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Welcome to my Blog

Hello, My Friends!

Welcome to my blog. I have been posting on FB for some time. Some of my posts were very long….too long for FB, so I started this blog in order to share my research, my opinions and some insight from others concerning the political, economic, and governmental health of our country.
I am no one in particular, I am not famous, I’m not important, just an American that has experienced many things in life….however I have worked for wages, worked for a salary, and owned a business. I have seen life from the bottom, from the middle, and from the top. One thing I have done that few others have, is pay attention and do research. I have researched many things. I spent 13 years researching only scripture….no…not the Bible, but all scripture. I studied the founding and the constitution, developed new economic theories, and for years looked into the corruption in government. I have no special talent or ability…..just common sense, logic and a very skeptical mind set…..I question everything.
I don’t know if this will lead anywhere, but at least for the next few months I will be posting my research on our corrupt political process. Be sure to follow me on Facebook: here

Author: kgeorge152

Retired small business owner in manufacturing

5 thoughts on “The Truth Is In Here”

  1. I am glad that you have done all the research for all of us and to help me understand what is going on with our beloved country. I will be looking forward to learning your findings and understanding our country a little better. Thank-you Ken George


  2. I have many friends that are not on FB and I would be interested in sharing but there is no email option from the blog. I have suggested they go to but not sure they are following you.


    1. Hi Bonnie,
      I’m not sure what you mean by an “e-mail option” But here’s how you can do that. When you’re on a post you want to share via e-mail, go to the top of the page to the address bar. Its right at the top of your browser, it tells you where you are. Starts usually with……..Highlight that line with your mouse so it all turns blue. When its all blue, right click your mouse and click on “copy”. Then just go to your e-mail, choose who you want to send it to, write whatever note you want, then right click your mouse again and hit “paste”. This is a “link” and whoever you send that link to, all they have to do is click on it to open it. Hope this helps.


  3. I am a foreigner in the USA and for some years, since living here, I noticed that something is very wrong in this country, but then I might add that things are wrong basically everywhere! I will be following your work with definite interest. Some of the things I am researching led me to your blog – which makes me realize just how interconnected crime and corruption networks are. Good luck and thanks for your hard work and effort


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