Anatomy of an Opinion

How one American formed an opinion on the corona virus “pandemic” 

There are a lot of ways to form an opinion. You can think about how you “feel” about a certain issue, you can certainly base it on your own self-interests, you can use your past experiences, or you can listen to what other people are saying. Those are just a few of the ways people can use to form an opinion. But there is one way to form a “useful” opinion. That way is to gather the facts surrounding the issue. This is, obviously, in the context of issues. Because some opinions are formed without facts, because no facts exist……like if your wife asks you if you like the red dress or the blue dress.

You’ve all heard the old quip: “you’re entitled to your opinion”. That’s true, but as I argued with a pastor, once, when he said that our opinions should all be given the same weight, I told him that it wasn’t true, some opinions are worth more than others. When someone uses facts and information, along with a sound set of values added to a plethora of experience, all, mixed with common sense, that opinion should be given far more weight than one that was formed by a feeling.

In this time of political divisiveness, we all are listening to mostly opinions everyday. News and opinions have drastically been mixed and blended so we can barely tell the difference anymore. I don’t know how it is for you, but in the age of Trump, I am having more and more trouble garnering facts to know what is actually true and what is bullshit. With the recent addition of widespread censorship and media manipulation… is easy to understand how forming an educated opinion can be difficult. So, with all that said, I wanted to take you through how, exactly, I formed my opinion on the so-called pandemic……ITS ALL A LIE!

At first, very early, I was shocked by what I had heard and read. I thought this could be bad….a highly communicable disease without a cure. What do I need to do? So I started reading. Good grief! There were so many odd stories, that at this point (early to mid January) it still wasn’t possible to form an opinion based of anything but feelings. That said, I was cognizant of one fact that I had wondered about for two years. Donald Trump would be unbeatable in 2020 if the economy kept going the way it was. I knew that the only chance the dems had to win was if the economy took a dive. But in 2018 through 2019 the economy showed no signs of faltering. In fact, it was getting stronger everyday. And there was nothing the dems could do about it. Policies were finally in place that would grow the economy for years. I never believed that they would find a way.

That last line is an opinion based on nothing more than feelings. The facts about how politics works, would change that opinion. The following, will elaborate on that opinion. Early on I heard that the virus originated in China. Of course, there were plenty of contrary stories, but there was one story that stood out to me. Italy seemed to be a hot spot, Travel was banned from Europe and China. But I learned that as the US has a large influx of Mexicans that come for work, Italy has a similar arrangement with China. Every week, thousands of Chinese migrants travel to Italy to work. It gave me further evidence that the virus originated in China. And in case you don’t know by now, many elites that support the democrat party are very close to China and take exception with the assertion that the virus originated in China.

The next bit of information I found while trying to ascertain the virus’ origin was a story about a former NIH virologist named Dr. Judy Mikovits. In listening to her I learned about “gain of function” research. In very simplistic terms, this is when animal viruses are added to existing human viruses to see how they change, hoping to create a less deadly virus to use in vaccine creation. I also learned that this research can be very dangerous because it can also create very deadly viruses. This practice of gain of function research was banned in the US in 2014 because of the danger it presented. What I found out was that the NIH provided a grant of $3.7 million to a lab to continue the research. The lab was in Wuhan, China. Then in 2017, that ban was lifted. The reason given by the NIH was typical bureaucracy mumbo jumbo: From the NIH website: “The funding pause was lifted in response to today’s release of the Department of Health and Human Services Framework for Guiding Funding Decisions about Proposed Research Involving Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens This not only reinforced what I was learning about the Wuhan lab, but began the origin of my opinion. I now had two components: The need to destroy the economy and a created virus without a known cure.

This was in March and I still didn’t know how to think about it. Whether created or not, it was still a very deadly disease. We were told that thousands were dying in Europe so Trump decided with apprehension that we had to “bend the curve”. We needed two weeks to a month to stay home and away from people so as not to risk spreading this virus and overwhelming the hospitals. Trump said we’d be past the worst of it by Easter. Then hospitalizations and deaths skyrocketed in New York. I initially thought uh oh…..but strangely, I learned other news that added another piece to my thought process. This is when we found out that hundreds were dying in nursing homes. Governor Cuomo was returning infected hospital patients, to nursing homes. So were other democrat governors. Why did they do that? I don’t think I ever got an adequate answer. At the same time I was learning that this virus affected old folks at a massively greater rate than young people….especially children. This puzzled me greatly. Children by their nature, have less immunity to new things than older folks so why were children virtually immune, yet working folks and older folks were not?

The fear began to spread twice as fast as the virus. Governors, mostly in blue states continued the lock down past Easter and into April. Egregious rules and restrictions on business began to kill jobs. 40 million became unemployed, yet every other day, I went to Home Depot or Walmart to pick up supplies without any problem. I began to ignore what was happening……but that wouldn’t last.

The next piece of information I garnered from the news was the use of Hydroxychloroquine. I did my research on this drug. There were plenty of studies, doctors, scientists, and patients that testified that this drug could help a lot to stem the tide. I tried to understand how it worked. The virus attached itself to red blood cells eliminating their ability to carry oxygen to the organs. Somehow this caused inflammation in the lungs bringing more ineffective blood. The lack of oxygen soon caused respiratory distress….difficulty to breath. Hydroxychloroquine could prevent the virus from attaching to blood cells if taken in the early stages of the disease or as a prophylactic. In April, I posted several articles to my Facebook feed providing all the information I had found. The last one was on April 10th. No one ever saw any of those posts. That’s when I learned I had been shadow banned by Facebook. This told me a lot. Why did hydroxychloroquine violate some standard? After all, this drug had been used successfully for 60 years to treat malaria and lupus, with almost no side affects, why did the media fight so hard to discredit it and censor information about it? This question affected the way I thought about the virus. Added to the other pieces, I began to think something wasn’t right with the whole story.

I now began to see that the democrats in general, big tech social media, and the main stream media had a different agenda than the American people. They were each using the fear they created to further destroy the economy. All summer, here in Ohio, I was blocked to attending my grandkids’ events, I had to where a mask in stores and restaurants. My friends were divided into groups….those like me that thought it was all crap, and those that were scared to death. Once again, we found ourselves being divided. About this time negotiations were going on in congress for a third stimulus bill to help Americans who were out of a job and especially small businesses that were dropping like flies. Toward the end of summer and into the fall, lock downs got worse. Bars were made to close at 10, masks were mandatory everywhere I went, but yet Home Depot and Walmart still remained “essential”. None of it made any sense to me. The rules seemed so arbitrary……enhancing big business, while crushing small business. Then in looking at the congressional negotiations, every bill that Nancy Pelosi offered included billions and billions for state and city governments. Knowing what I know, before any of this stuff started many blue states were in financial trouble. They were poorly run and had major public pension shortfalls…they needed money. The republicans didn’t want to bail them out. An impasse occurred and continues.

Another influence of forming my opinion was the testing. The testing took awhile to ramp up. Here in Ohio, through the summer we were seeing 300-700 cases per day. As we approached the election, sometime in early October, the “cases” shot up to record levels….doubling in a day to 1000, then 3000, 10,000. But I also learned that testing had tripled and that the false poitive rate was above 50%. A lot of tests came into the market….a lot were worthless. But everyday they kept telling us how many new cases there were. And most of those “cases” had no symptoms or affects from the disease. I know unbelievable is an overused description of an event, but this was truly unbelievable. You see, cases mean nothing. I’m beginning to wonder what it is they are really testing for, and I sure would like to know specifically and truly, what causes the death of a person with a positive covid test that dies. And then there’s masks…..I’m not sure what wearing masks is all about. In fact, recently, as this testing ramped up, like I reported cases doubled. So why are we wearing masks? I can almost hear the argument now: it would be even worse without the masks….you can’t win that argument. Not only that, but we now are divided into mask wearers and mask deniers. In fact I don’t think I’ve seen any subject on social media talked about more than masks.

Now I have to talk about the schools. The summer was ending and we all wondered if schools would open as usual. They didn’t. Because I’m a political junky, I know the players and how they play. There was lots of evidence that children were barely, if at all, affected by the virus. In fact they were not a spreader of the virus either. Yet the schools were closed or opened in some silly 2 day/3 day hybrid. What I know is the teachers union are one of the most rabid supporters of the democratic party and Nancy Pelosi. It is their pensions and benefits that are threatened if those blue states don’t get more money. They are a major funder of the DNC. It is not parents demanding schools be closed, its not even the teachers, its the union. This closing is causing disruption in families, harm to children, and is destroying a generation. Again I have to say, the safety argument makes no sense….there has to be another reason.

social distancing, outside, during school

drive in testing

Let me jump to the deaths caused by covid. First and foremost, the survival “rate” for contracting covid 19, although it varies by age group, is somewhere between 99.5 and 99.9 if you are under 70 and 94.5 if you are over 70. I think we heard from the beginning that older people are more likely to die from Covid. Well, I recently looked up some data. From all causes (before Covid) at 70 years old your odds of staying alive one more year are 97.4%, but if you are over 80, your odds of living 1 more year drops to 93.5%, and if you make it to 85, your odds of living 1 more year drop below 90%. Is it any big surprise that older folks die at a higher rate than younger people? And if that isn’t convincing enough, every year for the last ten, about 2,750,000 Americans die from all causes. Through November of 2020, 2,450,000 Americans have died. Wouldn’t you expect that number to be up since 270,000 Americans are now dead from covid? I would. In fact the universal top three causes of death in America, heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory illness are all dramatically down in 2020. And another thing I wondered about was what happened to the flu in 2020. 2020 had the lowest number of deaths from the flu in the last ten years. How does that happen? We even learned that a report from CDC revealed that some 94% of reported covid deaths were reported as died “with”covid and only 6% died “from” covid. Now add in the trivial detail that the government will pay an extra $13,000/patient that dies with covid “complications” and $39,000 if a patient dies of covid.

These numbers affected my opinion greatly. You add up all the things I learned about this disease and I hope you see how my opinion was formed. That its all a terrible, terrible scam, foisted onto the American people, not only to oust Trump, but to destroy our country and usher in a new kind of governance: globalist socialism. So there it is my opinion and how I came to it. You see, if you don’t have information, of course you will be afraid. Worse yet, is if you have the wrong information. The fear mongering of the media and the elite in this country is no accident. Most of us know it….but there are millions that suck that crap up and conform to what they are told. Don’t be afraid, eat right, get healthy, and if you get it, don’t worry, you won’t die from it.