judges that rule in inexplicable ways that reinforce the goals of the bureacracy. I even picked up on something during the Ginsburg dying scare. It seems that the make-up of the Supreme Court is pre-arranged. Literally, for decades, the court has been made up of 4 conservatives, 4 liberals, and always one “swing vote”. This allows the court to make decisions that coincide with deep state needs.  I think now, it is Roberts’ new role, to be that swing vote. This situation on the court is one reason they do not want Trump fill that next vacancy. He will not play their game. That said, I suspect if Ginsburg ‘s death, is that next vacancy, we will see one of the conservative justices, suddenly making liberal decisions. There is no reason to believe that the Supreme Court is not also being controlled by the deep state.

If you accept my premise as to who and what is running things, then you will understand more easily why Trump is so vilified and opposed. You must accept the idea that the deep state is in control. It started after WWII. Of course, it was all planned to protect America by having control over American actions. Systems had to be put in place to implement policies that were absolutely needed. The CIA was created in 1947. 5 years later, in 1952, the NSA was formally opened. Over the years, the Intelligence Community has grown exponentially, to what it is today…….17 separate units with multiple sub-units that conduct a wide variety of intelligence gathering, including spying on Americans.

IC Community

Here is an outline of the known divisions within just the NSA:

  • The Technology and Systems Directorate
  • The Operations Directorate
  • The Information Systems Security Directorate
  • The Plans, Policy and Programs Directorate
  • The Support Services Directorate
  • Directorate only known from unit F6
  • Directorate only known from unit G112
  • Information Assurance Directorate (IAD)
  • Directorate only known from unit J2
  • Installation and Logistics
  • Human Resources
  • Security and Counterintelligence
  • Research Directorate
  • Signals Intelligence Directorate (SID), Customer Relations
  • Analysis and Production Center South Asia, S2B: China and Korea,
  • S2C: International Security
  • S2E: Middle East/Asia
  • S2F: International Crime
  • S2G: Counter-proliferation
  • S2H: Russia, S2I: Counter-terrorism
  • S2J: Weapons and Space
  • S2T: Current Threats
  • Data Acquisition
  • Cryptanalysis and Exploitation Services (CES)
  • Tailored Access Operations (TAO)
  • Global Access Operations (GAO)
  • Collections Strategies and Requirements Center
  • Special Source Operations (SSO)
  • Technical Directorate (TD)
  • Directorate for Education and Training
  • Directorate for Corporate Leadership
  • Foreign Affairs Directorate
  • Acquisitions and Procurement Directorate
  • Information Sharing Services (ISS)Each of these sub-divisions of the NSA, is also headed by its own under-secretary or chief, all with many, many employees. But more important is all the folks that have access to intelligence. The collection of information is massive. The 16 heads above and eight members of congress, known as the gang of eight, are the only people who have access to what’s known as the “raw data”. That is, the actual conversations, e-mails, or other communications collected. That is until weeks before Obama left office. He signed an executive order giving access to this raw data to hundreds and hundreds of employees in all these subdivisions of the intelligence community. Previously, in order for raw data to be seen by anybody, a warrant had to be obtained.

The Intelligence Community, as you can see by just this one example,  is huge. Because of the complexity of the world and its multi-faceted issues, the IC has become ever more complex and powerful. With the advent of technology and new requirements, real or perceived, the IC has used congress to make laws giving them even more power and control. They even choose the president. No they don’t just pick one, but they decide who the candidates will be. Which ever one wins, doesn’t matter, either will be “on-board” with their policies. This describes Bush, Clinton, GW, and Obama. If you look back at the losers…. Dukakis, Bush/Perot, Dole, Gore, Kerry, McCain, and Romney. Other than Perot, all of those losers would have been on-board with deep state policies. Perot was the outlier, like Trump. He could not win, and was seriously damaged by deep state operatives. You see, no matter which one of those candidates had won, we would find ourselves in the same place we are today….that is except Perot. Reagan was a mistake, he wasn’t suppose to win. Now I don’t want to get into the politics of presidential races, but Reagan and Trump are the only two men that actually worked to make life better for the people.

So how did the IC and bureaucracy make this mistake again? Clinton was the obvious choice. They did everything humanly possible to help her and destroy Trump. Even during the primaries, Trump was the one guy of the 17 possible choices, that could not win. All the rest would eventually be “on-board”. But we did that……we elected the one guy that couldn’t win. They gave him no chance……but they weren’t taking any chances. They used everything they had, cheating, taxes, sex, lying, mentally ill…..everything! Nothing worked, because none of us cared, and Trump persevered.  The Russia scandal was born and implemented.

I told you all that, so you would begin to understand why Trump is under such voracious attacks. He wants to do things that help Americans. He wants peace in the world. He wants America to be the dominate economic engine for the world, but he wants it to benefit Americans. He doesn’t care if the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia is managed properly, he doesn’t want terrorists to come here, he hates crime, he believes Europe should pay for their own defense, and he thinks our sovereignty is important, our borders should be secure, and our laws enforced. In other words, he believes what we believe. If I’ve learned anything in the last 40 years, it’s that the bureaucracy and the deep state don’t care what we believe. There focus is on the world, and how to keep America dominant and commerce flowing so money can be made. OK, enough background.

Evidence was discovered as early as Feb of 2013, that Hillary was using a private e-mail server. It was not made public until early March of 2015. A week after that disclosure, Andrew McCabe was “bought” with $700,000 to his wife’s campaign, knowing he would be placed over the coming investigation. In August of 2015 the FBI does begin an investigation into the private server, but it isn’t made public until February of 2016, and McCabe is named to lead the investigation, just as planned. When that investigation was made public, it was very late in the coming election. This would be exceedingly damaging to Hillary so the deep state jumped into action to save her and destroy Trump. By early December of 2015, Trump had become the front runner in the republican presidential primary race. https://static3.businessinsider.com/cnn-donald-trump-leads-america-2015-12 . I believe this is when the Russian collusion plan was hatched. It is the same month and year that GCHQ, the British intelligence agency began surveilling and sharing information with the CIA on the Trump campaign. You can read more about this here and here

Three months later Carter Page joins the campaign. He is the key to understanding how the plan evolved into an actual attempt, first, to have Trump lose the election to Clinton, and then have him removed from office by impeachment. I can’t say this more clearly: Carter Page was working for the CIA to CREATE evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the election. You can read about Page’s actions here and here. But why?
As I explained above, Trump was not “on-board” with their goals. He was the one guy that could not be president. He would begin another Reagan type revolution and end the globalism, which is the policy. This could not stand.

This is where the conservative media have gotten it wrong. Almost all of them view Page as some sort of victim….a dupe that was thought to be an agent of Russia. He wasn’t. Hannity asked the right questions in an exclusive interview, but he didn’t follow it up with the right investigation. Notice in this interview, Page really never answers the direct question: “did you work for the government?” his answer was: “I was never paid”. Does that answer the question? I wondered. Then I heard about lawsuits Page filed against several entities including the DNC, Yahoo, HuffPo, and the US government. Most of those cases have been dismissed, But yet, Page persists. Will this ultimately be how he gets paid? A settlement….a judgement? Possibly, but more likely, his remuneration is top secret and these lawsuits are just part of the cover-up.

You can read about the coup attempt here  and here. What’s important to glean from all this readily available information is just how powerful our intelligence community is, and just how arrogant they have become. Its bad enough that they control the people in government, yet its quite another to conduct an attempted coup. Someday, just like Reagan, Trump will be gone. Then what? Unless something is done to bring the people who perpetrated this crime to justice, it will all continue until America has achieved the globalism that this cabal desires.

I’d like to say something that makes it clear who is doing this to America. I have never believed that there is some secret star chamber that makes evil plans to destroy America. You have heard all the conspiracy stuff….the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, Davos, George Soros…..all proposing some giant plan to bring in a New World Order. I really do believe the people involved in this do not want to destroy America. But they do believe strongly in what they are doing. The New World Order is real, but it’s not evil in and of itself. It’s just not what the American people want. We are the greatest country in the world and selfishly, want to keep it that way, we have to protect it from the globalist policies the deep state want. So why do they want this?

Its complicated! Like all bureaucracies, not all agree. Some truly believe that world piece can only be achieved via a global economy. Some believe that World War and nuclear holocaust can only be avoided if we all share common economic interests. Others believe confrontation between nuclear powers must be avoided at all costs. Still others are corrupt and led by wealthy special interests that seek more and more wealth. Each one of these factions vie against the other for control, but the one thing they all agree on is globalism. In order to achieve it, American policies have to remain intact: Free trade that favors poor countries, open borders that bring impoverished people here, and avoid revolution in their own countries, and regional armed proxy wars that negate confrontation between super powers. The problem with these goals, is it gets harder and harder to manage the vast complexity of it all. Intelligence and information are the key and as I have outlined in several pieces, here, here, here, and here, the IC and deep state are mastering both.

A Real Glimpse Into the Russian Hacking Story

How we are being lied to and manipulated by our own government.

My last four posts have dealt with the CIA and what they have been doing to “keep America safe” while breaking laws, usurping the constitution, and allowing corruption to enrich the elite. You can read those four posts beginning here. I have now discovered a trail that leads to a place none of us wants to go.

CIA headquarters
CIA Headquarters

In all the stories that have been produced concerning a connection that Trump has to the Russians, never have we been given the reason or the cause for all of it. In other words, we have never been given a reason why the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation in May of 2017, after James Comey, the, then, FBI Director was fired. In fact, there is plenty of direct evidence that President Trump was being surveilled as much as a year before, during the campaign, as a candidate (1). But of course, saying we never got a reason would be somewhat inaccurate. The stated reason, was Trump was suspected of being a Russian asset (2)…..Really???? So we’re to believe that Trump is some sort of Manchurian Candidate and when a certain phrase is spoken, he would immediately become the drone of Vladimir Putin. Again, Really???? What’s most scary is that so many dupes on the left actually believe it. But its much more serious than that. What started as a campaign strategy using Intelligence Community assets, turned into an actual coup attempt, using “created” evidence and a massive propaganda campaign to remove an elected president from office via impeachment or any means possible. In case you haven’t, you can read what I uncovered about this attempted coup here.

What I’m about to lay out for you is the nuts and bolts, the Hows, and the Whos of just how this whole Russia thing started. I have written complicated stories before, and I know I lose a lot of people in the details, so I created a chart so you might be able to follow along….because it won’t be easy to explain or understand. So here we go:
We have been told from the very beginning of all we’ve learned that all this drama and all these continuous investigations began with the hacking of the e-mail server at the DNC and the e-mail account of John Podesta. Even though the DNC refused to turn over the server to the FBI for forensic examination, we were simply told that the Russians were responsible…..that all 17 arms of the intelligence Community confirmed that it was the Russians. This story was quickly expanded to include election hacking by the Russians and Trump at least benefitted or at worst was complicit….he colluded with Russians to steal the election. Ever since, we have heard nothing but Russia, Russia, Russia. Now there is a strategy underlying this that I just want to mention because I’ve seen it used before.

When a story lingers for a long time, it almost becomes part of the lexicon of time. It becomes accepted as fact. You can point to Global warming/climate change, Trump is a racist, unfettered free trade is good for America, the rich don’t pay their fair share, or healthcare is a right. These and many more stories have been put into the national dialogue and been repeated over and over and over, until millions believe them to be true. So I only say that, because no matter what I write here or have exposed in the past, it will never be spread effectively. These lofty issues can only be effectively believed if there is a compliant media that repeats and repeats the lies…..which have now become known as fake news. But it isn’t so fake for half the nation.

So, to be clear, this all started with the hacking of the DNC server and the Podesta e-mails. This was a disaster for the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the deep state. So who was responsible for this hacking? All sorts of stories surfaced to explain “who done it”. A story was put forth that the speed of the download could not be achieved by hacking, it had to be a thumb drive or a disk transfer. It was posed that Seth Rich did it and was murdered to cover it up. Then there was Roger Stone’s suspected involvement with Wikileaks, the outfit that published the hacked information. And of course it was reported that someone at the DNC or Deep State itself was out to get Hillary. All these stories came and went, most brushed off as conspiracy theories. I don’t want to minimize the possibility that any one of these explanations might be true…but there is no real evidence, at least, none we will ever get to see. Instead we got an alternate reality. The damage control had started. What I want you to see is that the Clinton/DNC/Podesta e-mail scandal is inextricably linked to the Russian collusion investigation. The exoneration of Hillary and the indictment of Trump were key components in the damage control.

But I digress. So how did this all get started? In a post I made a month ago, I talked about a little known company called In-Q-Tel.in-q-tel In-Q-Tel is a private venture capital firm that invests in start-up technology companies (3). The funding from In-Q-Tel comes completely from the CIA and our tax dollars. We were outraged when Solyndra was given $500 million to make solar panels. It was in the news for months. But not a mention when we, the people, invest $300 million in Palantir, a company totally involved in writing software for the CIA to collect data from every human. Palantir is involved in “data technology”.in-q-tel list of companies

Just what is “data technology”? In case you haven’t noticed, we have, as a civilization transitioned from a manufacturing culture to one of information. It came upon us slowly and had to grow and mature. The CIA learned early, that the one that masters the control of information would have the power and the upper hand in all human interactions. Just like what you’ve seen in a hundred movies, they immediately looked for a way to weaponize this data technology. They have spent billions to find or create the tools to manage information using technology. The money given came with certain conditions: the CIA would get to control any technology it deemed it could use, and those that created the technology would be sworn to silence.

In 2010, Hillary Clinton’s State Department created the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications. hillary(CSCC) It was thought that, by using disinformation, the radicalization tools of al-Quaeda and its affiliates could be countered. This began the infant phase of “data technology”. In March of 2016, just months before the election, President Obama, through an executive order, transformed the CSCC to create a new agency called the Global Engagement Center (GEC) (4). Coincidently, the hack of Podesta’s e-mails was exposed to the public on March 19th of 2016.  The GEC became the adolescent of data technology. The lead man would be a veteran Naval officer, one Michael Lumpkin. From 2013 until 2016, he was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict. (Now there’s a title). In the spring of 2016, as the GEC was being created, Lumpkin, whose new title would now be Special Envoy and Coordinator of the Global EngagementMichael Lumpkin Center wrote in the spring issue review for Council of American Ambassadors:

“We are currently adding staff and securing more funding, but, most importantly, we are taking a fundamentally new approach to the problem. The GEC is using new data analytic technologies to track counter-messaging effectiveness, and it is empowering governmental and nongovernmental partners to speak out and provide alternatives to extremist groups’ nihilistic vision.”

According to Wikipedia, Lumpkin is considered an experienced crisis manager and turnaround expert. Now wouldn’t that be handy?

OK, that’s just a little background. Now comes the really complicated stuff, so try to keep up. In 1972, in honor of the anniversary of the Marshall Plan, the German Government provided seed money to the United States to create a public policy think tank named the German Marshall Fund (GMF). A somewhat innocuous NGO that supposedly studied things and wrote papers. Well, after decades of studying the cold war, they too, figured out that information was the key to war. In July of 2017 they created a transatlantic initiative, working closely with Britain, named the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD). Their stated mission:

“to develop comprehensive strategies to defend against, deter, and raise the costs on Russian and other actors’ efforts to undermine democracy and democratic institutions.”

Within that mission was created a dashboard on the internet to reveal actions of Russian trolls, called Hamilton 68. (5) hamilton 68The website or the ASD provided no information as to the identity of these trolls or how they came to know they were Russian. It was widely reported that Hamilton 68 was a US intelligence propaganda tool. Guess who was put in charge of ASD? One named Laura Rosenberger. Ever hear of her? Me neither. She was foreign policy advisor for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. Imagine that! The co-chair is Jamie Fly, former counselor for Foreign and National Security Affairs to Senator Marco Rubio. Hmm? One other thing that I found interesting about ASD was an advisory council they put together. It is a who’s who of deep state actors.

Mike Chertoff Toomas Hendrik Ilves | David Kramer | William Kristol | Michael Morell | Michael McFaul | Mike Rogers | Kori Schake | Julie Smith | Admiral James Stavridis | Jake Sullivan | Nicole Wong

You can click on each name to see who they are but I want to draw your attention to three names. First Jake Sullivan: he served in the Obama administration as national security advisor to Vice President Joe Biden and director of Policy Planning at the U.S. Department of State, as well as deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He was the senior policy advisor on Secretary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Next, William Kristol: Yes, that Bill Kristol, editor and chief of the Weekly Standard, long time neocon and anti-Trumper. Finally, David Kramer: Kramer is the most interesting. He was last employed at the…..wait for it….The McCain Institute. I’ve written about this place before. Its one of those foundations that launders money and funds CIA operations all over the world. It is peppered with people like David Kramer. No one can ever be sure, but looking at Kramer’s resume, the government jobs, NGO positions, and advisor roles, and his longevity in government, it can easily be concluded that Kramer is a CIA operative. And oddly enough, he was the guy that John McCain sent to London to retrieve the Trump dossier from Christopher Steele, that he handed to the FBI. (6)

In my last blog post I told you about a company called New Knowledge. You see them at the bottom of the chart above. They were caught red-handed conducting, what the NY Times told us, was “an experiment”. They actually conducted a disinformation campaign against Roy Moore of Alabama, when he was running for the senate. (7) As bad as that is, they also created the stories to look like they were coming from Russia and Russian bots. Let me re-state that: An American activist company was creating fake Russian accounts and websites to interfere and affect an election. So who funded this operation? As I wrote before, they were funded by an organization called American Engagement Technologies (AET). Well it seems that AET was run by a guy named Mickey Dickerson.

mickey dickerson
Mickey Dickerson

Before Dickerson created AET, he was in charge of  new agency created by Obama…..the US Digital Service, an agency that answered directly to the president. Not only does that seem odd, but why would the president be so closely involved with the improvement of websites and simplifying digital services?

Are you still with me? During the course of this research I went down a hundred empty rabbit holes. But then I went down a hole that actually had the rabbit in it. The widely published stories about the New Knowledge “experiment”, all mentioned that AET was funded by a man named Reid Hoffman, the founder of Link-In. Hoffman apologized and said he didn’t know how the money was spent….right! It was accepted that he had nothing to do with it, just an honest left-wing activist that contributed to the cause du jour. But in that last rabbit hole, I found the connection. Back to In-Q-Tel. The biggest investment In-Q-Tel made was in a company called Palantir. Palantir is a data technology company that was started by a man named Peter Theil. This technology is what was used in the “experiment” which was uncovered by Wikileaks….called Project Umbrage.  Umbrage gave the CIA the ability to erase all traces of digital fingerprints and replace those fingerprints with the fingerprints of any foreign actor. In this case, Russia. To place this in perspective, imagine if someone killed a man by stabbing him with a knife. Then the police found that your fingerprints were all over the knife……they had the ability to remove the actual killer’s fingerprints, and replace them with yours. How could you explain that? In all the stories, AET took all the blame along with New Knowledge a self-professed provider of Russian hacking information to the US senate. Here’s the kicker: Peter Theil earned his millions from Pay-Pal, which he owns. Although all the stories about this exposed experiment mentions that Hoffman founded Linked-In, they fail to mention what he did before that. He worked closely with Peter Theil at Pay-Pal. (8)


If I may: I know that it’s complicated and confusing. I, myself, had a hard time digesting all of it and admittedly have only given you the highlights without all the trails and details of these people and organizations. Trust me, when I say, it’s the voluminous details of these people’s lives, careers, and actions that tip the scale. They have been doing these things for some time and have left a paper trail a mile long. Let me just summarize what I just presented.

In the spring of 2016 the DNC and Podesta e-mails were hacked by someone, turned over to Wikileaks, and published for all to see. This was a disaster and could affect the 2016 presidential chances of Hillary Clinton. The IC machine sprung into action. First, who hacked the emails? They knew, but we don’t. It didn’t matter, the Russia hoax was created. It would turn Hillary into a victim, while amplifying the boogeyman of Russia. The CIA already had technology from Palantir that could place Russian fingerprints all over the digital data. This would solidify anything that was found by real forensic analysis in the other parts of the IC, and so the story was perfect…..all 17 IC arms agreed the Russians did it……no other answer was possible. By March 26th of 2016, Trump had secured the republican nomination. All efforts were turned on him to diffuse what had happened and lessen the blow on Hillary’s campaign. It is astounding just how fast this machine was put into motion. Before I knew any of this, back in February of 2018, I created a TIMELINE of events. Here is an excerpt from that TIMELINE:

timeline excerpt

It makes so much more sense now. Hillary and her campaign put into motion the wheels of the most powerful intelligence apparatus in the history of the world to win an election and destroy Trump.

We know the CIA had this technology because of the hack by Wikileaks of CIA documents. (9) We know they used it, because of the Roy Moore scandal. We know that New Knowledge deployed this technology, and who paid them to do so…..AET. We know that AET was funded by Neil Hoffman of Linked-In fame, but long time associate of Peter Theil, at Pay-Pal. We know that Peter Theil  founded Palantir, which is one of In-Q-Tel’s secret technology companies. We also know that in March of 2016, a shift occurred in the organization of an agency of the IC that was meant to feed disinformation to terrorists. It would now be used to create fake Russian accounts on social media. It would be called the Alliance for Securing Democracy. We also know that an advisor to ASD was a member of the McCain Institute, a CIA operative, and the messenger who delivered the dossier to the FBI, from Christopher Steele. It all fits together now. This can’t be the work of a few top DOJ partisans, as so many have said. This took massive coordination, huge cooperation, and at minimum, hundreds had to know what was going on. No, folks, this is our entire government doing this.


Like I said at the beginning, this is a place I don’t want to go. Our entire government has been used to clandestinely destroy a president and cover up all forms of illegal activity. Let me be perfectly clear in my conclusion, in case you haven’t extracted it from all of the above: RUSSIA NEVER HACKED ANYTHING OF CONSEQUENCE CONCERNING THE 2016 ELECTION, THE DNC SERVER, OR THE PODESTA E-MAILS. EVERYTHING WE WERE TOLD WAS A LIE AND FABRICATED BY THE CIA. Although we still don’t know who was responsible or how Wikileaks got the information, I can say with certainty, it wasn’t Russia. Russia was used to make Hillary a victim, then blame Donald Trump for working with Russia, by our own government, to have him removed from office.

Is this something we should know? On the one hand, we all think we are entitled to the Truth. That honor and justice are real principles that all Americans hold dear. But, on the other hand, as I have said before, can the US afford to play by the rules if they are to fight all the evils that exist in the world today? We would like to think so, but this episode proves to me that its more complicated than we know. I believe these people are actually doing what they think is right for America. It is their arrogance that is the most troubling aspect of their actions. Some who work within their ranks, as is human nature, don’t necessarily have America’s interests at the top of their priority list. Personal greed and the thirst for power become more important. Corruption sneaks in, and it must also remain secret or the whole system is exposed. As much as I would like to stop doing what I do, and give our IC the latitude to do their work, I believe they have crossed a line. Never mind the corruption that has taken hold…..trying to overthrow a popular, legally elected, president, in order to maintain some long-standing world order, is just wrong. But is it necessary? It may be, but many Americans want change……They’ve wanted it since Bush 41 was president….that’s 30 years ago! But still the wars, the spending, the income disparity, the porous border, the drugs, the crime, all of it…..persists! I’ll leave you with this: should we just roll over and let the inevitable occur, or should we fight like hell for the change we want? These folks we are up against are very powerful. They have lots of money, lots of resources, and all the authority they need. If they thought I was a threat, I have no doubt, I would soon no longer be one. Anyone that stands up to them is rolled over like a penny on a train track….flattened! Just look at General Flynn, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, George Papodopolous, and so many more. Steamrolled to accomplish their mission to destroy Trump. So I guess all I can do is keep doing my work until they notice.

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The Taking Down of a President

What’s coming next?


For months, I have written many stories and Facebook posts concerning the events surrounding the many investigations and counter-investigations into the Trump campaign and presidency. I laid out solid evidence that our own Intelligence Community (IC) had become deeply involved in affecting the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Here is a link to just one story, but there are others, here on my blog.

What I want to focus on in this post, is a NY Times article, written on Jan. 11, 2019. In that article, the Times all but calls the president an agent of the Russian government and a stooge of Vladimir Putin. They arrived at this conclusion by revealing that the FBI had opened a counterintelligence investigation into President Trump days after the president fired FBI director James Comey in May of 2017.

James Comey


Of course, no names are used, only “anonymous sources close to the investigation”. Before I go on, let me make sure you understand that the NY Times is actually a tool of the IC. When the IC wants to make a story public, they go directly to contacts at the Times, and leak that information. That said, the Times, in practice, is used to disseminate any propaganda that the IC chooses to use for its own ends. To answer why the IC would deliberately spread propaganda is a difficult question to answer. I would say that in the past, almost all Americans had faith in their government and believed, without question, what they were being told by their government. But over the last ten years, or so, that faith has been shaken. I suppose it can be attributed to some in congress and especially a more diverse availability of news and information. The Times and the Washington Post, are no longer the “go-to” sources for information. Knowing now, that these two news organizations are an arm of the government, is very troubling to say the least. Couple that with the fact that major network and cable news outlets receive talking points, virtually every morning, from the DNC, who in turn, work closely with the IC, should be very concerning to not just conservatives, but to all Americans. News is no longer news in many instances, but sheer propaganda and INFORMATION THAT DRIVES AN AGENDA. If you doubt this conclusion, take a look at this montage from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and NBC. It is just one of many that I have seen, but this one speaks directly to the NY Times’ story. Notice the words “secretly” and “on behalf of Russia”. Is it just a coincidence they all use the same words?


But the why, is the question. The IC is the so-called “Deep State”. It has an agenda. In recent posts concerning the workings of the CIA, I laid out what, exactly, that agenda is: to control our foreign policy at all costs. If that premise is correct, and I think I have provided evidence to support that conclusion, then removing a president is not beyond the desire of the IC to prevent interference in that goal.

So what was the purpose of this particular article from the Times, and the purpose of those in the IC that directed the Times to write the story? The Times takes the opportunity in this article to explain to its readers the difference between a criminal investigation and a counterintelligence investigation:

The F.B.I. conducts two types of inquiries, criminal and counterintelligence investigations. Unlike criminal investigations, which are typically aimed at solving a crime and can result in arrests and convictions, counterintelligence inquiries are generally fact-finding missions to understand what a foreign power is doing and to stop any anti-American activity, like thefts of United States government secrets or covert efforts to influence policy. In most cases, the investigations are carried out quietly, sometimes for years. Often, they result in no arrests.

So why does the IC want us to know this? I believe the purpose of this entire story is to provide a future reason to counter any information Trump might have to expose their illegal activity which I outlined in my piece: “What Does a Coup Look Like?” . Because of the work of Devin Nunes and others in congress, as well as Hannity and his stable of investigative reporters, the door has been opened a crack and a tiny amount of light is exposing exactly what the deep state is and always has been doing. This light has provided us, the public, a glimmer into the workings of our government…..and we don’t like it at all.


In some way, the IC has provided themselves an out. They can now claim they were conducting a “counterintelligence investigation…..a fact finding escapade, if you will. No evidence of a crime was needed, not even reasonable suspicion. Just someone with authority interfering with their agenda….with their power. Is this the way our government should behave? I recently posted on FB many questions concerning this behavior. The consensus of the commenters seemed to be one of wonderment and misbelief. My followers are certainly those in the know, and very much engaged in what has been going on, so if that’s THEIR reaction, what do you suppose the unengaged and ill-informed believe? They still believe in our government, and that what they are told is accurate, necessary, and honorable. That’s sad and understandable at the same time. We should be able to trust in government, we should be able to lead our lives without looking over our shoulder to see what government is doing on our behalf…..but we can’t! As much as I would like to allow the government the ability to conduct America’s business without scrutiny, I have seen, first hand. how their decisions and actions affected my daily life, and not in a good way. There’s not enough room on this blog to list all the ways government is affecting our lives and our culture. From Globalism to abortion, wars to elections, the government has taken control of virtually everything we do and care about. If there’s anything that history has taught us about governance, it comes from an old saying: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” And folks, we have given our government absolute power over our lives.


But the IC and Deep State have crossed a line. It is one thing to remove a sitting president. We have laws and constitutional provisions to accomplish that purpose. That is not what the IC chose to do. They may have opened a legal counterintelligence investigation, but where was the evidence to do so. Statements???? They are claiming statements made by, then candidate Trump, was the reason. But surely there had to be more. I’ve already shown above that the IC, the justice department, the DNC, and the media all work together. Is it possible that what they were really doing was simply trying to, first, affect an election, but when that failed, to remove the president from office? It is more than possible, it is what the facts say. They actively created evidence…..not sought evidence….actually created evidence by falsifying reports, lying to courts, illegally spying on a campaign and the president, framing and trapping those connected to the president to gain testimony, and actively leaking, unmasking, and redacting information to prevent the truth from being known. This is not the act of an elected government. These actions are not what we vote for. These are not the actions of a free society with a democratic government. These are the actions of a tyranny…..a small group of people in power deciding for all of us what direction and actions America should take. As much as it pains me, we cannot let this stand. We MUST continue to do what we can to say NO. Just what we can do is small. Continue to expose what we find, continue to debate and discuss, and continue to insist congress does their job. Make no mistake, my friends, we are in deep trouble as a nation. The need for war grows daily, the economic status of the entire world is at the edge of disaster, and the moral decay is without precedent. Trump has given us a temporary reprieve, but past globalist policies have connected us to the world like never before….and the rest of the world is not in good shape.


Trump is walking softly. He knows all this. He has the evidence to expose it all. Many people have asked why he doesn’t just do it. He also understands that many lives are at stake. We have members of the IC all over the world. In many cases it has taken years to put assets in place, years to cultivate allies and partners to achieve goals. Should he just blow that all up? Remember the old saying: “be careful what you wish for”.  Such drastic change could lead to a market collapse, a collapse of the dollar, and even a world economic depression….war! I learned a long time ago that people, at least Americans, want to know secrets. We want to know what goes on behind closed doors, we want to know what is being said behind our back. We love drama! In this case, knowing may be deadly. I say we should end this episode in our history and move on. The IC needs to stop trying to remove the president, stop interfering in our elections, end the Mueller investigation with a whimper, and move on doing what they do to keep America safe. Tell the American people why you are doing what you are doing and for God’s sake, end the corruption.

Robert Mueller



So here’s how I think this ends: Almost to the person, every patriot I know wants the deep state exposed and heads to roll. Some of my smartest cohorts even believe this is imminent…..that its all about to come down, But its not…..it can’t. So far, 26 people in the deep state have been fired, retired, left their position, or been re-assigned….there will be more. No one has gone to prison, and no one will. Prison is the death knell to the deep state. Most people don’t like prison, and would do almost anything to escape that fate. They would turn on the higher-ups in that deep state. That won’t happen. So Mueller will make his report, it will be heavily redacted, and it will be released. We will learn that the Russians “interfered” in our elections and people like Cohen, Manafort, and Flynn may have acted inappropriately….all things we already know. You see, the coup has failed. Trump was able to withstand the attack because of our support. The entire escapade was designed to turn us against him. It didn’t work! The Times article is merely an escape mechanism to justify what the IC did. But make no mistake, the actions of the deep state are not finished. They will continue to thwart Trump in every way possible, when his views don’t coincide with the status quo. It will be two more years of constant struggle on issues and policy. It will also be constant investigations into everything Trump to divert real policy debates and actions.

The Business of Intelligence

What the Deep State really does



In my last post I presented a story of what the CIA and the broader Intelligence Community (IC) do and have done to control American policy. In that post, I laid out how The CIA, in particular, has spread its operatives all through the government and into corporate America. I even explained and defended their actions as necessary to defend America. But when illegality and corruption run rampant, the IC is continually crossing a line between honest governance in a democratic republic and a tyrannical police state. 

Before I reveal what I have put together, I must provide further background on CIA activity in the corporate world. We all have heard the Name Solyndra. Solyndra was the first corporation to receive a $528 million loan guarantee from the federal government in 2009, and a $25 million tax break from California as a result of the 2009 stimulus package. Although this had nothing to do with the CIA, it was the first public exposure of government investment in the private sector. Conservatives were outraged. “The government has no business investing in private American enterprise” was the outcry. But not widely known, or publicized, is the CIA’s involvement in investment within the corporate world. The CIA operates a company called In-Q-Tel. Although a private, venture capital company, virtually every investment is made on behalf of the CIA. It invests hundreds of millions in startup and tech companies that create all sorts of technology in information handling, computer programming, lasers, drones, weapons of all kinds, and especially data. Each investment comes with the caveat that the CIA gets first dibs on any new and unique technology.  In-Q-Tel reportedly has invested in thousands of American companies, but as one would expect, those companies and what they work on is top-secret and unavailable to the public.


In-Q-Tel’s founder was one Norm Augustine, a former CEO of Lockheed. That’s curious because in many searches involving CIA operations, Lockheed comes up all the time……..and don’t forget how James Comey got rich when he originally left government for the private sector, prior to becoming FBI director……chief council for Lockheed earning reportedly $6 million. As I have pointed out many times, the deep state is an incestuous organization with tentacles everywhere.  But understand that In-Q-tel’s involvement with the CIA is not a secret that I just revealed. It was created in 1999 when George Tenet was CIA director. Here is what Tenet had to say:

“We [the CIA] decided to use our limited dollars to leverage technology developed elsewhere. In 1999 we chartered … In-Q-Tel. … While we pay the bills, In-Q-Tel is independent of CIA.”

During the last decade, the CIA and their surrogate, In-Q-Tel, have focused heavily on data. Would it then surprise you that those companies and people which  were early investors into Facebook and Google were connected to In-Q-Tel?  Here’s what Jody Chudley wrote about it at the Daily Reckoningconcerning Facebook:
(From the article)

The company [Facebook] received its first capital injection of $500,000 from Peter Thiel that summer. The next two capital injections were $12.7 million from Thiel and Accel Partners in May 2005 and then $27.5 million from an Accel-led round of financing that included Thiel, Accel and Greylock Partners in April 2006.3

Just for fun, I searched for each of those investors and In-Q-Tel at the same time.

Here is what I found:

Peter Thiel — Took In-Q-Tel funding for his startup firm Palantir somewhere around 2004.

Accel Partners — In 2004, Accel partner James Breyer sat on the board of directors of military defense contractor BBN with In-Q-Tel’s CEO Gilman Louie.

Greylock Partners — Howard Cox, the head of Greylock, served directly on In-Q-Tel’s board of directors.

Now, I’m not saying that the CIA or In-Q-Tel had any direct involvement with Facebook.

All I’m saying is that it appears to me that the key early investors in Facebook had direct relationships with In-Q-Tel or In-Q-Tel’s top management at the same time that Facebook was raising capital…

Once again, I have to say that someone like me or you can never prove the CIA has involvement in Facebook or Google, I can only ask the question: Why wouldn’t they be involved in the two largest data collectors in the private sector in the world?

Now…..I’ve given you most of the background and context for the story I am about to tell. This story is like a small puzzle with several pieces…..placed into the context I’ve laid out above, and then connected to what I’ve reported about the on-going coup, and it becomes quite clear that it’s all true…..that the CIA and IC are actively trying to remove Trump from office….one way or the other.

It starts with a company called New Knowledge“. New Knowledge is a data analyzer. It has developed software that allows the user to determine data origins….at least that’s the way I understand it. They promote themselves as a defender of American information. In fact, they were the company that  claimed that the Russians definitely interfered in the 2016 election and used Facebook to create and distribute thousands of fake accounts to sway American voters. In a November 2018 op-ed in the NYTimes, New Knowledge lays out a case of Russian interference, and exactly how it was done. Its  funny when you read an article that is giving you information that is very serious, sounds very well researched, and is sincerely presented as truthful, but you now know that it’s all lies and propaganda. It really places a new understanding of how information can work to change minds.  Anyway….back to New Knowledge. new knowledge logoSo, New Knowledge is confirming the initial analysis of the IC…..the Russians interfered in the election. How convenient! After penning this fabulous, and bombshell article, New Knowledge was caught doing something unimaginable. They were creating fake accounts on Facebook, attributable to the Russian government. It was revealed that they, (New Knowledge) were responsible for the creation of thousands of fake Russian accounts, that were used in the Special Election in Alabama against Roy Moore. This exposure was explained away by the NY Times as “an experiment”. I guess when you’re caught red-handed, an explanation must be provided, no matter how bad it is.

So how can we know the truth? As usual follow the money. Just who is New Knowledge? Lets start with its founders, Jonathan Morgan and Ryan Fox. Mr. Morgan  is  “a published researcher for the Brookings Institute, Atlantic Council and Washington Post, a former advisor for the State Department where he developed strategies for digital counter-terrorism, and leader for Data For Democracy, an organization targeting white supremacists and far right thinkers with the goal to develop analytics to suppress their blogs” (Helena, The National Voice). Mr. Fox spent 15 years in the signals intelligence division of the NSA and was a computer analyst for the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) military unit.  Just what were these two guys up to? Sometime during the investigation by the senate intelligence committee into Russian hacking, New Knowledge was hired, by the committee, to prepare a report detailing who hacked the 2016 election. Their report was touted by democrat senator, Mark Warner, as a “bombshell”. The report offered proof positive that Russia was behind the hacking and most likely won the election for Donald Trump. As you will recall, this was the analysis of our IC’s 17 branches in early 2017. However, to date, they have never provided any evidence to confirm this analysis, until this report…..coincidence? This report would now confirm that analysis….remember that.

If you read the article at the link in the previous paragraph, (it was revealed) you would find in the very last paragraph that this effort to influence an election was funded by a donation by Reid Hoffman, the Billionaire founder of Linked-in. In every story about these shenanigans, it starts with the headline “Reid Hoffman apologizes….”. But they also lay blame onto an obscure third-party, called American Engagement Technologies (AET), that New Knowledge paid to conduct “the experiment”. A Google search reveals nothing on AET. However, I did manage to find just one reference to AET. It provided the name of the CEO of AET……Mickey Dickerson. So who is Mickey Dickerson?



I know you will find this hard to believe…..but Mickey Dickerson was the administrator for the newly created “US Digital Service” . This is important because the US Digital Service was created by the Obama administration in 2014, but the Moore election wasn’t until 2017. This all says we are supposed to believe that an organization (AET) was conducting an experiment, by creating fake Russian accounts on Facebook to influence an election to defeat a conservative Republican, all while the holier than thou, “New Knowledge” is preparing a report for the US Senate, confirming what the IC told us about who was trying to influence the 2016 presidential election, by creating fake bots on Facebook. Are we really that stupid?


So back to the question….who is New Knowledge. They are funded in a big way by Lux Capital. Lux’s name in investing circles always appears where In-Q-Tel shows up. In fact, recently James Woosley

James Woosley

was recently added to the board of Lux Capital. Woosley is a former director of the CIA. Of course, the money is hard to trace, but I can say with confidence, that most of the funding is coming from the IC in one form or another. So let me give you a little analysis.  The CIA and IC are heavily involved through In-Q-Tel in investing in private sector high-tech startups and technology companies, most of which, is top-secret. A large emphasis is placed on data and data collection. The IC was involved in the original funding for Facebook and Google. Let me insert here that, if you remember, for a long time both companies struggled to find a way to make money……but they survived for many years without making a profit, why? I, for one, have little problem with all that. But as I said above, they have crossed a line that should never be crossed. They have used their technology to inject themselves into the civilian political process. In past blog posts I have shown that, with little doubt, the IC first tried to derail Trump’s campaign, and are now actively trying to have him removed from office, quietly, using IC resources and technology. We also can conclude that with the exposure of the adventures of New Knowledge and AET, that it is more than likely that there never was any Russian hacking or interference in the 2016 US presidential election, but rather a concerted plan to create a narrative that Trump was illegitimate and somehow he had ties to Russia.

Folks, I have to repeat that what the CIA and broader IC do is necessary and important. But as all parts of the military and defense industry…..they are a tool of the elected, civilian government, and subsequently, not in charge of policy. There is a long-standing status quo that has formulated American foreign policy. The IC sees their role as protecting that status quo. Donald Trump was elected as an outsider, to, in part, change that policy. A policy of continuous wars to create instability in obscure parts of the world, where stability could lead to alliances that could jeopardize commerce. However, those policies have led to massive corruption and exploitation of world resources and peoples. I do believe, the IC would conclude that the corruption is a necessary component to the needed status quo. And who can argue that it’s not? Are we, the American people, smart enough to demand a change? I also have no doubt that Trump knows about all this and struggles mightily with making any changes. You can rest assured that he is counceled everyday as to the dangers faced from our enemies, but yet, if he holds firm in his desire to change our policies….the IC will have no choice but to continue to have him removed.

Finally, I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention one more aspect of the IC’s power. Their ability to not just influence elections, but to, now, control elections. In my last post, I alluded to other times in our history when the IC got involved in politics and removing an unwanted president. But now they have control of all the data and information. As we become a more digital society and rely so heavily on technology, it only stands to reason, that controlling that technology would be a priority for the IC. Tyrannies everywhere have always concluded that they must control the masses. I submit that the IC now has that capability. They do it with controlling information and where that doesn’t work they can control the outcomes in key elections that will keep the secrecy in tact….I think they did that in 2018.  I would point to one particular county in California, although there were others. In order to quash republican inquiry into the 2016 election, it was imperative that the democrats take back the House. Too much information was being made public. So, where else would be better to assure a change than in ever blue California. In Orange County, a historically  very conservative area in California, all 7 seats were put in democrat hands. At this writing, I have absolutely no evidence that anything untold took place, but it just fits with everything I believe: the IC can now control an election. Not to worry, though. Republicans will be put back in charge when the defense budget needs to be increased or they need authorization for another war. They manipulate congress as easy as they manipulate the American electorate.  Is there anything we can do? Doubtful. Not until somebody in high authority comes forward, goes public, and explains to the people what’s going on……but sadly, I doubt that will ever happen.



The CIA, the war on Trump, and the on-going cover up

Why we will never know the truth

Its been months since I last posted. In those months I have reflected over and over on everything I have learned about our government and how it operates. Also in those months I have been reading and watching as the cover-up unfolds. Make no mistake, there was/is a plan to make what they are doing to Donald Trump all go away. It would seem the cover-up began sometime before the mid-terms. It was always clear to me, at least, that the exposure of the deep state and their clandestine activities would be a disaster for our country.spy vs spy 2

Whenever anyone that investigates government corruption and even mentions the deep state, immediately that person is accused of being some sort of conspiracy nut job. Mostly from the ill-informed left, but even the right does it. Even for me, before I engulfed myself in this, I didn’t want to believe our government would turn on its people and do the things they are doing. But they are! What I have determined is that none of this started with Trump……it just got out of hand because so much information is now available. It is now possible to look up past events and connect them to a pattern. A pattern that, in its entirety, reveal much about and why our government is behaving the way it does.

I have written about the deep state many times. Here is one post from a year ago that spells out what I knew at the time, of which, most is still relevant: The Deep State, Part 1

IC Community

For 6 decades the intelligence community has always held sway over our foreign policy. Their intelligence gathering has always been the lynchpin to what controls our actions. They appear to have an agenda, to keep America safe and the top dog in the world. They sincerely believe that a few elected representatives can never grasp the complexity of world affairs, and will never know what’s right and needed to do to achieve the goal. So let me be clear: As America grew in stature and dominance, the intelligence community could justify any action, as necessary to fulfill their mission to protect America. But as time passed, more and more things were exposed. In the early days, the bay of pigs, the installation of the Shaw of Iran, the assassination of King Faisal, and the pardon of Marc Rich, these events were easily covered up by the pliant media. Any alternate explanations were quickly deemed conspiracy theories and no investigations occurred.

At some point along the way, politics entered the equation. My sense is, that as the president has gained more pre-eminence and power, one party or the other, found they could use these unusual moves by the intelligence community against the other party’s president. The congressional hearing was the tool of choice. What is so hard to discern, are those hearings that are useful and necessary and those that are purely political. I would say that almost all are political. Most members of congress are informed by staff and lobbyists way before any hearing is called for. One rule of thumb that can be used, is the degree to which these hearings are covered by the news media. The bigger the spotlight, the more political in nature they are. So what is meant by “political”?  It means the sole purpose of public hearings is to provide cover for congressman to their constituents. Decisions are always made before hearings are ever held. The hearing is simply a political platform for members of congress. Just think about all the hearings that have been held in the last 8-10 years? Each time, we are told that, finally, the truth will be revealed and action will be taken. Has anything happened to anybody as a result of congressional hearings? Has anyone been held accountable? It’s all a Kabuki theater to make the public believe something is being done…..but you see, nothing really is being done.

It is also important to point out that even in government, there are a few true believers. Those that really try hard to make a difference, but soon learn, unless they play by the establishment rules, their time in congress will be short-lived and they might even be forced from office. The intelligence community knows everything about these people, that there is to know. From their childhood through school and career. What American can say in their entire life, there is not a blemish on that life that they are ashamed of? Even if they think no one knows about it, the intelligence community knows…..it is their business.

Like I already said, the intelligence community has a long history of manipulating world and domestic affairs to achieve a perceived outcome. In 1960, the CIA concocted a plan to invade Cuba. I won’t give you the details, you can read about it here. It was refered to as “The Bay of Pigs”. The plan was concocted during the Eisenhower administration, then authorized by Kennedy as he came into office. It was just one high-profile example of CIA involvement in clandestine military operations 60 years ago. But there’s another fact from the Bay of Pigs episode that is, now, widely known. President Kennedy refused to send reinforcing air power, when the assault on Cuba ran into sharp resistance. You can imagine how this sat with the CIA. It is also a fact that shortly after the Bay of Pigs, our involvement in Vietnam began. Kennedy agreed to increasing the number of South Vietnamese troops by 20,000 and to send 1000 US military “advisors” to South Vietnam. It is important to understand that the mindset of the American military in 1961 was to stop communism from spreading. Kennedy became convinced that the South Vietnamese needed our help. But Kennedy was no war monger and was worried of being bogged down there as he was told by Charles DeGaul of France. Even though Kennedy continued to increase the advisor amount, he ordered the American force to not participate in combat.  By 1963, the war for South Vietnam was already going badly, and the CIA assassinated the South Vietnam president. Three weeks later, Kennedy was assassinated. I’m not immune to what most will say….that its just another conspiracy theory. But it’s not. I only bring these things to your attention to help you see the CIA and our intelligence community for who they are.  This is hard stuff to know and even harder to believe….but the CIA believes in what they are doing and will do anything to accomplish their stated goals…….anything! There are literally thousands of examples of CIA and IC (Intelligence Community) involvement in foreign lands, this is no secret and possibly not even illegal. I’ve stumbled on many stories myself. I wish I knew just how many CIA and other intelligence officers there are. It’s classified for sure, but its got to be in the tens of thousands. They’re everywhere, and even when they retire, they are still considered an asset. What is not widely known, is, how they participate in politics. Make no mistake, they are very involved. They need authorization from congressional committees, agency secretaries, ambassadors, and yes, the president, to do things that could make headlines. That said, many of the things they do, that may not make headlines, get very little external scrutiny.

The wildcard in all the cases I could write about that the CIA has undertaken, is the corruption that it has brought. When the government is working outside the law and the constitution, which they do on a daily basis, there will always be those that will take the opportunity to get rich and gain more power. This is human nature. As the CIA took on a larger and larger role in American policy and actions, corruption became rampant. Rampant to the point that keeping the actions secret became harder and harder.

Then came Watergate. This was different. This wasn’t about a clandestine action or paramilitary operation, this was about foreign policy. Nixon promised to end the war in Vietnam. Nixon normalized relations with China, and laid the way to the SALT 1 treaty with Russia, that led to further nuclear disarmament. We all believe Nixon was a crook, and a bad president, but could there be another explanation?  The next case is the Iran Contra scandal…..weapons for hostages! Was that really what it was about or yet another attempt to remove a republican president? The Marc Rich pardon was an episode that today is virtually unknown, but trust me, it was more of the same. Marc Rich was an important CIA asset and was used by them to illegally break US economic sanctions on bad international players. Sanctions by the US congress and/or the president often get in the way of CIA operations. The CIA deems what Marc Rich and others did, was necessary to conduct the “proper” US foreign policy. Law and the constitution be damned.

constitution 2

I want to make something perfectly clear for all my critics. They have called me all sorts of things including crazy, extremist, hard right, and very often a conspiracy nut job. It is those that refuse to believe that our intelligence community believes they have a higher calling….one to protect America, keep America strong, and keep the world safe from global threats. This is no small task and very complex to achieve. As worthy and important as their mission is, it is the corruption that invariably takes place that brings so much scrutiny. Make no mistake, in order to conduct their mission, the Intelligence community MUST do things that are illegal. I think they tend to rationalize this behavior as necessary and something an uninformed electorate and their representatives cannot grasp. And it is a complex world with many, many bad actors. The IC believes in what they do, and should possibly keep doing most of it. Certainly more transparency would have to come with lengthy explanations of why, how, and who they are working with, which, certainly would be met with disdain by the public. This is why things are classified and kept from the public. why we will never know for sure what they are doing, and why the deep state can never be exposed.

Another aspect of CIA activity is their placement of operatives, not only in all government agencies, but in Corporate America, as well. Recently I wrote about Fletcher Prouty, a 1980s whistle-blower, that wrote a book called “Secret Team”, which exposed the CIA’s placement of operatives into all agencies of government, including congress. But running government is not enough. They now are entering corporate America in a big way. In August of 2018, there was a story about 60 ex-CIA officials that signed a letter to Trump, expressing their displeasure that Trump had revoked John Brennan’s security clearance. I took that list and searched the first 7 on the list, just to see what, if anything, they were doing now. All 7 were now in corporate America.

JEANNE TISINGER,  Retired analyst with unparalleled mission knowledge and resource needs of the U.S. intelligence community.   Now, on an Advisory board to Peraton Corp, and Director of Northwest Federal Credit Union

MARK KELTON,  Former CIA Officer

Now, Director, Dyncorp International, and National Security Solutions,

JEREMY BASH, former CIA and DoD chief of staff

Now, Director, Paladin Capital and Beacon Global Strategies

BOB FLORES, Chief Technology Officer of the Central Intelligence Agency

Now, Director, BlueCat Networks, Inc.

KENT HARRINGTON, former national intelligence officer for East Asia and CIA director of public affairs.    Now, Advisor to Board, Beneseed KK, International Emergency Management Organization,

PHILLIP MUDD, former CIA analyst.    Now, director of Enterprise Risk at Southern Sun Asset Management

GREG VOGEL, former CIA deputy director for operations.   Now, Director, Third Option

JAMI MISCIK, Deputy Director for Intelligence, CIA

Now,Director, General Motors

I’m sure I could have went down the entire list and everyone of them is now working in the private sector. But of course, one would say, why wouldn’t they do something after retiring. OK, that’s fair, but the CIA also has a policy to allow all their employees to work in the private sector while they are working at the CIA. Here’s an excerpt from an article in the Telegraph:

CIA allows agents to moonlight

The CIA is allowing operatives to moonlight by selling their espionage expertise

Officials said the policy was needed to stop top CIA officers from leaving the spy agency, where the millions spent on their training can help command very high salaries………

Details of the policy appear in Broker, Trader, Lawyer, Spy: The Secret World of Corporate Espionage by Eamon Javers.

Officials said that the out-of-hours work did not compromise national security and was only allowed once CIA officers had submitted full details of the work and been granted permission.

It is not known how long the policy has been in place or how many CIA officers work for outside organisations.

The policy is an indication of the attractiveness of CIA techniques

This doesn’t even speak to the countless ex-CIA I found working at Teneo, and many foundations and non-profits all over the world. Judging from what I found, I can confidently say that there must be thousands of current and former CIA employees in Corporate America. It all reminds me of an episode of Law and Order, where one undercover cop posed as an anti-war activist while another undercover FBI agent posed as a member of the Black Panthers in the 60s. One shot the other, neither knew who the other really was.

With the advent of the information age, there is no doubt that human intelligence is still vital to national security. But adding that political piece to the mix is extremely dangerous and only further enhances public distrust of the Intelligence Community. Can anyone deny the bias that was exposed at these agencies during the past year? Have they not done everything to obfuscate, deny, delay, and ignore congress?

So why do I work so hard to expose the deep state? Because of what I know. They have crossed the line many times…..Today I was trying to learn about CIA involvement in Morocco, in the context of Carter Page.

Although no information was available, Carter Page did work in Morocco as an intelligence officer while in the Navy, at the time Bill Clinton, as president, traveled there for the funeral of the king. During that search, however, there were plenty of stories about the work of the CIA in that country. An opposition leader was reportedly assassinated by the CIA and many stories disclosing the use of Moroccan prisons as places of torture while CIA operators were involved in the interrogation……all washed away in history, and tacitly accepted as necessary for “security”. But what they have and are doing to Trump is a bridge too far. They have staged an arguably provable coup against a legitimately elected American president. This is no joke, and is still happening as I write. you can read what I wrote about it here. The witch hunt of the Mueller investigation is a travesty. It has been used to “create” evidence of a crime where none exists. This is far different from “finding” evidence of a crime. I believe this investigation has been purposely extended beyond the 2018 midterms in order to assure the democrats would shut down the republican inquiries and begin political investigations into everything Trump. But Ken, you say, we still have the senate and Lindsey Graham will be in charge of the senate judiciary committee. Do you not know who’s pocket Lindsey Graham is in?  Graham is a neocon, a hawk, and totally in bed with the CIA and the defense industry. This will end all possible exposure of the coup attempt and begin a political process to have Trump removed by impeachment, or resignation. Again, you say, impeachment can’t happen, we have the senate. Mark my words, it would only take 19 republican senators to go along. So what if the CIA provided information, true or not, that Trump said or did something that would jeopardize national security or conducted financial transactions with some unsavory terrorist types….whatever. All it would have to be is plausible to those 19 senators and give them cover to vote for impeachment. Believe me, the CIA can put pressure on enough senators to get their vote.  If none of it works, he certainly will lose in 2020. The Intelligence Community now, I believe, has taken control over the election process, at least at the national level. They will, never again, allow a person, not of their choice, to become president.

trump 3

So what’s the bottom line here?  If you have read my previous work, you’ll know that I’ve said consistently that we are in a battle between Nationalism and Globalism. The battles have been going on for 60 years, but since the inception of the Tea Party, some Americans have determined they don’t want Globalism and began to fight back….with information. The battle today, is for that information. I can assure you that we are using a Glock 9, while the other side uses ICBMs topped with thousands of nuclear warheads……we are out of our league. We are losing badly and we are all afraid to take the next step.  All I can do is keep writing and all you can do is keep sharing and commenting.  Keep fighting, my friends.

A Final Appeal

Why all those that voted for Trump and more MUST vote for the republicans.

This won’t be my usual post.

As many of you know I do a lot of research. I report what I find and offer conclusions based on those findings. This report is more of a look at the big picture based on all the research I’ve done, my vast experience of following politics, and the changes I’ve seen over the last 40 years. Yes, its true, things have changed dramatically over the last 40 years. We can access more information than ever before. We should be so much more informed than we are. News has become front and center to life and now has permeated our culture. 40 years ago, news consisted of two, half hour programs a day….one local, one national….repeated at 11 pm. There was also one or two local papers….mostly used for the coupons contained within them. No one in my circle ever even thought to subscribe to the NYT or the WSJ, those were for the elite business types from New York and Washington. Today, news is 24/7 on at least 6 major cable stations, the three networks are still alive and well, and the NYT, WSJ, WaPo, LA Times, and many others have websites that reach millions. Then there’s the addition of talk radio, and a gazillion news oriented websites. All leading to a bevy of sources that offer news, and commentary on that news, for every varying ideology. No matter how much we try to deny it, most of us live in our own echo chambers and  listen to, or read, only the sources that agree with our preconceived world view.

So what does any of that have to do with the election of 2018? Everything! Because we live in echo chambers, we are extremely divided in what we know and what we think we know. I have written dozens and dozens of reports, exposing corruption. But not only hasn’t anyone on the left read them….they refuse to read them. The voices in their echo chamber will not allow them to even consider what we have to say. So at this point, any partisan observer would say the right does the same thing. There is no equivalence! Conservatives want more speech, more debate over ideas, and more freedom. The left leaning media refuses to debate ideas, rather find victimhood in every action and idea put forward. But I’m not here to criticize the left or its media. I want to appeal to democrats that still believe in America and are puzzled by what they see happening to their party.

At the top of this page, I posted a video of an ANTIFA protest. These folks are not protestors…..they are young people, organized, and funded by interests that would destroy America……they are anarchists. Democrats should be concerned.

Black Lives Matter is another radical anarchist group that wants change in America. The name and original intent was laudable. It changed! Their “protests” became about killing cops and ending law enforcement…in other words….reaping havoc on America.  Democrats should be concerned.

Then there’s the remnants of Indivisible and the Occupy movement. Protesting every policy to secure our borders, vet refugees, round-up gangs, or support law enforcement. Democrats should be concerned.

And what about the noble “Me-Too” movement. For sure, this was an important initiative by women to bring awareness to sexual assault and sexual harassment. But it soon manifested itself into a disregard for the bedrock principles of innocent until proven guilty and the presumption of innocence.  Democrats should be concerned.


This was never more on display than in the Kavanaugh hearings. An accusation was made, and we were all supposed to just believe the accusation, without proof, and allow a good man to be destroyed. Barely considering his record, all that was heard everyday in the left echo chamber was that Kavanaugh would end abortion and support corporations. I get that the left doesn’t agree that the constitution should be interpreted as written. For decades they have used the courts to make the changes to our country that couldn’t be passed by congress……like it or not, that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

As if feeding off the anarchy of these radical Marxist groups, the democrat leaders encouraged the violence:

The so-called “protestors”, encouraged by democrat leaders, became harassers and terrorizers. Civil discourse on policy has been thrown out the window along with any pretense of debate, replaced with violence and physical confrontation

I only show you all this because there is nothing from the right that comes close to duplicating what is coming from the left. The right has been silenced, shut down, beaten, verbally and physically abused, and harassed…..but we are not victims. We continue to fight everyday for policies that will make America great again. But let me say that I am no fan of the republican party. The parties have become so corrupt, that neither serve the people…..they serve only the special interests. The republican electorate was poised to eliminate the corruption within its own ranks. But then the democrat party went off the rails. The parties have manipulated the entire process.


I am vehemently opposed to the republican party. But what choice do we have? The republican party has been pulled kicking and screaming to make the changes needed to return America to prosperity. Half the republican politicians in congress still oppose those changes. We need to give those that support the Trump agenda the help they need to continue the success achieved so far. Democrats and Independents that supported Trump, now must support congressional republicans. The democrat party has been infiltrated with virulent radicals and communists seeking to destroy our very country in favor of anarchy and socialism. I know there are many, many millions of democrats and independents who see what I see. You voted for Trump. But now America needs you again! Please do not return democrats to power. As distasteful as it might be, we must allow republicans to maintain their control for now and continue the job that has been started. There is no doubt that we will have to drag them over the finish line….but we can do it….with your help. Send a message to the democrat party, that Americans do not want communism, socialism or anarchy….we want prosperity and more freedom from government. Please, please, please……if you care about your country, about your future…..then help our president by voting for those that will support his policies….. vote republicans into the congress on November 6th.