Who is Carter Page….Update

Fabrication of evidence


Carter PageI recently posted an expose on how Carter Page was actually working for the FBI in 2013 as an “undercover” employee. I have come to now believe he was on loan from U.S. Naval Intelligence, due to his newness and obscurity, not to mention his experience in Russia. I further pointed out that he was used by the FBI as a plant, into the Trump Campaign to further the narrative that Trump was colluding with Russia. In several articles I have read, the Intelligence Community was actively working against Trump in order to create evidence to be used for his removal from office. This is virtually unprecedented.

Many months ago, I reported on the man that shot the video that immediately was discovered, by CNN, of the car that ran over people in Charlottesville, VA. and was the first to be interviewed. His name was Brennan Gilmore. He was a former deputy chief of operations for the state department in the Central African Republic while a civil war was being orchestrated by the CIA. In other words he was a “spook” working for the Intelligence Community. He just happened to be in Charlottesville, standing in the right place, with his camera pointed at a slow rolling car, just before it sped up into the crowd. And before the video was even uploaded, CNN picks him out of the crowd to interview, where he provides the perfect comments about a peaceful counter protest and the racist terrorist, Trump supporters. What a shocking coincidence!

Then there was the candidate for president, Evan McMullen. He tried to block Trump in the Utah primary, and just coincidently worked for the CIA. At the same time another republican lobbyist, who released a naked picture of Melania 4 days before the election, later sold her lobbying firm and went to work for Teneo, a Clinton linked consulting firm with strong ties to the intelligence community.

And let’s not leave out what I uncovered about Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas gunman that we know almost nothing about. He owned a plane, for three years, that was not registered with the FAA. A flight plan was never filed the entire time he owned it. When ownership was transferred, the new owner never used it either, and that new owner had an interesting background as well. There are many other examples of the Intelligence Community interfering in our election and our daily lives, but the story of Carter Page, is by far, the most egregious. Of course, most will just say ha, ha, ha, conspiracy stuff on parade! But even if these stories are simply conspiracy theories, are we to believe the Intelligence Community doesn’t have operatives working on subterfuge throughout America? Does anyone remember stories from the Vietnam War era? How FBI agents would infiltrate anti-war groups to disrupt their protests? Do you believe the FBI hasn’t infiltrated ANTIFA or BLM? We expect them to do it. But what we don’t expect is for those same spooks to infiltrate a presidential campaign in order to unseat an elected president.Spy vs Spy
Let me restate the premise of this update.

Carter Page is an employee of U.S. Naval Intelligence working undercover to CREATE evidence for the purpose of impeaching a president of the United States.

He first joined the campaign of Donald Trump as an unpaid (volunteer) advisor on national security. Someone placed him on a list of possible advisors on energy policy. He supposedly had written articles on the subject and had worked in Russia on energy issues for Merrill Lynch. By the way, we really do need to find out who put him on that list. So Carter Page is asked to be on the campaign, and asked to attend the original meeting of new staff in March of 2016. He fails to attend that meeting, and never attended any other meetings. He was on the campaign, but by all reports did nothing for it. Nobody on the campaign knew who he was or had any dealings with him. This is very important, because he is a very unimportant part of the campaign. Shortly after accepting the position, he needs to go to Russia to give a speech, a commencement speech at a school of economics, in July. This is step 1. Going to Russia in the middle of a presidential campaign.

Step 2, is the lengths he went to, to get permission from the campaign to go, which, do to his lack of importance, wouldn’t need permission. He first asks J.D. Gordon, a retired Naval officer heading up foreign policy for the campaign. Gordon tells him it would be a bad idea. He then e-mails Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks, the number one and two people at the campaign. Neither person knows who he is. Hicks never responds, Lewandowski says he can do what he wants, but not to represent the campaign. What you need to see, is the trail he is creating….a trail to Russia. He has to link the trip with formal permission.

Chess Wallpapers (1)

The content of the speech is step 3. Remember, this is a commencement speech. But the speech is very critical of past US foreign policy, implying that Trump would change it. It focuses on his hope that a closer relationship between the two nations might be possible with Trump in the White House. From the speech: “Washington and other Western capitals have impeded potential progress through their often hypocritical focus on ideas such as democratization, inequality, corruption, and regime change,” Page also suggested the United States should ease economic sanctions imposed on Russia following its 2014 incursion into Ukraine and Crimea. Sanction removal would be a common thread in the charges by critics of Russian collusion by Trump. The point here is that he is in Moscow speaking with authority about foreign policy while being on the Trump campaign, but yet he has no authority or authorization to do so. How does that look?

Next…step 4….He is interviewed by the Russian news agency Novosti, where he will not answer what his plans are in Moscow and would only say that he will “meet with several business leaders and academics, before he leaves on Tuesday”. Implying importance, yet being seemingly secretive. But later interviews with Russian officials, they responded that they did not know Mr. Page and were unaware of any meetings that took place. So the impression was left that Page met with “high ranking” Russian officials and it was reported that way.

spy vs spy 2

And finally, step 5…upon his return he sends an e-mail to the campaign: “I’ll send you guys a readout soon regarding some incredible insights and outreach I received from a few Russian legislators and senior members of the presidential administration here,” As if he has some vital information from people in Russia. But when interviewed by the House Intelligence Committee, he said it came from the TV he watched while in Moscow. A clearly ridiculous answer all to make it look like he is covering up something. All the things I have outlined here are found in the Trump dossier, orchestrated to create proof that a tie between Trump and the Russians existed. The way to prove it is to find out if he was working for the FBI as he did in 2013. And if that is found to be the case….its treason! Of course, as you will find in a thousand stories on line, that these very examples are proof positive that Trump colluded with Russia….just as it was all planned to do.

Who is Carter Page?

Is America under assault by its own justice department?

Carter Page
Carter Page


Over the course of the last few days I have tried to understand what prompted the FBI to surveille the Trump campaign. In order to understand why, the motivation is important to understand. In the course of reading countless stories, it became clear that the Trump/Russia collusion story had been hatched immediately after the DNC e-mail accounts were hacked into. Soon after the Wikileaks release of those e-mails, the IC, almost in unison announced that the accounts had been hacked by the Russians. However, the DNC refused the FBI access to their servers and they never became part of the evidence….or so we were told. This was in July of 2016. Prior to this revelation, the Russians had never been mentioned as a threat to our elections. It is plausible and understandable to believe that we are always watching what the Russians are doing….we are enemies! In 2012, a small Russian spy ring was detected and surveilled. This ring consisted of three individuals: A Russian citizen working in the US as a banker, Evgeny Buryakov, and two Russians connected to the UN Russian Mission posing as trade representatives….Igor Sporyshev and Victor Podobnyy.

Evgeny Buryakov
courtroom sketch        Evgeny Bryakov

Their mission was to gather US economic intelligence and information helpful to relieve sanctions. This is where it gets really interesting. These three Russian spies were not very good. They tried to recruit Americans that could give them American economic data. In recordings acquired by the sting by the FBI they were very sloppy. According to an article in the



Guardian written in early 2014, that I found, the person that the Russians recruited worked for the FBI. It says he was an “employee”. It does not indicate he was an agent of the FBI. It does not mention his name. But guess what? By all accounts, from the Guardian article, this FBI “employee” was Carter Page. Although the article does not mention his name, it reveals details that since have been disclosed by Mr. Page. And I keep hearing that the FBI was “looking” at Carter Page since 2013. But yet a warrant to surveille Page isn’t sought until July of 2016. Page was never a target of the FBI, until he became the tool needed to surveille the Trump campaign. In the so-called Steele dossier, it discusses the “employees’” involvement with these spies in 2013.

russian collusion

The dossier goes on to say Igor Sporyshev revealed that they recruited “a male working as a consultant in New York City.” Page worked in New York City. The Guardian article then provides another clue from that time:

In 2013, the FBI employee began providing Sporyshev with the binders containing purported industry analysis he wrote, supporting documents, and “covertly placed recording devices,” prosecutors wrote. Page wrote industry analyses.

Please read the entire Guardian article to understand this sting operation. Next, the NYT did a piece on this story. They wrote:

“To record their conversations, the F.B.I. inserted a listening device into binders that were passed to the Russian intelligence operatives during an energy conference, according to a former United States intelligence official.” Carter Page spoke at an energy conference.

The NYT goes on to say: In June 2013, the F.B.I. interviewed Mr. Page, who said he had first met Mr. Podobnyy at an energy symposium in New York earlier that year.

Then in an interview with Newsweek, Carter Page said this:

“as I explained to federal authorities prior to the January 2015 filing of this case, I shared basic immaterial information and publicly available research documents with Podobnyy…….nothing more than a few samples from the far more detailed lectures I was preparing at the time for the students” [That he wrote] he delivered at New York University in 2013.

So understand this conclusion. The employee working for the FBI is meeting and recording three Russian spies in 2013, in order to catch them spying. The undercover employee is giving them information about the energy industry. Carter Page is doing the same thing with the same 3 people at the same time. Is that the biggest coincidence of all time or what? And if there was any doubt left as to who Carter Page is….read his Bio:

Page graduated in 1993 from the United States Naval Academy; he was a Distinguished Graduate (top 10% of his class) and was chosen for the Navy’s Trident Scholar program, which gives selected officers the opportunity for independent academic research and study. During his senior year at the Naval Academy, he worked as a researcher for the House Armed Services Committee. He served in the Navy for five years, including a tour in western Morocco as an intelligence officer for a United Nations peacekeeping mission. In 1994, he completed a master of arts degree in National Security Studies at Georgetown University. After leaving the Navy, Page completed a fellowship at the Council on Foreign Relations and in 2001 he received an MBA from New York University. In 2000, at the age of 29, he became a vice president of Merrill Lynch in Moscow.

What a good break!

I believe from this evidence I can conclude, with certainty, that Carter Page was and still is working for the FBI or for some other intelligence agency, under cover. He was not caught up in the prosecution of the Russian spies because he was part of the investigating team. It’s strange that after scouring the web, there is no information concerning just how Carter Page got to be on the Trump campaign team. Who placed his name on a list of possible advisors? This would also be an important thing to know. But as near as I can tell he joins the team in late June of 2016, right around the time the DNC e-mails were released. Almost too shortly after he joins the campaign, he goes to great lengths to seek permission to travel to Russia. No one seems to know him, but he e-mails the campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and several other high-ranking campaign officials. They tell him he can do what he wants, but not as a member of the campaign. He then goes to Moscow to give a speech, but also meets with a high ranking Russian official. He openly admits all this. When you use the filter that he is working for the FBI, you begin to see, that in the hundreds of articles on-line, he is  trying to link the Trump campaign to the Russians. You see everything in a different light. Every move he made seemed to try to create this illusion. Then when he’s asked to testify, he admits everything but decries it is all harmless and he did nothing wrong. When I look at the events and his remarks in this context, it is easy to see a totally different picture emerge. I guess you can say it worked as it was designed, because you can find a thousand articles on line using Carter Page as a link between Trump and Russia. Just look at what Adam Schiff released on November 8, 2017: the top Democrat on the House intelligence panel, Adam Schiff quoted from an e-mail from Carter Page to the Trump Campaign “I’ll send you guys a readout soon regarding some incredible insights and outreach I received from a few Russian legislators and senior members of the presidential administration here,” You see, Schiff is trying to say Page is a Russian spy and he has information for Trump from the Russians. But change the point of view, and you see how that e-mail may have been sent to actually be used to prove Trump/Russian collusion, where there was none. He’s making it look like the campaign is working with Russia. Another crumb on the trail Page is trying to create. Now run all that through the filter that Page is working for the IC to implicate Trump in Russian collusion. Folks, I have read the accounts of conspiracists decrying a silent coups, but if my conclusions are accurate, then that’s exactly what’s going on here. If Carter Page, indeed works for the FBI, and was involved with creating the Trump dossier, as I believe he was, then this story takes on a whole new form. Somebody knows that Carter Page worked under cover. But who? If that fact could be determined, then this whole scandal becomes treasonous.

justice dept

Another piece to this puzzle is in other accounts from Carter Page. He claimed he spent numerous hours at the Trump Tower working for the campaign. Yet know one remembers him being there. He didn’t have a badge to get in, had no space or office to go to, no scheduled meetings….nothing. Then why would he offer that tidbit? You see the FISA law is pretty specific as to how a warrant can be used to surveille Americans. 50 US code of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) U.S. Code › Title 50 › Chapter 36 › Subchapter I, defines something called “any person”:

B) Any person pursuant to the direction of an intelligence service or network of a foreign power, knowingly engages in any other clandestine intelligence activities for or on behalf of such foreign power, which activities involve or are about to involve a violation of the criminal statutes of the United States.

 Notice that the law is very broad when it defines “any person”. Carter Page would have been the best person to use for a surveillance warrant. Further, if Page hung out at the Trump Tower as he claimed, would it be a leap to believe that the warrant could have included the Trump Tower? I think not. Then recall the unmasking that was done by Susan Rice and many others.

trump tower

As much as I simply hate to do it, I submit to you, that there is a better than even chance that Carter Page, while working for the IC was planted in the Trump campaign to not only create the means for spying on the campaign and later the president, but also to create the evidence of collusion in order to have him impeached. Now I can’t possibly put in your mind all the things I have read and learned in order to glean these conclusions. And maybe I haven’t explained it well enough to justify these conclusions. I can only repeat…..when you read a story about Carter Page, think of him as an intelligence officer and the story will take on a new meaning.

I hope the memo written by Congressman Devin Nunes, and recently released, is just the beginning. In my view, Nunes is a hero and may be the Thomas Paine of our generation. But there needs to be more. There are so many people in our government that are fighting us, fixing America, it will be an almost insurmountable task to stop these people. At this point in history…it is imperative that we hold the House and pick up the 9 seats we need to have a super majority in the Senate. If we can’t do that, our revolution may be over.




Russian Collusion, Part 2

Playing favorites



In part 1 of this story I relayed the actions of Hillary Clinton in vetoing the sale of GM’s Opel division to a Russian oligarch named Oleg Deripaska.


I believe it is important to understand the interest she took in this deal, since she claimed that she took no interest in the Uranium One deal. At the same time a dozen Russian oligarchs own businesses in America from professional sporting teams, steel mills, stakes in Facebook and Twitter, industrial parks and music studios. No interest was taken in these acquisitions…..but oddly the sale of a European car division was blocked by the secretary of state.


Also in Part 1 of Russian Collusion, I told you about a Russian oligarch named Oleg Deripaska. Most likely more than anyone but policy wonks, ever wanted to know. But to understand Russian collusion you have to get a full grasp of just how things operate in that system. I have written several times about that system, so I won’t rehash it here, but suffice it to say, it is an oligarchy…not a republic, not communism, not a market based system…..an oligarchy. An oligarchy is defined as “rule by a few”. These men have no titles, no government position, or no army…..but what they do have is boatloads of cash. Billions and billions. There are some 93 or so oligarchs in Russia, according to Forbes worth, collectively, north of $412 billion dollars, a full third of all the wealth in Russia. These oligarchs determine the policies of the Russian government. But, please, understand, Russia does not care about ideology. They don’t care if Iran has a nuke, they don’t care if Venezuelans are starving, and they don’t care if a democrat or republican is in the WH. They only care about making more money and protecting their sovereignty so they can do that.



Now let me introduce you to one of the biggest oligarchs in Russia…..Viktor Vekselberg. Reportedly the 4th richest man in Russia, Vekselberg, like the rest of the oligarchs made his money after the Soviet break-up in 1991. Like Deripaska, he made a lot of money in Aluminum. His company, SUAL was one of the top aluminum producers in Russia, RUSAL, Deripaska’s aluminum company, being the largest. In March of 2007, RUSAL and SUAL merged, forming the largest aluminum/alumina company in the world. At that Merger, Vekselberg became the non-executive chairman, while Deripaska retained owner status. By the way, I also find it strange and gratifying when parts of other things I have studied line up with new posts. there was a third company that became part of RUSAL in this merger……GLENCORE! You probably don’t remember GLENCORE, so let me refresh your memory. GLENCORE is the raw material marketer created by Marc Rich…..yes the Marc Rich that was pardoned by Bill Clinton and who I wrote about in INTO THE WEEDS 10David Simonds Glencore 13.05.12But I digress. Not long after….in December of that year, RUSAL acquired a 25% stake in NORILSK Nickel, one of the largest mining businesses in the world. Deripaska’s plan was to create the largest diversified metals company in the world. Vekselberg didn’t agree with the purchase, or holding it during the meltdown. Again Deripaska had to leverage much of his business to borrow the reported $15.7 billion dollars to buy the 25% plus 1 share stake. Look again at the date…this is just before the world’s economy fell apart. Deripaska was in trouble with his debt. In October of 2008, the Russian state bank, VEB Bank, loaned Deripaska $4.5 billion to pay to Western banks. This would allow RUSAL to stay in Russian hands. Vekselberg wanted out of RUSAL, but it was complicated. RUSAL’s interest in NORILSK is what I’m told is “blocking stock”. They can’t make decisions, but they can stop certain things from happening. If Vekselberg sold his RUSAL stock (some 15.8%), RUSAL may forfeit its blocking status. Another oligarch is trying to gain control over NORILSK Nickel, Vladimir Potanin. Plus, Vekselberg is also very unhappy with RUSAL suspending shareholder agreements and dividend payments. So almost from day one Vekselberg and Deripaska didn’t get along….and by all outward appearances, Deripaska was pushing Vekselberg’s face into the dirt, ignoring him and vetoing many of his decisions. While all this was happening in Russia, in May of 2008, Cisco (the software giant) was answering charges from congress that it provided technology to China to track and censor its citizens. Multiple law suits were filed against Cisco for providing this kind of technology to a totalitarian country. I only mention this, because it will become pertinent later. My guess is Vekselberg wanted to ruin Deripaska without destroying RUSAL. He would need help to achieve this. That help came from Hillary Clinton, in blocking his bid to acquire Opel, but it wouldn’t come cheap. Through a series of very complicated and illegal bank transfers, which is commonly called money laundering, millions of dollars were diverted from the Russian funds provided by Rusnano, allocated for the SKOLKOVO project, which Vekselberg controlled, wound up in a Citibank account controlled by the Clinton Foundation. Incidentally, Rusnano is a 10 billion dollar private equity firm completely controlled by Putin and the Russian government.

skolkovo images
SKOLKOVO Technology Center. Moscow, Russia



I have written about SKOLKOVO, but it’s worth restating what it is, because it relates to what I wrote above about Cisco. SKOLKOVO is a city close to Moscow. It was to be transformed into a technology center, hosting entrepreneurs from all over Russia to partner with American and European high tech companies to develop their own Silicon Valley. It was the brain child of Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian president. The project was hatched in November of 2009. In June of 2010, Medvedev traveled to Silicon Valley, hosted by Hillary Clinton to meet with CEOs of American Tech companies and to tour Cisco. Shortly there after Cisco announced it would commit 1 billion dollars to the SKOLKOVO project. 28 companies took part….some of the biggest names in American tech. The FBI, the DOJ, and the Army, all warned Clinton that some of this technology had duel use aspects that could be transferred into military purposes. The warnings were ignored. Several projects at SKOLKOVO developed weapons. Once again, we give our enemies the means to challenge us. But that’s another story. The story here, that no one ever investigated when we sold technology to China and North Korea in the 90s, is how much the Clintons got for the technology. skolkovo17 of the 28 companies donated openly to the Clinton Foundation. It’s hard to know exactly how much because of the way the foundation reports, but it’s between 15 and 25 million dollars. It’s also important to mention here that, at the same time, John Podesta received 35 million from the same source, Rusnano through Metcombank. Again, that’s a whole other story. You can read that here: Into The Weeds 11
The screen shots below were acquired in secret from a Russian bureaucrat that I found here: Conservative Read These documents, translated from the Russian language, layout the complicated series of bank transfers to get the money from Viktor Vekselberg to the Clinton Foundation without a trail….but there’s always a trail somewhere. By the way, Vekselberg totally owns Metcombank, a small Russian bank in the Ural Mountains, from where the transfers originated. In 2013, it was discovered that $55 million was missing from the SKOLKOVO project funds. The police raided the SKOLKOVO offices. Of course some underlings were arrested and the money was never found…a very, very common occurrence in Russia. Exactly how much of that money ended up in a Clinton bank account is unknown, but I’m going to guess it was a bit more than the 50k that Deripaska gave.

metcom1metcom 3

Now it’s impossible to determine if the millions were payment for hurting Deripaska or for selling American technology, but either way, she got the money, and she did what she did. I prefer the former because more recent developments show some details. In 2012, Vekselberg quit his post at RUSAL after not attending a single board meeting, during the entire year. He then filed a lawsuit against Deripaska in a London court. Deripaska was forced to make an accounting and interests and assets had to be distributed. I certainly don’t know all the details….its way above my ability or my pay grade to dig any deeper. But I can report that both men are still alive, which in Russia is unusual.

So did Hillary break the law? As always, there is no smoking gun, but the pattern repeats itself again and again. It’s hard not to see criminality in her actions. I can only imagine that if I could find all this information on the open internet, what could be found if I had access to the documents and witnesses that an honest justice department would have? And that’s the point, isn’t it? An honest justice department. I feel like we, the people, are dragging the law enforcers kicking and screaming, to do the right thing. Will they?

Russian Collusion, Part 1

The real story behind Uranium One


Chess Wallpapers (1)

Is it possible to have intrigue in politics?

Not only is it possible, it is happening everyday….we just don’t hear about it. The intrigue is relegated to the players in the game. The game is like chess…..trying to think three moves ahead to balance the interests of governments, corporations, rich donors, and the politicians. I have attempted to piece together one of these episodes that didn’t make the cut on the MSM news floors.

andrew mccabe

Andrew McCabe



It all started for me when I read that Andrew McCabe had a Russian contact. As the story goes, McCabe traveled to Europe to meet with this contact. McCabe also shared with his co-workers that this particular Russian was a friend. The CIA had been looking at McCabe’s friend for a possible data breach and his involvement in organized crime. The CIA was uneasy with McCabe’s involvement. Even the bureau had issues with McCabe. It seemed he injected himself into cases that were not his, but took interest in anything Russian. FBI Agents accused McCabe of interfering with Russian-linked investigations, including the Boston Marathon terror bombing and the Robert Levinson kidnapping cases, even making a formal complaint with FBI Security Division about the incidents. But that’s not the intrigue. However, McCabe’s tenure at the FBI does read like a spy novel. All agencies and divisions were looking at each other with the stink eye. I’ll get back to McCabe later but you can read about McCabe here:

rosatom logo

What I want to relay today is in some way connected to what I recently wrote about Uranium One. One thing that stuck out in that investigation was the role of CFIUS in approving the takeover of Uranium One by Rosatom, the Russian nuclear agency. As I wrote, CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) is a 9 voting member committee that oversees corporate takeovers and is charged with being sure mergers and acquisitions do not act against US interests. What I want you to remember, as I tell the story, is what Hillary Clinton and her allies said her role was in CFIUS. Even though she was one of the 9 voting members, she said repeatedly that she never was in any meetings, never had contact with any investigators, and that this issue never came before her, personally….it never reached her desk! This acquisition by Russia of a Canadian company that owned 20% of US uranium reserves…..never rose to the level of the secretary of state’s desk. I want you to remember that…its part of the intrigue. This story won’t provide its full impact if you don’t understand the Russian oligarchic system, that I have written about many times before. The short of it is, Russia is not the United States. There is no congress, there are no courts, there is no respect for law……just rich and powerful oligarchs that control everything. Sure, Russia has courts and law, and a kind of parliament called the Federal Assembly, but make no mistake, these institutions are ineffective displays of government for the world to see and believe that Russia has a government.





One of these oligarchs, Oleg Deripaska, was, at one time, the richest man in Russia, estimated to have been worth $28 billion. However, he leveraged his money by buying up stakes in companies like a shopaholic at a Best Buy sale. He had interests in dozens of companies and from a very diverse number of industries. He had managed to piece together enough aluminum companies to become the largest aluminum company in the world. His company was called RUSAL. The problem with Deripaska’s strategic investments, is he had to borrow a lot of money. Over the years from his mountain top status in 2007, to today, he has been involved in countless lawsuits. This begins the intrigue. One of Deripaska’s holdings was the Russian auto maker GAZ. In 2007, Deripaska purchased a stake in Magna. Magna is a Canadian and Austrian auto parts manufacturer owned by an Austrian born, Canadian man named Frank Stronach. By late 2008, the crash had occurred, and money to finance equity had dried up. Deripaska’s bank, called his $1.4 billion loan, so Deripaska allowed his stake to go to the bank. However, he remained close to Stronach and Magna.


If you will recall, during this period GM was all but bankrupt. The US government, under Obama, created a unit called the Auto Task Force (ATF) to save the US auto industry. A unit, as it turns out, Hillary Clinton would have a lot of sway with. In early 2009, GM put its European Unit up for sale, Opel in Germany and Vauxhall in Britain. Although there were several offers, Magna from Canada appeared to be the front-runner. Magna had a division in Austria that assembled cars for Mercedes and Germany was on board since Magna would not close any of the Opel plants. What was not made public was that Deripaska was involved.

gaz logo  gaz auto Opel_logo_TY_DE_4Copel auto

He owned one of Russia’s large automakers…GAZ, with plants in Russia. But Deripaska was in a tough financial position, being heavily leveraged with debt due to his purchase of a 25% stake in Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest miner of nickel and palladium. Germany and the Russian state bank Sberbank, offered loan guarantees to Magna. By September of 2009, the deal was set to be consummated. The details of the deal, which were extremely complex, had been worked out, papers were signed, and one final detail was needed….approval from the ATF. That approval was thought to be a formality as the office of the SOS had said in an e-mail that the state department and the US government were taking a hands off approach and the decision would be made by GM on a commercial basis. Clinton sent this e-mail to German foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Late August of 2009:

“Our government is taking a ‘hands off’ role. Any decision will be made independently by GM, based on commercial considerations. The United States government does not play an active role nor do we have a position on any particular bid.” (e-mail to German foreign minister Steinmeier from HRC)

On September 12th, Putin gave a speech all but announcing the deal had been done, and two days later said this to a German newspaper:

“The Russian government, Angela Merkel’s government, and the [German] labor unions worked together intensively. There were close contacts. I myself met with representatives of IG Metall [German labor union] in my residence. Today’s achievement is the result of these efforts by the Russian and German governments, and the German labor unions”.

This was false. Clinton was lying to Steinmeier. Steinmeier knew it; he had to guess why. Abdedin and Clinton decided not to disclose that Clinton’s objection to the Opel sale was the Russian involvement – that of Putin’s, and of Deripaska’s. Clinton was also hostile to the economic integration of the Russian and German car industries as a threat to US car sales worldwide. At least, this was the stated reason for her refusal, but as we have seen ,in position after position she changes like the wind, when she sees dollar signs at the end of a policy stance.

But why would Hillary want to stop the sale of Opel, by GM, to a Canadian company, if it wasn’t because of Russian involvement? After all, she coined the phrase “Russian Reset”, and in 2009, it was a policy goal of the Obama administration to better relations with Russia. And why would she allow the deal to get so close before vetoing it and making Putin look like a fool? I don’t think it was any more complicated than enriching herself and her foundation, once again. Just prior to the deal being nixed, Deripaska donated $50K to the Clinton Foundation. Ha! Who did he think he was dealing with…..a car valet? I could find no other donations from Deripaska or his companies. It’s strange because right around the time the donation was made, Deripaska’s lobbyist was assuring him the deal was done. This lobbyist…the Endeavor Group, was knocking down $40K a month from Deripaska. The founder and owner, Adam Waldman claimed in a press release that his firm did not lobby. They merely represented a select group of billionaires in various activities of advisement. But in an article from Intelligence Online it was reported that Endeavor had close ties to the Clinton’s. Apparently Mr. Waldman didn’t get the memo. So we shouldn’t forget, and before we move on to find out where the real money was going to come from, let me go back to McCabe. Before McCabe was Deputy Director of the FBI, he worked organized crime cases in NY for the FBI, specializing in the Russian Mafia. This is where he purportedly met his Russian friend. Yes, that friend was Oleg Deripaska, the man just set upon by Hillary Clinton. Deripaska and McCabe met several times in Europe, starting around 2009….yes, right around the time this Opel deal was being vetoed by Hillary. How does this connect? After the deal collapsed, Deripaska gave an interview to the BBC where he said:

“They try to push me in a corner, maybe believing I would cooperate with them [with information].” He had resisted, Deripaska claimed: “There is a Russian interest I would never go through.”

So just maybe Mr. Deripaska needed to be taught a lesson? Anyway, whether that’s true or not, it is a fact that Deripaska and McCabe were meeting and talking….about what, we do not know.

jill mccabe

Jill McCabe


Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe



Hillary Clinton


But it’s at least important here to notice how McCabe advanced in his career and his wife getting some $700,000 for her failed political campaign in VA. from Hillary’s DNC and friend, Terry McAuliffe. Maybe it has to do with his relationship with Deripaska or maybe it has to do with not prosecuting Hillary when he had the chance….or keeping a lid on the Mikerin investigation…….unless he tells us, I suspect we will never know.

In my next installment, I will lay out the relationship between Hillary Clinton and Viktor Vekselberg…the real money and collusion with Russia.

The Corruption Continues, Part 4

Was there illegality in the Uranium One purchase


In my last three parts on the Uranium One story, which you can read here, I laid out the saga of how the Russian government came to own nearly 20% of America’s uranium reserves. I believe that I presented the facts as near as they could be collected, and presented them fairly. As I read through the essays, I asked myself if the readers would be able to ascertain what actions broke US law. In that regard, I now want to point to where laws may have been broken.

In part 1 of the saga I laid out the case exactly how Frank Giustra was able to acquire the mining rights to three large mines in Kazakhstan, worth billions, which was the first step in creating the Canadian company, Uranium One. Were any laws broken? Certainly, it is a fact that Kazakh laws were broken. Even though Mr. Ablyazov has not faced justice in Kazakhstan, he was tried, in absentia, for illegally selling the Kazakh assets of uranium rights to Urasia, and sentenced to 22 years in prison. If you will recall, he fled Kazakhstan to France, where France decided not to extradite him to Kazakhstan. He lives free today in France. But were any US laws broken? I am not a lawyer, or educated in US law as it pertains to contracts and corporate purchases. It is a fact that Bill Clinton flew to Kazakhstan and met with Mr. Ablyazov weeks before the deal was consummated. This meeting was long before Mr. Ablyazov was arrested and long before his criminality was prosecuted. All I can say is Mr. Clinton is no dummy. He should have known the kind of man he was dealing with. That said, there is a tactic used in business called “plausible deniability”. Mr. Clinton can certainly claim he didn’t know anything about Mr. Ablyazov, or his criminal behavior. All we can hope to gather is why he met with him at all? I suspect that this is not a provable crime.

The next part where criminality must be looked at, is the lack of prosecution of Mr. Mikerin in the bribery, extortion, and money laundering investigation, that was going on from 2009 until 2014, when Mr. Mikerin mikerinwas finally arrested, tried and convicted. Why did it take 5 years after the investigation was started……5 years? If I did not see a pattern in this case, I could only conclude that the FBI simply hadn’t collected enough evidence. But there is a pattern. In all that time Hillary Clinton was SOS. Certainly, every Clinton supporter will howel….coincidence! In one of my past blogs, I wrote about a man named Gilbert Chagoury. Mr. Chagoury was judged to be aiding terrorists, and thus, the state department was asked by the intelligence community to place Mr. Chagoury on the terrorist list. Hillary Clinton was SOS at the time, and ignored the request during her entire tenure. Again, in 2014, when she left, Mr.Chagoury was placed on the terrorist list. The pattern is that Mr. Chagoury is one of the largest contributors to the Clinton Foundation, just as Mr. Giustra is the largest contributor. Once again, no provable crime, yet the appearance of pay for play, while criminal behavior is being conducted is unmistakable.

Then there’s the actual approval given to Rosatom in their purchase of Uranium One. Even though Uranium One was a Canadian company, it was well known that Uranium One held American assets in uranium production. This information was known well before Russia initially purchased a majority stake, and also when they purchased the entire company. Just why approval was given is a mystery. There was similar outrage by congress, when Dubai attempted to take control of a US port. That sale was eventually blocked by CFIUS. In late January, of 2016, the CFIUS blocked a Chinese-backed private equity firm’s proposed $3 billion purchase of the lighting unit of Philips, a Dutch company, citing “unforeseen concerns.” Last summer, China Resources, a giant state-owned conglomerate, was forced to rescind its $23 billion offer for Micron, the U.S. memory chip manufacturer, because of worries that the deal would not clear the CFIUS review.

cfius chart
Chart showing all CFIUS cases and the ultimate outcome


In February this year, Fairchild Semiconductor International, a Silicon Valley pioneer, turned down a $2.5 billion offer by another Chinese state-owned entity because of the near certainty that the CFIUS would veto the deal. Getting CFIUS approval is fairly common. I reported that in its 29 year history, CFIUS has only blocked 15 sales, while 114 have been withdrawn from consideration, out of the 2380 cases that have been considered. But certainly, uranium acquisition is far different than lighting technology? One thing different about the Uranium One purchase is the flow of money to the Clinton Foundation from Russia and directors of the company. Again, part of a pattern of pay for play. And in case I didn’t make it clear in the saga of Uranium One, Bill Clinton and Frank Giustra created CGEP.cgep(Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership) A Canadian arm of the Clinton Foundation, where foreign donors do not have to be disclosed. Literally, billions of dollars flowed into the CGEP from Criminal and State donors, then funneled that money to the Clinton Foundation. A pure case of money laundering. I think if we had access to that donor list, we could get a much clearer picture of the pattern of corruption conducted by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Marc Rich



Last but not final, is the pardon of Marc Rich by Bill Clinton in 1999, and the $100 million Donated by Denise Rich. Did Bill Clinton sell a pardon? In 1999 you might have easily concluded no…..but after you see the pattern, today you might see it differently. Marc Rich and his company, Glencore, made may deals just like the one Giustra made, many times breaking the law. Its why he was a fugitive, and why, I think, Bill Clinton pardoned him. Adding to the intrigue was finding out that Frank Giustra not only enlisted the assistance of Bill Clinton, but also a man named Sergei Kirzin, a former employee of Marc Rich. Then there’s, shall we say, “unsavory characters” Bill Clinton considers friends, and known criminals and thugs he met with, while millions flowed into his charity. Men like Muchtar Ablyazov, Grigori Lutchansky, Marc Lasky, Viktor Vekselberg, and Alvaro Uribe. And then to find that Sergai Kirzin, a former employee of Mark Rich worked with Frank Giustra to close the deal in Kazakhstan, was just stunning.

marc lasry vekselberg Mukhtar_Ablyazov Frank+Giustra Loutchansky

So it doesn’t go unsaid. Pay for Play is a form of bribery and it is illegal. It has always been hard to prove, because one must show a quid pro quo. That is, a case must be made that an unrelated payment was made “in exchange” for an unrelated overt act. Because these types of criminality never have signed contracts or agreements in writing, often the proof is in a pattern of behavior. I think that’s exactly what we have discovered.


The Corruption Continues, Part 3, The take over

Ahhh, yes, where to start…..In 1993, shortly after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US entered into an agreement with Russia titled “1993 HEU Purchase Agreement” The agreement was for the US government to buy as much of Russia’s nuclear fuel used in nuclear weapons as they were disassembled in accordance with the 1991 treaty, START 1

This material was then sold to the US government through a newly formed agency called United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC) This material provided funding for a then, shaky nuclear industry in Russia after the collapse. At the same time it supplied 50% of all the fuel America’s existing nuclear plants required. This arrangement of government to government ended in 2013. But by that time Russia was selling the US this same material, but commercially on the open market. That began in 2011 Russia now sells directly to our utility companies. I suppose, knowing Russia as I do, that probably was a mistake. Bring in the corruption!

Shortly after Hillary Clinton became SOS, the FBI opened an investigation into what they thought might be illegal activity within the American nuclear fuel industry. They began to accumulate evidence that kickbacks, bribes and money laundering were taking place.  A Russian national working for Rosatom, named Vadim Mikerin was transporting enriched uranium directly to utility companies, from Russia, using no bid contracts with TENEX, the subsidiary of Rosatom that was selling the uranium.

Vadim Mikerin


These contracts were above market rates and kickbacks ensued, being paid to offshore shell companies for consulting or other phony services never performed. We now know….in 2017…..that the FBI had an informant within the criminal element that was recording and watching the criminality. All through the 2009-2010 period, when Rosatom was taking a majority interest in Uranium, the FBI never revealed any part of the investigation to congress or any agency of the government, even though they had overwhelming evidence. They kept this investigation secret for 4 more years until 2014, when Mikerin and his associates were arrested. You can read the indictment here. Keep in mind, CFIUS, who I’ll speak about next, had a chance to stop this sale of American uranium. The FBI knew that crimes were being committed. They allowed these crimes to continue for over 5 years. Not until Russia invaded Crimea did they take action. By then HRC was no long SOS. Coincidence?



Uranium 1 timeline

In the spring of 2007, Uranium One makes a play for Rio Tinto, one of the largest metal mining multinationals in the world. Rio Tinto has operations in the US and does mine for uranium. The two behemoths come to an understanding.

energy metals
Energy Metals, Wyoming

But prices on ore begin to rise dramatically and Tinto pulls out of the deal. Not to be detoured, Uranium One sets its sights on Energy Metals, a relatively new company who has spent the last three years acquiring American properties rich in uranium reserves. They come to an agreement and Uranium One now owns 20% of American uranium reserves. Since Uranium One is a Canadian company, no fuss was made and no investigation took place.

Lithium HT
Energy Metals sprawling uranium processing plant in Nevada


This brings us to June of 2009. I realize I bounce around a little, but this is not a linear presentation, as much as I would like it to be. There are many things happening at the same time.  In June of 2009, Russia buys 17% of Uranium One stock. Now, I hate to have to explain this, but Uranium One is a Canadian company, not an American one. Private stock purchases are not normally scrutinized by law enforcement or government. But also remember, there is an active investigation by the FBI going on in June of 2009, and this is Russia.

Now I have to explain CFIUS. CFIUS stands for Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. This is not an agency or department, but a committee. The committee is made up of 16 people working at various agencies and departments. Some are absolutely top level people. These are the positions represented on CFIUS:

  1. Department of the Treasury (chair)
  2. Department of Justice
  3. Department of Homeland Security
  4. Department of Commerce
  5. Department of Defense
  6. Department of State
  7. Department of Energy
  8. Office of the U.S. Trade Representative
  9. Office of Science & Technology Policy

The representatives of these agencies each get a vote on whether or not the sale or transfer of an American company represents a national security risk. 7 more agencies participate and assist, but don’t have a vote. They are:

  1. Office of Management & Budget
  2. Council of Economic Advisors
  3. National Security Council
  4. National Economic Council
  5. Homeland Security Council
  6. Director of National Intelligence
  7. Secretary of Labor

  The problem with CFIUS is, its a voluntary system. Companies can alert the government…IF….they believe the sale or transfer would be a risk to national security. Since its inception in 1988, 2,380 notifications have been voluntarily made to the federal government. Out of all 2,380 notifications, only 219 cases have been investigated, and out of those 219 cases, only 15 have been disallowed. That’s 15 cases in 28 years, about 1 every 2 years. The general policy of the United States is to not get involved. As you can tell from the numbers, it is rare to block a sale of a business. During Hillary’s time as SOS, 289 notifications were made and only 1 case was disallowed.

CFIUS is the hammer the media has used to make the misleading statement that “Hillary gave away 20% of America’s uranium” Although that is a misleading statement, since Hillary was only one of 9 votes, think about this: 5 affirmative votes can stop any blockage of a sale. Now look at who the 9 people were at the time of this vote.

  1. Timothy Geithner
  2. Eric Holder
  3. Janet Napolitano
  4. Gary Locke
  5. Leon Panetta
  6. Hillary Clinton
  7. Steven Chu
  8. Ron Kirk
  9. John Holdren 

  When CFIUS gets notified by companies that have made or are about to make a sale or merger, they have the option of conducting an investigation. In 2010, Russia was vying for a 51% share of Uranium One, a company that controlled 20% of American uranium reserves. CFIUS investigated and approved the sale in October of 2010. In June of 2010, 4 months earlier, Bill Clinton traveled to Moscow and was paid $500,000 for a speech. Coincidence? When that investigation took place, why was the FBI silent on what was transpiring with Rosatom and the bribery and kickbacks that had been going on in the uranium sales Rosatom was making? Was nobody aware of the money flowing into the CF from Russia and the people involved with Uranium One? For me it defies credulity that none of this was known by are highest officials.

To be fair, Homeland Security was not on board with approving the uranium deal—at least not publicly.  On July 20, 2010, Uranium One announced that Rosatom intended to take 51% of the company.  Less than three months later, U.S. Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner asking the CFIUS to block the sale of uranium to Rosatom.  She was joined by other US representatives, the Ranking Members of the House Committees on Financial Services, the Armed Services, and Homeland Security. However, a few online posts suggest that Homeland Security did indeed approve the deal and that the other affirmative votes supposedly came from the Attorney General and the Secretaries of Defense, Commerce, Treasury, Energy, and the State—leaving  John Holdren and Ron Kirk as the only ones that didn’t sell America out.
There’s one final piece to the story. In 2013, Rosatom buys the balance of Uranium One stock, which will give Russia 100% of Uranium One. Once again CFIUS has an opportunity to reverse the sale.  Still no mention by the FBI that Mikerin or TENEX is under investigation. But CFIUS does an investigation, they meet with Rosatom officials and get concessions. Rosatom agrees to leave Uranium One on the Canadian stock exchange, leaving it to be a public company. They also agree to not export any American uranium. Neither agreement is honored….big surprise! Immediately Russia removes Uranium One from the stock exchange, making Uranium one in affect a private company wholly owned and operated by the Russian government. We also now have firm evidence that Rosatom has been exporting tons of processed U308 yellow cake uranium. But that’s not the best part. Read this account from the “Hill” that explains the evidence of export. If this doesn’t speak volumes about the corruption in our government, then I guess you just can’t be convinced:

rosatom south african facility
Rosatom’s new uranium facility in South Africa

NRC memos reviewed by The Hill show that it did approve the shipment of yellowcake uranium — the raw material used to make nuclear fuel and weapons — from the Russian-owned mines in the United States to Canada in 2012 through a third party. Later, the Obama administration approved some of that uranium going all the way to Europe, government documents show.  NRC officials said they could not disclose the total amount of uranium that Uranium One exported because the information is proprietary. They did, however, say that the shipments only lasted from 2012 to 2014 and that they are unaware of any exports since then.

NRC officials told The Hill that Uranium One exports flowed from Wyoming to Canada and on to Europe between 2012 and 2014, and the approval involved a process with multiple agencies.

Rather than give Rosatom a direct export license — which would have raised red flags inside a Congress already suspicious of the deal — the NRC in 2012 authorized an amendment to an existing export license for a Paducah, Ky.-based trucking firm called RSB Logistics Services Inc. to simply add Uranium One to the list of clients whose uranium it could move to Canada.

The license, reviewed by The Hill, is dated March 16, 2012, and it increased the amount of uranium ore concentrate that RSB Logistics could ship to the Cameco Corp. plant in Ontario from 7,500,000 kilograms to 12,000,000 kilograms and added Uranium One to the “other parties to Export.”

yellow cake
Processed uranium ore into U308 Yellow Cake



The move escaped notice in Congress.

Uranium One’s American arm, however, emailed a statement to The Hill on Wednesday evening confirming it did export uranium to Canada through the trucking firm and that 25 percent of that nuclear fuel eventually made its way outside North America to Europe and Asia, stressing all the exports complied with federal law.

“None of the US U308 product produced to date has been sold to non-US customers except for approximately 25% which was sold via book transfer at the conversion facilities to customers from Western Europe and Asia,” executive Donna Wickers said. “Any physical export of the product from conversion facilities to non-US destinations is under the control of such customers and subject to NRC regulation.”

In conclusion, the questions I posed require an answer. Whether or not we get one is unknown. Once again we have a dysfunctional congress “looking into it”. What do you want to bet that, like so many issues that congress investigates, nothing comes from any of it. Here’s what I believe: The plan to give Russia control of so much uranium was hatched a long time ago by Putin, the oligarchs in Russia, and the Clintons. Millions and billions of dollars were made by a few…and a lot more to come, people were killed. It seems like we are always asking the question is our government inept or corrupt? After looking at this story how can you not know it is corrupt beyond repair? And collusion? This passed collusion about 20 paragraphs ago. This is criminality at a level beyond comprehension. We used to be the good guys…working for good and honor and truth. How can we claim that today. We are as corrupt as any third world despotic shit hole in the world. I’m sorry, but I have no answers. As long as the crooks have control of our justice system there is little we can do to stop it. Pray that Trump can make a difference.

The Subversion of America

Is a force trying to take out the president?


For those of you that have read my work, you know how I hate to be considered a conspiracy nut. I report what I know to be true, and do plenty of research to back up my claims. But as I have said before, at times conclusions must be drawn, as no citizen has access to all the information needed to actually prove corruption.

Recently I had the opportunity to watch a YouTube program that featured a guest named Lee Stranahan.  Mr. Stranahan has quite a resume as a researcher and reporter. He worked for Breitbart News as an investigative reporter on three separate occasions. He’s worked for The Huffington Post and The Daily Kos. Currently a radio talk show host for the Russian funded radio network, Sputnik News. You can watch this program here:


This program’s content seemed to meld perfectly with other research I have done in the past…..namely the Clinton Foundation’s connections to the CIA. If you have read my work on the Clinton Foundation, you would know I reluctantly reported sketchy connections between The CF, a company called Teneo, and the CIA. I won’t re-hash those connections, but you can read about them here: https://kengeorge.org/2016/11/05/into-the-weeds/. Why I say this, is because the more I got into researching one person, the deeper I got into what seems to be a major story. The program with Mr. Stranahan was exposing something he noticed during the Charlottesville protest clash. Apparently the rally by the white supremacists  was preceded by a “torch march”. Mr. Stranahan noticed that this was the exact same type of event that occurred during a protest march in the Ukraine, just before the coup that brought the government down. Now, to explain the entire reason for the Ukrainian coups would take a lot of time. But let me simplify it, because its important to understand that coup, to understand what went on in Charlottesville. Ukraine was making moves to become part of the EU. It was about to sign an agreement that would provide billions in aid, if certain reforms were agreed to. President Yanukovych was just about to sign the agreement when he changed his mind and instead agreed to a loan from Russia. When he refused to sign with the EU, protests began. They were orchestrated by The Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UIA) which is the strong arm of the Svoboda political party. At the same time the protesters were performing these torch marches, they were chanting the phrase “blood and soil” while carrying the red and black flags of the UIA. The UIA is an extreme nationalist organization that has been likened to the NAZI Party. You can read more about the Ukrainian revolution here: Ukrainian revolution. This revolution was in February of 2014…..note that.

mcmullin 2
Evan McMullin


A name popped up during this study that you might be familiar with: Evan McMullin. If you don’t remember, he was a candidate for president during the 2016 presidential primaries. But he was also a former clandestine operations agent for the CIA from 1999 to 2010. He then went to work at Goldman Sachs as an “investment banker” at the same time that Dina Powell and Gary Cohn were there. He then became an advisor to the US House of Representatives. He did that from 2013 to 2015. Do you know what number is in between 2013 and 2015? McMullin was at Charlottesville on the day of the crash. BTW, Powell and Cohn are now at the White House working for Trump……Hmmmm, part of the Deep State?


So what does the Ukrainian revolution have to do with Charlottesville?  I don’t know, exactly….but doesn’t it seem odd that the white supremacists were carrying torches, and….chanting “blood and soil” and…. carrying red and black flags? Yes, that’s true…the white supremacists were emulating the Ukrainian protestors from the UIA. Maybe its just a coincidence. After all the Svoboda party in Ukraine are Nazi sympathizers and supported by George Soros. Shouldn’t white supremacists be like NAZIs? But what if its not a coincidence?

John McCain and Lindsey Graham, the two republican establishment hawks, went to Ukraine and met with leaders of the Svoboda Party and UIA. Evan McMullin spoke to their group. But this is a small part of the story. Another coincidence……this one can barely be believed. The one man that actually was literally in the right place at the right time recording the crash, the car, and its escape, in Charlottesville became an instant media darling at CNN. The day he made the video of the crash, it had barely been uploaded on social media, when CNN found him and interviewed him immediately after the crash. But that’s not the coincidence. His name was Brennan Gilmore. He was the Chief operations officer in the Central African Republic (CAR) in 2012, for the CIA. He was there during a bloody war pitting Christians against Muslims. We were on the Muslim’s side….we lost and Gilmore had to leave the CAR. He also worked for the failed democrat candidate for governor of Virginia, in 2016, Tom Pereillo. Not highly unusual that a CIA operative works for a campaign….no!…not at all! But the campaign did receive $375,000 from George Soros. That’s kind of strange. But it sure seems odd that a CIA agent finds himself in Charlottesville on the day that a violent clash occurs between white nationalists and ANTIFA, and just happens to be in the one spot where he can film it all, and immediately get on CNN, and another CIA agent is there to speak.

jason kessler
Jason Kessler

The final piece to the puzzle was where I started the research. The man that organized this rally. His name is Jason Kessler…..it has been reported that he is a white supremacist and a right wing extremist. But what’s really odd, is I spent two whole days trying to find out about him. Just like a dozen other people that were trying, very little is known about him before April of 2016.  I was able to find some interesting information prior to that date that speaks volumes. The first thing was tweets he made in 2015. Can you imagine a white supremacist being for gun control?



Then I found that he curiously supported Obama….now that seems really odd for a white supremacist.



And he had no use for republicans in 2012:

When questioned about this, he claimed he was “redpilled” by the media during the Baltimore riots. But its curious that with all his rants on Twitter…almost 5000 tweets….not one tweet or Facebook post about Baltimore except this one.JK-Red-Pilled

He is either the worst white supremacist of all time or he’s never been one. You’ll have to be the judge.

Now add all these coincidences to one other piece of information. As I said above, in January of this year (2017) John McCain and Lindsey Graham, our two favorite corrupt hawks, traveled to Ukraine to meet with the Svoboda Party officials (the Nazis) to encourage them to fight Russia. They then came back and promoted giving offensive weapons to Ukraine so they could attack Russian positions.

Interesting photo of McCain and Graham meeting with Obama and Rice, discussing Syria strategy. Doesn’t it seem like there should be a general in that meeting? Just sayin’


I only mention this to ask this question. How many operatives do you think we have over there right now? We wonder why Russia is our enemy. We complain when they meddle in our business, when we openly want to attack them and take over a country literally on their doorstep. But this isn’t about Russia…this is about the deep state and the US government, actually conducting an action to heighten tensions between the races, by causing a violent protest to turn ugly. That’s right….I said it! As Mark Levin often states.  Factions in the US government actively working to subvert a legally elected president. THIS IS TREASON! But no one has to worry, those doing it, completely control law enforcement and the courts. It would appear, the entire episode, was orchestrated by the CIA, with the help of CNN, George Soros, The Mayor, Michael Signer, and ANTIFA. Whether the white nationalists knew they were being used is unknown….but to think our own government is doing these things is disgusting. We, as Americans, have a pretty noble opinion of America and the things we’ve accomplished as a nation. Are we being naïve? Do our adversaries see us for who we are? We stick our nose in everybody’s business, even when its not even close to being in our interest.  Today, September 20th, 2017. President Trump said at the UN the exact opposite of this behavior. This is why the CIA and the deep state is working so hard to thwart Trump, delay Trump, and in general, discredit him, and get him out of office as soon as possible.  If you thought 2016 was tough…wait until 2020.