The Business of Intelligence

What the Deep State really does



In my last post I presented a story of what the CIA and the broader Intelligence Community (IC) do and have done to control American policy. In that post, I laid out how The CIA, in particular, has spread its operatives all through the government and into corporate America. I even explained and defended their actions as necessary to defend America. But when illegality and corruption run rampant, the IC is continually crossing a line between honest governance in a democratic republic and a tyrannical police state. 

Before I reveal what I have put together, I must provide further background on CIA activity in the corporate world. We all have heard the Name Solyndra. Solyndra was the first corporation to receive a $528 million loan guarantee from the federal government in 2009, and a $25 million tax break from California as a result of the 2009 stimulus package. Although this had nothing to do with the CIA, it was the first public exposure of government investment in the private sector. Conservatives were outraged. “The government has no business investing in private American enterprise” was the outcry. But not widely known, or publicized, is the CIA’s involvement in investment within the corporate world. The CIA operates a company called In-Q-Tel. Although a private, venture capital company, virtually every investment is made on behalf of the CIA. It invests hundreds of millions in startup and tech companies that create all sorts of technology in information handling, computer programming, lasers, drones, weapons of all kinds, and especially data. Each investment comes with the caveat that the CIA gets first dibs on any new and unique technology.  In-Q-Tel reportedly has invested in thousands of American companies, but as one would expect, those companies and what they work on is top-secret and unavailable to the public.


In-Q-Tel’s founder was one Norm Augustine, a former CEO of Lockheed. That’s curious because in many searches involving CIA operations, Lockheed comes up all the time……..and don’t forget how James Comey got rich when he originally left government for the private sector, prior to becoming FBI director……chief council for Lockheed earning reportedly $6 million. As I have pointed out many times, the deep state is an incestuous organization with tentacles everywhere.  But understand that In-Q-tel’s involvement with the CIA is not a secret that I just revealed. It was created in 1999 when George Tenet was CIA director. Here is what Tenet had to say:

“We [the CIA] decided to use our limited dollars to leverage technology developed elsewhere. In 1999 we chartered … In-Q-Tel. … While we pay the bills, In-Q-Tel is independent of CIA.”

During the last decade, the CIA and their surrogate, In-Q-Tel, have focused heavily on data. Would it then surprise you that those companies and people which  were early investors into Facebook and Google were connected to In-Q-Tel?  Here’s what Jody Chudley wrote about it at the Daily Reckoningconcerning Facebook:
(From the article)

The company [Facebook] received its first capital injection of $500,000 from Peter Thiel that summer. The next two capital injections were $12.7 million from Thiel and Accel Partners in May 2005 and then $27.5 million from an Accel-led round of financing that included Thiel, Accel and Greylock Partners in April 2006.3

Just for fun, I searched for each of those investors and In-Q-Tel at the same time.

Here is what I found:

Peter Thiel — Took In-Q-Tel funding for his startup firm Palantir somewhere around 2004.

Accel Partners — In 2004, Accel partner James Breyer sat on the board of directors of military defense contractor BBN with In-Q-Tel’s CEO Gilman Louie.

Greylock Partners — Howard Cox, the head of Greylock, served directly on In-Q-Tel’s board of directors.

Now, I’m not saying that the CIA or In-Q-Tel had any direct involvement with Facebook.

All I’m saying is that it appears to me that the key early investors in Facebook had direct relationships with In-Q-Tel or In-Q-Tel’s top management at the same time that Facebook was raising capital…

Once again, I have to say that someone like me or you can never prove the CIA has involvement in Facebook or Google, I can only ask the question: Why wouldn’t they be involved in the two largest data collectors in the private sector in the world?

Now…..I’ve given you most of the background and context for the story I am about to tell. This story is like a small puzzle with several pieces…..placed into the context I’ve laid out above, and then connected to what I’ve reported about the on-going coup, and it becomes quite clear that it’s all true…..that the CIA and IC are actively trying to remove Trump from office….one way or the other.

It starts with a company called New Knowledge“. New Knowledge is a data analyzer. It has developed software that allows the user to determine data origins….at least that’s the way I understand it. They promote themselves as a defender of American information. In fact, they were the company that  claimed that the Russians definitely interfered in the 2016 election and used Facebook to create and distribute thousands of fake accounts to sway American voters. In a November 2018 op-ed in the NYTimes, New Knowledge lays out a case of Russian interference, and exactly how it was done. Its  funny when you read an article that is giving you information that is very serious, sounds very well researched, and is sincerely presented as truthful, but you now know that it’s all lies and propaganda. It really places a new understanding of how information can work to change minds.  Anyway….back to New Knowledge. new knowledge logoSo, New Knowledge is confirming the initial analysis of the IC…..the Russians interfered in the election. How convenient! After penning this fabulous, and bombshell article, New Knowledge was caught doing something unimaginable. They were creating fake accounts on Facebook, attributable to the Russian government. It was revealed that they, (New Knowledge) were responsible for the creation of thousands of fake Russian accounts, that were used in the Special Election in Alabama against Roy Moore. This exposure was explained away by the NY Times as “an experiment”. I guess when you’re caught red-handed, an explanation must be provided, no matter how bad it is.

So how can we know the truth? As usual follow the money. Just who is New Knowledge? Lets start with its founders, Jonathan Morgan and Ryan Fox. Mr. Morgan  is  “a published researcher for the Brookings Institute, Atlantic Council and Washington Post, a former advisor for the State Department where he developed strategies for digital counter-terrorism, and leader for Data For Democracy, an organization targeting white supremacists and far right thinkers with the goal to develop analytics to suppress their blogs” (Helena, The National Voice). Mr. Fox spent 15 years in the signals intelligence division of the NSA and was a computer analyst for the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) military unit.  Just what were these two guys up to? Sometime during the investigation by the senate intelligence committee into Russian hacking, New Knowledge was hired, by the committee, to prepare a report detailing who hacked the 2016 election. Their report was touted by democrat senator, Mark Warner, as a “bombshell”. The report offered proof positive that Russia was behind the hacking and most likely won the election for Donald Trump. As you will recall, this was the analysis of our IC’s 17 branches in early 2017. However, to date, they have never provided any evidence to confirm this analysis, until this report…..coincidence? This report would now confirm that analysis….remember that.

If you read the article at the link in the previous paragraph, (it was revealed) you would find in the very last paragraph that this effort to influence an election was funded by a donation by Reid Hoffman, the Billionaire founder of Linked-in. In every story about these shenanigans, it starts with the headline “Reid Hoffman apologizes….”. But they also lay blame onto an obscure third-party, called American Engagement Technologies (AET), that New Knowledge paid to conduct “the experiment”. A Google search reveals nothing on AET. However, I did manage to find just one reference to AET. It provided the name of the CEO of AET……Mickey Dickerson. So who is Mickey Dickerson?



I know you will find this hard to believe…..but Mickey Dickerson was the administrator for the newly created “US Digital Service” . This is important because the US Digital Service was created by the Obama administration in 2014, but the Moore election wasn’t until 2017. This all says we are supposed to believe that an organization (AET) was conducting an experiment, by creating fake Russian accounts on Facebook to influence an election to defeat a conservative Republican, all while the holier than thou, “New Knowledge” is preparing a report for the US Senate, confirming what the IC told us about who was trying to influence the 2016 presidential election, by creating fake bots on Facebook. Are we really that stupid?


So back to the question….who is New Knowledge. They are funded in a big way by Lux Capital. Lux’s name in investing circles always appears where In-Q-Tel shows up. In fact, recently James Woosley

James Woosley

was recently added to the board of Lux Capital. Woosley is a former director of the CIA. Of course, the money is hard to trace, but I can say with confidence, that most of the funding is coming from the IC in one form or another. So let me give you a little analysis.  The CIA and IC are heavily involved through In-Q-Tel in investing in private sector high-tech startups and technology companies, most of which, is top-secret. A large emphasis is placed on data and data collection. The IC was involved in the original funding for Facebook and Google. Let me insert here that, if you remember, for a long time both companies struggled to find a way to make money……but they survived for many years without making a profit, why? I, for one, have little problem with all that. But as I said above, they have crossed a line that should never be crossed. They have used their technology to inject themselves into the civilian political process. In past blog posts I have shown that, with little doubt, the IC first tried to derail Trump’s campaign, and are now actively trying to have him removed from office, quietly, using IC resources and technology. We also can conclude that with the exposure of the adventures of New Knowledge and AET, that it is more than likely that there never was any Russian hacking or interference in the 2016 US presidential election, but rather a concerted plan to create a narrative that Trump was illegitimate and somehow he had ties to Russia.

Folks, I have to repeat that what the CIA and broader IC do is necessary and important. But as all parts of the military and defense industry…..they are a tool of the elected, civilian government, and subsequently, not in charge of policy. There is a long-standing status quo that has formulated American foreign policy. The IC sees their role as protecting that status quo. Donald Trump was elected as an outsider, to, in part, change that policy. A policy of continuous wars to create instability in obscure parts of the world, where stability could lead to alliances that could jeopardize commerce. However, those policies have led to massive corruption and exploitation of world resources and peoples. I do believe, the IC would conclude that the corruption is a necessary component to the needed status quo. And who can argue that it’s not? Are we, the American people, smart enough to demand a change? I also have no doubt that Trump knows about all this and struggles mightily with making any changes. You can rest assured that he is counceled everyday as to the dangers faced from our enemies, but yet, if he holds firm in his desire to change our policies….the IC will have no choice but to continue to have him removed.

Finally, I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention one more aspect of the IC’s power. Their ability to not just influence elections, but to, now, control elections. In my last post, I alluded to other times in our history when the IC got involved in politics and removing an unwanted president. But now they have control of all the data and information. As we become a more digital society and rely so heavily on technology, it only stands to reason, that controlling that technology would be a priority for the IC. Tyrannies everywhere have always concluded that they must control the masses. I submit that the IC now has that capability. They do it with controlling information and where that doesn’t work they can control the outcomes in key elections that will keep the secrecy in tact….I think they did that in 2018.  I would point to one particular county in California, although there were others. In order to quash republican inquiry into the 2016 election, it was imperative that the democrats take back the House. Too much information was being made public. So, where else would be better to assure a change than in ever blue California. In Orange County, a historically  very conservative area in California, all 7 seats were put in democrat hands. At this writing, I have absolutely no evidence that anything untold took place, but it just fits with everything I believe: the IC can now control an election. Not to worry, though. Republicans will be put back in charge when the defense budget needs to be increased or they need authorization for another war. They manipulate congress as easy as they manipulate the American electorate.  Is there anything we can do? Doubtful. Not until somebody in high authority comes forward, goes public, and explains to the people what’s going on……but sadly, I doubt that will ever happen.



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