Details of the Russian Collusion Hoax, Part 1

When it started, who started it, and who were the players

trump traps

Its been awhile since I’ve posted on my blog, but I have been watching, reading, and thinking about what to say next. So far, since I last posted, nothing much has changed, but I do have much new information to add to the intrigue.  I want to start by cleaning up some of the details that pertain to the Russia hoax. After I do that I will further begin my work connecting the Russia hoax to the new Ukraine debacle. Make no mistake…the new Ukraine story is absolutely, inextricably connected to the Russia hoax. The CIA, from even before the results of the election, were ready to take out Trump. If we even overlook what the DNC, the Hillary campaign, Fusion GPS, and all the other players did before the election, we will see how the “insurance policy” talked about by Strozk and Page in text messages, was what we are seeing today….an all out effort by the intelligence apparatus to have Trump removed from office.

In the 9 posts I have published concerning the Russia collusion story. This link takes you to the summary. At the bottom of that summary are links to the previous research. Nothing I have written has proven to be inaccurate. In fact, several things have become confirmed. Take for example Carter Page. He has now been shown to have been working for the FBI and the CIA, during his time on the Trump Campaign. But still, we don’t know to what extent. It is also confirmed that there was spying taking place on the Trump campaign. What’s new is that I have now identified several new players to the spy cabal. These and other things, are now known, and so, my tin foil hat fits a little better.

I want to start with a man that I identified earlier that is connected to the spying done on the Trump campaign. His name is Richard Burt. His early involvement says that the spying was being done much earlier than we are led to believe from the establishment. Here’s what I’ve written about Burt from a previous post:


richard burt

Richard Burt…… Almost none of you have heard of this guy, but he entered the campaign through Jeff Sessions. He was involved in writing Trump’s first foreign policy speech. In that speech, Trump put forth his desire to have better relations with Russia, which, inconceivably to many of us was roundly criticized by the main stream media. So who is Richard Burt? He’s been around government for a long time. You might want to refer back to the interview of Prouty above… least keep it mind as I talk about Burt. Burt graduated from Tufts University in 1971. That would make him right around 70. In 1977, he was selected as a fellow at the Naval War College. During his fellowship, he was assigned to the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Upon that appointment, he received a letter congratulating him on that “new assignment”.

stansfield turner letter

The letter was from Stansfield Turner, the then director of the CIA. Three years later he’s working at the state department, and by 1985, he’s ambassador to Germany. Right at the end of Reagan’s administration, he was made chief negotiator for the START talks with Russia, and remained under GHWB. This guys been in and around government his whole life…..I have been studying government my whole life and I had never heard of him until now. Do you realize how many people just like this are in government? Quietly working behind the scenes on life changing policy? Anyway, somehow, its not known how, he hooks up with the campaign through Jeff Sessions. This is important because Sessions is accused of recruiting Carter Page and Richard Burt. You see the stories you’ll read about Burt always….only…..mention he is a lobbyist for Alfa Bank….one of the biggest financial institutions in Russia. They never mention the bio stuff I’ve put down here. But just like Page…he’s worked in government for a long time and ends up in Russia…..with not a smidgeon of experience in banking on his resume. Then the fact that Burt knew Carter Page is evidence that Burt might have been the guy that had Page put on a list of policy advisors for Trump.

In those paragraphs I mentioned the information about Fletcher Prouty. Prouty was a colonel in the Air Force that was the liason between the military and the CIA. Under orders he set up a project called “Focal Point”. Focal Point was designed to place CIA operatives into all government agencies and the Pentagon. The purpose was to have people that actually worked for the CIA in key places in the civilian bureaucracy. These people then, would take orders from the CIA. No one in the agencies and departments they worked, knew they were CIA, other than the secretary or head of that agency. In time, as administrations changed, it was believed that these CIA operatives would melt into their positions and no one but the CIA would know who they were working for. I believe Richard Burt was one such person.  He left the government in 2000 and joined the McCain campaign as a national security advisor. At the same time he and others invested in an intelligence and risk-assessment business called Diligence. Information on Diligence has been scrubbed from the internet, but I did mange to find one tiny entry on a search return from “Wikispooks”, a site that follows the CIA.

Diligence, Llc or Diligence Global Business Intelligence SA is a CIA front company or “spin-off”, operating an industrial espionage network.Top staff include members of UK and US intelligence agencies, originally created by former George H. W. Bush administration members to obtain private contracts from Enron.

In 2007, Burt leaves Diligence to go to Kissinger-McLarty Associates, another spy for hire private intelligence and geo-political advisory company. The McLarty in Kissinger-McLarty is Mack McLarty, President Clinton’s chief of staff and 30 year close friend of Bill Clinton. Mack McLarty split off of Kissinger and created McLarty Associates, of which Richard Burt is a managing partner. Now after reading all that, can any other conclusion be made other than Burt works for the CIA? But there’s more. Burt while at McLarty joined the advisory board at Alfa Capital, the investment management firm to Alfa Bank, Russia’s largest international bank. Just as Carter Page went to work at Merrill Lynch in Moscow without a background or experience in banking, Burt winds up at Alfa Bank without a background or experience in banking. I’m sure this is what we want our CIA doing and in any other context, no one would question what they do. But it is curious that Burt worked for Alfa Bank, and this was the bank that was doing the “pinging” on servers within the Trump Tower and discovered in the summer of 2016. Those pings, led to a FISA application being made on four Trump officials, in June of 2016….that application was rejected. Remember the name McLarty….it will play prominently, later in this presentation.

I want to switch gears, and talk about the involvement of the United Kingdom in the Russian Collusion conspiracy. The UK played a prominent role in getting it all started. How and why is a difficult story to tell. I’ll start with this: In another post, I talked about “Five Eyes” This was a treaty made in 1946 that was created to allow 5 close allies from WWII to share signal intelligence (communications). Its purpose in 1947 was to spy om the Soviet Union but is still in force today. It has manifested into a means to spy on anyone in the world….including any American, totally circumventing the US 4th amendment. When I first talked about five eyes, I never made an important connection to this Russian collusion story. All the meetings held by Trump officials and purported Russians were in Europe or other foreign nations. Here, these Americans, could be surveilled, recorded or spied on without any consideration to our 4th amendment. Even if they called home, those communications could be intercepted by our allies, then shared with the CIA or FBI without a warrant or probable cause. This is exactly how the Brits played their part. What’s most important, is that this surveillance started in 2015, long before the first FISA warrant on Carter Page and the opening of a counter-intelligence investigation on July 31, 2016.  I found an on line book written by a guy named Bill Carr. His book is excellent and covers all the aspects I have written about. He writes this about British involvement: My comments in black inserted for clarification


The Origin of the Russian Hoax in 2015

In late 2015 both Britain’s GCHQ (their version of our NSA) and Dearlove (Richard Dearlove, former head of MI6)  sent info to Brennan. This info suggested Trump had Russian obligations and contained other suspect intelligence from other nations in Europe. (This link to a “Guardian article, outlines what the Brits did. If you read it, you will find no names given. It is clearly a piece to strengthen the case against Trump without any specifics) Dearlove was the first to speculate that Trump was colluding with Russia. Did this all come from his angst over the Trump Golf Links in Scotland? Dearlove was the glue that linked all of the earliest connections to RussiaGate. Dearlove and Brennan were the probable genesis of RussiaGate. In an article (this link is an excellent read as to British involvement) in Britains’s The Markets Work””, Jeff Carlson exposes Sir Dick’s connections. Were they just spying or were they running an op?

Dearlove along with Robert Hannigan (head of GCHQ) offered intelligence to Brennan in 2015. RussiaGate started with these contacts. Did Brennan ask for them?

Brennan Bit. But he was CIA. Legally he could not operate in the US. Lending money to build a golf course in Scotland was not enough. (This is a reference to a golf course Trump built in Scotland where some of the money to build it came from Russian investors) Brennans hands were tied. Brennan was onboard but he needed more. Sir Dick was no longer in power at MI6. GCHQ and MI6 had to report what they were doing. There is oversight, audits and reporting requirements. So the obvious solution was to turn to some fixers in the private sector to do oppo research and gather intelligence. It could be kept secret.

Devin Nunes (R-CA) is the former head and since 2018 the Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee. Nunes revealed repeatedly, many private intelligence firms were brought into the picture in the first stages of RussiaGate. He has numerous youtube videos.

These private firms did not have the same reporting and disclosure requirements of our government agencies. They are not required to tell the truth. They don’t even have to answer questions. They can collect intelligence without restriction or veracity. They are often used to win just an argument, a legal case or a political campaign. The whole world is now familiar with one of the thousands. Fusion GPS.

There a few more involved.

I want to start with what I have predicted that almost everybody disagrees with. I said on several occasions that nothing much will come of all these investigations. I even believe that a deal will be struck to end the impeachment talk and other further investigations by the House. I could be wrong about such a deal, because of something I believe about the players. Not everybody is in the loop. Some in congress truly have been convinced that Trump is a criminal and needs to go. People like Waters, AOC, and Swalwell are acting purely politically…..they don’t know what’s been going on behind the scenes. Others like Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi know all too well what’s been going on and understand the consequences if they continue to pursue this much longer. The republicans, now, want to drag out the counter investigations up until 2020. Unlike you, they don’t give a shit about getting justice, they just want to raise money and get re-elected. Both sides are pandering to their base voters. Surely…… you would say…oh! that’s just your opinion…..well, yes, it is, but I’ve seen this stuff more times than I can count and I know how it ends.

I found a video that might provide some proof of what I say. Almost all of you that read my work, believe strongly that people will get indicted and go to jail. But the defense has already started. On May 9th, James Baker, chief council for the FBI, felt the urge to give the Brookings institute an hour and a half interview to answer the coming charges. I have cut out an 8 minute section that highlights what their defense will be: We did it by the book, within law and guidelines, and according to the constitution. The title of the full length video says it all: “Its always been about Russia”. Watch my 8 minute cut then I will offer reasons for why it is crap.

In the clip, the interviewer asks about the “predicate” that allowed the counterintelligence investigation to get started. Baker, emphatically provides the FBI establishment story: the information that came in from Downer (Australia) about Papadopolous, this was the beginning of the investigation. So let’s look at that.

The meeting between Downer and Papadopolous was in May of 2016. The information wasn’t immediately handed over to the FBI. There were international obstacles to overcome, and as of May, 2016, knowledge of the DNC server hack was not yet public, but may have been known as early as mid May of 2016. That’s when the DNC hired a private cyber security company, Crowdstrike, to look into some suspicious activity on their servers. On June 15th, 2016 Crowdstrike announces the DNC server hack. and immediately reports that the hack was performed by the Russian government. I have been careful to include the dates as they have been reported. These dates will be very important to understand what the real truth is about when and how the Russian collusion story started. Downer says when he heard about the DNC hack, he had to make known the events of the May meeting with Papadopolous. In July of 2016 he met secretly with two FBI agents in London. The meeting was very secret as Australia feared angering candidate Trump. The DNC hack was publically announced on June 15th, but Downer doesn’t meet with the FBI until mid July. As curious as that all is, there is one fact that I have yet to include. The information Papadopolous shared with Downer was attained from Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese professor that was initially reported to be a Russian agent. We now know that Joseph Mifsud was a Western Intelligence asset. This may be one of the most important pieces of information. If he indeed was a western asset, then who was he working for exactly, who gave him his orders, and why did he offer Papadopolous damaging information on Hillary? And….if its true that he was working for a western intelligence agency, doesn’t this say that the spying had already begun? That the information given to Papadopolous was provided by western intelligence.

Before I go on, I want to include what may not yet be perfectly clear. The CIA has operatives all throughout government. You can read why I know this here. I uncovered this in the person of Fletcher Prouty and actually confirmed it for myself. I ran into a man that is 84 years old. He started his career at the CIA in the 60s and guess what? His “cover” was as a Russian interpreter at the US State Department. He shared with me exactly what he did at the State Department. No one at the State Department knew he was CIA. In other words, he confirmed to the letter, what Fletcher Prouty had revealed. CIA operatives are scattered all through our government, answering to the CIA. I can only speculate, but the State Department has been the most infiltrated. In that capacity, as representatives of the state department, they would have access to every country in the world, access to world leaders, NGOs, and lots and lots of money. It begs the question, who actually runs our state department and who is conducting our foreign policy. If, as I believe it is the CIA, then the last thing the CIA would want would be an “outsider” come in as president and change that foreign policy. Understanding this makes what is happening to Trump seem all the more likely that removing him is a CIA operation.

But just what is the breadth and reach of the CIA? How does the DNC play into this? Does our DOJ and FBI have direct involvement in this coup? These are very hard questions to answer and as I have told you before, I have no access to anything other than the countless stories I find on the internet….I’m just good at connecting the dots. In my next installment, I will try to answer these questions

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