The Never Ending Investigation


The Mueller probe will not end in our lifetimes. At least that’s what I believe. It will only end if Trump and his supporters stop trying to drain the swamp, Trump leaves office in disgrace, or Trump dies. The Deep State will never give up.

Spy vs Spy

Let me get out in front of this growing story about Trump, Stormy, Cohen, and what it has to do with Russia. As my friends know, I do research….I search for facts that can be proven. About a year ago I gave a talk in Huron, OH, concerning Trump’s connections to Russia. I will never forget it; because it was the first time someone got up and left my talk in disgust. They refused to believe anything that Trump did was untold. All I did was present the facts:

In his business life Trump has focused on his brand. He has owned a casino and in that context he made a friendship with a Russian entertainer named Emin Agalavrov.

Emin Agalarov

He is a young singer and showman. It’s not hard to see how a casino owner and television star could have this relationship. Don Junior also became close friends with Emin. In 2013 Emin introduced Trump to his father Aras Agalarov, who happens to be a Russian oligarch and fellow developer in Russia. This relationship led to a meeting in Russia with 14 Russian oligarchs to discuss the Trump brand and especially the Miss Universe pageant, which Trump owned.

Aras Agalarov
Aras Agalarov


Trump made a deal with Russian businessmen to hold the pageant in Moscow. He was paid a lot of money for this. While there, it was also discussed to possibly build a Trump Tower in Russia. It was business and about making money. I can also report that the business manager of Emin Agalarov, was the person who arranged the meeting with Don Junior and Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer, who was supposed to have dirt on Hillary prior to the election, but really wanted to discuss sanctions. Don Junior walked out of that meeting after less than 30 minutes.

Natalia Veselnitskaya
Natalia Veselnitskaya



As I have pointed out many times, working with Russians is very dangerous business. Did Trump know this at the time? Maybe yes, maybe no….but he seemed to have learned because the Trump Tower deal was nixed, and Trump had no further dealings with the Russians. All that can be concluded is that in 2013, Trump had no aspirations to be president. He was just another businessman trying to make money. In today’s environment it now seems to be a crime to even meet with a Russian, let alone make a deal with one. But, it only seems to be a crime when it’s Trump. Clinton, McCabe, Comey, Ried, and Schumer have all met with Russians,oligarchs2 and I can tell you, not all those meetings were about grandkids. So what does this have to do with Stormy Daniels? Cohen, Trump’s long time lawyer paid her to keep her mouth shut about an affair.

michael cohen
Michael Cohen

Cohen was with Trump in Russia discussing the deal for Trump Tower in Russia. So what? The FBI raided Cohen’s office, apartment, and hotel room, searching for documents related to the Stormy Daniels payment. Is this now what we can expect for all presidents? Does their entire life become something to investigate? To me this is outrageous. But it does fit the narrative I have laid out in countless posts and blogs. The Deep State is more than determined to have Trump removed from office. They are no longer investigating crimes….they are looking for something to investigate. Folks, this is as un-American as one would expect from any Podunk, shithole, dictatorship in the world. Finally, try to look beyond the headlines. Trump is doing all he can to dismantle the Deep State apparatus. They are resisting aggressively. trump towerThe more we push for transparency to know what really happened with the dossier, the FISA court, Uranium One, or any of the corruption of the deep state, the harder they will work to destroy Trump and his people. It really is an ugly thing to watch, but it is a fight for power and control of our government. All we can do is stay with Trump, no matter what dirt they dig up. And just as important, I believe the GOP and establishment have a plan in place to lose the House in 2018. They will not help many of our candidates; they will actively work against some. We are their only impediment. Everything they have done and are doing is to discourage us from voting. Every headline is and will be constructed to turn us against them so we give up and stay home in disgust. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN! Even though we know the GOP is bad, we must make sure they maintain the majority in both Houses of congress. It’s the only chance we have to keep the Trump agenda moving forward, albeit slowly. If the dems take the House, Trump and our agenda will be ended. Trump will have been neutered, and he will be impeached. We are the majority. The best way to support Trump is to vote republican in November of 2018.




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