A Real Glimpse Into the Russian Hacking Story

How we are being lied to and manipulated by our own government.

My last four posts have dealt with the CIA and what they have been doing to “keep America safe” while breaking laws, usurping the constitution, and allowing corruption to enrich the elite. You can read those four posts beginning here. I have now discovered a trail that leads to a place none of us wants to go.

CIA headquarters
CIA Headquarters

In all the stories that have been produced concerning a connection that Trump has to the Russians, never have we been given the reason or the cause for all of it. In other words, we have never been given a reason why the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation in May of 2017, after James Comey, the, then, FBI Director was fired. In fact, there is plenty of direct evidence that President Trump was being surveilled as much as a year before, during the campaign, as a candidate (1). But of course, saying we never got a reason would be somewhat inaccurate. The stated reason, was Trump was suspected of being a Russian asset (2)…..Really???? So we’re to believe that Trump is some sort of Manchurian Candidate and when a certain phrase is spoken, he would immediately become the drone of Vladimir Putin. Again, Really???? What’s most scary is that so many dupes on the left actually believe it. But its much more serious than that. What started as a campaign strategy using Intelligence Community assets, turned into an actual coup attempt, using “created” evidence and a massive propaganda campaign to remove an elected president from office via impeachment or any means possible. In case you haven’t, you can read what I uncovered about this attempted coup here.

What I’m about to lay out for you is the nuts and bolts, the Hows, and the Whos of just how this whole Russia thing started. I have written complicated stories before, and I know I lose a lot of people in the details, so I created a chart so you might be able to follow along….because it won’t be easy to explain or understand. So here we go:
We have been told from the very beginning of all we’ve learned that all this drama and all these continuous investigations began with the hacking of the e-mail server at the DNC and the e-mail account of John Podesta. Even though the DNC refused to turn over the server to the FBI for forensic examination, we were simply told that the Russians were responsible…..that all 17 arms of the intelligence Community confirmed that it was the Russians. This story was quickly expanded to include election hacking by the Russians and Trump at least benefitted or at worst was complicit….he colluded with Russians to steal the election. Ever since, we have heard nothing but Russia, Russia, Russia. Now there is a strategy underlying this that I just want to mention because I’ve seen it used before.

When a story lingers for a long time, it almost becomes part of the lexicon of time. It becomes accepted as fact. You can point to Global warming/climate change, Trump is a racist, unfettered free trade is good for America, the rich don’t pay their fair share, or healthcare is a right. These and many more stories have been put into the national dialogue and been repeated over and over and over, until millions believe them to be true. So I only say that, because no matter what I write here or have exposed in the past, it will never be spread effectively. These lofty issues can only be effectively believed if there is a compliant media that repeats and repeats the lies…..which have now become known as fake news. But it isn’t so fake for half the nation.

So, to be clear, this all started with the hacking of the DNC server and the Podesta e-mails. This was a disaster for the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the deep state. So who was responsible for this hacking? All sorts of stories surfaced to explain “who done it”. A story was put forth that the speed of the download could not be achieved by hacking, it had to be a thumb drive or a disk transfer. It was posed that Seth Rich did it and was murdered to cover it up. Then there was Roger Stone’s suspected involvement with Wikileaks, the outfit that published the hacked information. And of course it was reported that someone at the DNC or Deep State itself was out to get Hillary. All these stories came and went, most brushed off as conspiracy theories. I don’t want to minimize the possibility that any one of these explanations might be true…but there is no real evidence, at least, none we will ever get to see. Instead we got an alternate reality. The damage control had started. What I want you to see is that the Clinton/DNC/Podesta e-mail scandal is inextricably linked to the Russian collusion investigation. The exoneration of Hillary and the indictment of Trump were key components in the damage control.

But I digress. So how did this all get started? In a post I made a month ago, I talked about a little known company called In-Q-Tel.in-q-tel In-Q-Tel is a private venture capital firm that invests in start-up technology companies (3). The funding from In-Q-Tel comes completely from the CIA and our tax dollars. We were outraged when Solyndra was given $500 million to make solar panels. It was in the news for months. But not a mention when we, the people, invest $300 million in Palantir, a company totally involved in writing software for the CIA to collect data from every human. Palantir is involved in “data technology”.in-q-tel list of companies

Just what is “data technology”? In case you haven’t noticed, we have, as a civilization transitioned from a manufacturing culture to one of information. It came upon us slowly and had to grow and mature. The CIA learned early, that the one that masters the control of information would have the power and the upper hand in all human interactions. Just like what you’ve seen in a hundred movies, they immediately looked for a way to weaponize this data technology. They have spent billions to find or create the tools to manage information using technology. The money given came with certain conditions: the CIA would get to control any technology it deemed it could use, and those that created the technology would be sworn to silence.

In 2010, Hillary Clinton’s State Department created the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications. hillary(CSCC) It was thought that, by using disinformation, the radicalization tools of al-Quaeda and its affiliates could be countered. This began the infant phase of “data technology”. In March of 2016, just months before the election, President Obama, through an executive order, transformed the CSCC to create a new agency called the Global Engagement Center (GEC) (4). Coincidently, the hack of Podesta’s e-mails was exposed to the public on March 19th of 2016.  The GEC became the adolescent of data technology. The lead man would be a veteran Naval officer, one Michael Lumpkin. From 2013 until 2016, he was the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict. (Now there’s a title). In the spring of 2016, as the GEC was being created, Lumpkin, whose new title would now be Special Envoy and Coordinator of the Global EngagementMichael Lumpkin Center wrote in the spring issue review for Council of American Ambassadors:

“We are currently adding staff and securing more funding, but, most importantly, we are taking a fundamentally new approach to the problem. The GEC is using new data analytic technologies to track counter-messaging effectiveness, and it is empowering governmental and nongovernmental partners to speak out and provide alternatives to extremist groups’ nihilistic vision.”

According to Wikipedia, Lumpkin is considered an experienced crisis manager and turnaround expert. Now wouldn’t that be handy?

OK, that’s just a little background. Now comes the really complicated stuff, so try to keep up. In 1972, in honor of the anniversary of the Marshall Plan, the German Government provided seed money to the United States to create a public policy think tank named the German Marshall Fund (GMF). A somewhat innocuous NGO that supposedly studied things and wrote papers. Well, after decades of studying the cold war, they too, figured out that information was the key to war. In July of 2017 they created a transatlantic initiative, working closely with Britain, named the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD). Their stated mission:

“to develop comprehensive strategies to defend against, deter, and raise the costs on Russian and other actors’ efforts to undermine democracy and democratic institutions.”

Within that mission was created a dashboard on the internet to reveal actions of Russian trolls, called Hamilton 68. (5) hamilton 68The website or the ASD provided no information as to the identity of these trolls or how they came to know they were Russian. It was widely reported that Hamilton 68 was a US intelligence propaganda tool. Guess who was put in charge of ASD? One named Laura Rosenberger. Ever hear of her? Me neither. She was foreign policy advisor for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign. Imagine that! The co-chair is Jamie Fly, former counselor for Foreign and National Security Affairs to Senator Marco Rubio. Hmm? One other thing that I found interesting about ASD was an advisory council they put together. It is a who’s who of deep state actors.

Mike Chertoff Toomas Hendrik Ilves | David Kramer | William Kristol | Michael Morell | Michael McFaul | Mike Rogers | Kori Schake | Julie Smith | Admiral James Stavridis | Jake Sullivan | Nicole Wong

You can click on each name to see who they are but I want to draw your attention to three names. First Jake Sullivan: he served in the Obama administration as national security advisor to Vice President Joe Biden and director of Policy Planning at the U.S. Department of State, as well as deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He was the senior policy advisor on Secretary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Next, William Kristol: Yes, that Bill Kristol, editor and chief of the Weekly Standard, long time neocon and anti-Trumper. Finally, David Kramer: Kramer is the most interesting. He was last employed at the…..wait for it….The McCain Institute. I’ve written about this place before. Its one of those foundations that launders money and funds CIA operations all over the world. It is peppered with people like David Kramer. No one can ever be sure, but looking at Kramer’s resume, the government jobs, NGO positions, and advisor roles, and his longevity in government, it can easily be concluded that Kramer is a CIA operative. And oddly enough, he was the guy that John McCain sent to London to retrieve the Trump dossier from Christopher Steele, that he handed to the FBI. (6)

In my last blog post I told you about a company called New Knowledge. You see them at the bottom of the chart above. They were caught red-handed conducting, what the NY Times told us, was “an experiment”. They actually conducted a disinformation campaign against Roy Moore of Alabama, when he was running for the senate. (7) As bad as that is, they also created the stories to look like they were coming from Russia and Russian bots. Let me re-state that: An American activist company was creating fake Russian accounts and websites to interfere and affect an election. So who funded this operation? As I wrote before, they were funded by an organization called American Engagement Technologies (AET). Well it seems that AET was run by a guy named Mickey Dickerson.

mickey dickerson
Mickey Dickerson

Before Dickerson created AET, he was in charge of  new agency created by Obama…..the US Digital Service, an agency that answered directly to the president. Not only does that seem odd, but why would the president be so closely involved with the improvement of websites and simplifying digital services?

Are you still with me? During the course of this research I went down a hundred empty rabbit holes. But then I went down a hole that actually had the rabbit in it. The widely published stories about the New Knowledge “experiment”, all mentioned that AET was funded by a man named Reid Hoffman, the founder of Link-In. Hoffman apologized and said he didn’t know how the money was spent….right! It was accepted that he had nothing to do with it, just an honest left-wing activist that contributed to the cause du jour. But in that last rabbit hole, I found the connection. Back to In-Q-Tel. The biggest investment In-Q-Tel made was in a company called Palantir. Palantir is a data technology company that was started by a man named Peter Theil. This technology is what was used in the “experiment” which was uncovered by Wikileaks….called Project Umbrage.  Umbrage gave the CIA the ability to erase all traces of digital fingerprints and replace those fingerprints with the fingerprints of any foreign actor. In this case, Russia. To place this in perspective, imagine if someone killed a man by stabbing him with a knife. Then the police found that your fingerprints were all over the knife……they had the ability to remove the actual killer’s fingerprints, and replace them with yours. How could you explain that? In all the stories, AET took all the blame along with New Knowledge a self-professed provider of Russian hacking information to the US senate. Here’s the kicker: Peter Theil earned his millions from Pay-Pal, which he owns. Although all the stories about this exposed experiment mentions that Hoffman founded Linked-In, they fail to mention what he did before that. He worked closely with Peter Theil at Pay-Pal. (8)


If I may: I know that it’s complicated and confusing. I, myself, had a hard time digesting all of it and admittedly have only given you the highlights without all the trails and details of these people and organizations. Trust me, when I say, it’s the voluminous details of these people’s lives, careers, and actions that tip the scale. They have been doing these things for some time and have left a paper trail a mile long. Let me just summarize what I just presented.

In the spring of 2016 the DNC and Podesta e-mails were hacked by someone, turned over to Wikileaks, and published for all to see. This was a disaster and could affect the 2016 presidential chances of Hillary Clinton. The IC machine sprung into action. First, who hacked the emails? They knew, but we don’t. It didn’t matter, the Russia hoax was created. It would turn Hillary into a victim, while amplifying the boogeyman of Russia. The CIA already had technology from Palantir that could place Russian fingerprints all over the digital data. This would solidify anything that was found by real forensic analysis in the other parts of the IC, and so the story was perfect…..all 17 IC arms agreed the Russians did it……no other answer was possible. By March 26th of 2016, Trump had secured the republican nomination. All efforts were turned on him to diffuse what had happened and lessen the blow on Hillary’s campaign. It is astounding just how fast this machine was put into motion. Before I knew any of this, back in February of 2018, I created a TIMELINE of events. Here is an excerpt from that TIMELINE:

timeline excerpt

It makes so much more sense now. Hillary and her campaign put into motion the wheels of the most powerful intelligence apparatus in the history of the world to win an election and destroy Trump.

We know the CIA had this technology because of the hack by Wikileaks of CIA documents. (9) We know they used it, because of the Roy Moore scandal. We know that New Knowledge deployed this technology, and who paid them to do so…..AET. We know that AET was funded by Neil Hoffman of Linked-In fame, but long time associate of Peter Theil, at Pay-Pal. We know that Peter Theil  founded Palantir, which is one of In-Q-Tel’s secret technology companies. We also know that in March of 2016, a shift occurred in the organization of an agency of the IC that was meant to feed disinformation to terrorists. It would now be used to create fake Russian accounts on social media. It would be called the Alliance for Securing Democracy. We also know that an advisor to ASD was a member of the McCain Institute, a CIA operative, and the messenger who delivered the dossier to the FBI, from Christopher Steele. It all fits together now. This can’t be the work of a few top DOJ partisans, as so many have said. This took massive coordination, huge cooperation, and at minimum, hundreds had to know what was going on. No, folks, this is our entire government doing this.


Like I said at the beginning, this is a place I don’t want to go. Our entire government has been used to clandestinely destroy a president and cover up all forms of illegal activity. Let me be perfectly clear in my conclusion, in case you haven’t extracted it from all of the above: RUSSIA NEVER HACKED ANYTHING OF CONSEQUENCE CONCERNING THE 2016 ELECTION, THE DNC SERVER, OR THE PODESTA E-MAILS. EVERYTHING WE WERE TOLD WAS A LIE AND FABRICATED BY THE CIA. Although we still don’t know who was responsible or how Wikileaks got the information, I can say with certainty, it wasn’t Russia. Russia was used to make Hillary a victim, then blame Donald Trump for working with Russia, by our own government, to have him removed from office.

Is this something we should know? On the one hand, we all think we are entitled to the Truth. That honor and justice are real principles that all Americans hold dear. But, on the other hand, as I have said before, can the US afford to play by the rules if they are to fight all the evils that exist in the world today? We would like to think so, but this episode proves to me that its more complicated than we know. I believe these people are actually doing what they think is right for America. It is their arrogance that is the most troubling aspect of their actions. Some who work within their ranks, as is human nature, don’t necessarily have America’s interests at the top of their priority list. Personal greed and the thirst for power become more important. Corruption sneaks in, and it must also remain secret or the whole system is exposed. As much as I would like to stop doing what I do, and give our IC the latitude to do their work, I believe they have crossed a line. Never mind the corruption that has taken hold…..trying to overthrow a popular, legally elected, president, in order to maintain some long-standing world order, is just wrong. But is it necessary? It may be, but many Americans want change……They’ve wanted it since Bush 41 was president….that’s 30 years ago! But still the wars, the spending, the income disparity, the porous border, the drugs, the crime, all of it…..persists! I’ll leave you with this: should we just roll over and let the inevitable occur, or should we fight like hell for the change we want? These folks we are up against are very powerful. They have lots of money, lots of resources, and all the authority they need. If they thought I was a threat, I have no doubt, I would soon no longer be one. Anyone that stands up to them is rolled over like a penny on a train track….flattened! Just look at General Flynn, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, George Papodopolous, and so many more. Steamrolled to accomplish their mission to destroy Trump. So I guess all I can do is keep doing my work until they notice.

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